Monday, February 16, 2015

Lover's Holiday

This past weekend was Valentine's Day. In honor of the Lover's holiday...I wanted to share some joyous news in our family! 

My older brother is getting married!!! 

We are still firming up plans, but visiting NYC for a weekend getaway with just John doesn't sound half bad! We'll have to see, but we are super excited for the happy couple! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Been awhile

Rather than blog to just make posts, I have been taking a break. Lately it seems like I don't have a moment to myself to express my collective thoughts. Things around here are so chaotic, it's hard to justify the time it takes to post on here.

But to keep this family blog up to date- here's the latest:

Kynna- Prepping for her SATs, working hard in her classes of which she is taking 2 dual credit courses. These classes give her high school credit towards graduation next year and college credit towards her degree. They are Advanced Placement classes- so a high work load is common place. She will participating in a state wide History Day competition next month. She is entering a website she created with Kwynn. It's a class requirement, but their teacher is very pleased with their work. We had conferences this week and Kynna is doing great. Her teachers love her. She has also selected her senior year classes and will be taking 6 AP classes all of which will be dual credit. She really only needed to take 3 classes to meet her graduation requirement, but she didn't want to pass up a chance at trying out new subjects. She will be taking a US politics and media class and one on robotics. 

Kwynn- is working away as well. She is just as focused in school, but leans more towards the arts. She is taking two creative writing classes next year, a psych class and literature. She is maxing out her Ap Dual credit options as well. She is also working hard on her own writing. She writes fan fiction and lots of loyal fans. She is up for an award next month which is very cool. She has been writing for the website since she was 10. Of course, they don't know her age. And her username prompts the assumption that she is male. She likes the anonymity and so do I. Kwynn and Kynna have also invested in the stock market. It is fun watching them in this endeavor. They are much more in tune with economy and volatility of the market. They are also very brand make sure you buy Chevron gas! ;)

Corynn- this lady is determined to pass up John and I in height. I have no doubt that by the end of the year she will have succeeded. She is growing into a great young lady. She is amazing with Evie. They do fight and bicker, but for the most part she is a wonderful big sister. School is going great for Corynn. She has a music concert next week which includes dancing! She is navigating the muddy waters of middle school very well. I am so proud that she is staying true to herself and not giving into the petty games and hierarchy that exists. She made Student of the month- which means she was chosen out of all the 6th graders. She was nominated by several teachers for being kind, cooperative, respectful, trustworthy and responsible (the pillars of character at her school). 

Evie- Poor thing has basically been sick since Thanksgiving. She has had bronchitis, sinus infection, Influenza A, the stomach flu and chicken pox like rash. She can not catch a break. The plan was to have her start preschool last month. But she hasn't been well enough. She has been on three different antibiotics and a round of steroids to boost her immunity. If she doesn't shake this latest cough, I'll be taking her back to doc for blood tests. Other than that, she is busy driving us bonkers- like any normal three year old. She LOVES Taylor Swift's Shake it off and dances to it every day. She has almost all the words memorized- and it's hilarious to listen to. She does extremely well playing by herself and finding things to keep her occupied. She also loves to help me with all my duties; e.g. dishes, laundry, baking, cleaning. She's a sweetie. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day...and I will be spending it with my sweeties!