Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last week was 'camp' week for our family. The twins went off to a church camp (tents, sleeping bags and nightly bonfires) and our little monkey went to GI town for Stuhr camp.

All the girls had a lovely week...lots of fun and lots of stories! The twins can't wait until next year and Pucca has already told me which classes she's taking next summer at Stuhr.

The twins had serious concerns about being away from their ipods, internet and friends...but they met new friends, learned fun songs and experienced a bunch of new things (like how to get lost on a hike, why its a good idea to have extra socks, and a new appreciation for showers!)

Pucca took two classes: A doll-a-day class (where each day she made a new and different doll that would have been common among the pioneers) and a Beginners Horse Class. She loved them both and learned alot.

I came down and spent half the week with Pucca in GI town. Spent time with family and fished with Pucca. We did amazingly well!


either a walleye or a bass... all I know, is that it had HUGE teeth and there was no way I was sticking my finger/thumb in its mouth!

I really hate touching fish! Can ya tell!?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Bash- just for gpa!

We all went home to GI town on Saturday to surprise the birthday boy with a day packed full of family fun!

Family fishing derby

Silly string war

birthday hats!

more fishing!

sand castles and volcanoes

memories and sentiments from family members

hula hoops and backyard fun

and yummy icecream cake!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just for you!

Happy Birthday, 'Elvis'!

We love you and wish you the very best birthday ever!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Something new!

Our family has NEVER been to the strawberry patch - can you believe it!? Which is crazy because its only like ten minutes from our house!

The strawberry picking season opened yesterday at Roca Berry Farms. So we loaded up the children and headed out on our little adventure.

It was HOT and dirty and there's lots of work and crawling around involved in getting those little nuggets of sweet goodness. BUT WELL WORTH IT!

We only lasted about a half hour out in the field (going around noon wasn't the smartest choice- I'm guessing first thing in the morning feels much better!)- but is was a FUN half hour. Lots of talking and laughing and me keeping the troops on task.

We ended up with a basket just shy of 8 lbs. They were cleaned, divided into 2 cup portions and thrown in the freezer. Can't wait for strawberry shakes, smoothies, shortcake, topped on some yummy cheesecake or even just vanilla icecream! YUM! YUM! YUM!