Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pass the saw please!

Its our Kelly family tradition to carve pumpkins for Halloween. Sadly though- we didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year to "pick" our special orange squash- we just went to Earl May.

Every year the girls complain about how gross it is and the smell- yet I forget. And then the next Halloween comes around and we get pumpkins, the kids are all excited about carving them- and then after that first cut... the complaining begins all over again. And I remember what it was like the previous Halloween. I then question why this is one of our traditions

Kwynn stuck kleenex up her nose because the smell was "repulsive and putrid" (what a vocabulary that kid has!).

Corynn had to have latex gloves or she wasn't going to help. "Its not right, mom!" - was her explanation.

Kynna- for the most part did really good! You could tell she didn't like cleaning the pumpkin any more than her sisters- but she stuck it out.

I ended up doing most of the cleaning- the carving was fun and the kids were hilarious. Kwynn with her homemade noseplugs and Puka with her three sizes too big latex gloves and Kynna's brave face. The conversation was fun and we had a good time. And I now remember why its one of our traditions.

Here they are...

Puka's is an owl
Kwynn's is a mouse
Kynna's is a scary jack-o-lantern
and the one on the end is mine- just being silly

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Fever

We have learned that the Colorado Rockies are playing the Boston Red Socks in the World Series.... and this state is going crazy! Its all over the news, billboards, radio, newspapers and its all anyone is talking about. Rockies paraphernalia is all over the place.

Some interesting facts I've learned:
  • The Red Socks payroll is 130 million and the Rockies is only 50 million
  • The Red Socks have been to the WS 12 times, this is the first for the Rockies
  • The Red Socks franchise has been around since 1901, Rockies since 1993
  • The Rockies are the big time underdog as rated by sports channels and commentaries
And I am such a sucker for an underdog uprising (my favorite was Standford whooping up on USC...did you see Carroll's face? PRICELESS!)- so we will probably watch game one tonight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mountain Air

Today we all slept in (that's 7:30am in our house) and decided to go up into the mountains. We took at trip to Leadville, which is only 33 miles away but takes about an hour to get there because its straight up the mountain. The town sits at an elevation just under 11,000 ft. Brrrrrrrrrr! It was very cold! We went to the mining museum and had lunch. I bought a piece of art from the gallery. The girls also bought some little trinkets. On the way home we stopped by Turquoise Lake. It was very pretty- but too cold to get out and walk around. Then we headed home- the trip home took about an hour and half- John was sweet enough to stop every time I wanted to take a pic of the scenery.

This is the view from our balcony. Super beautiful!

This is a brook that I almost fell in while trying to get this picture. Good thing I was out of view of the truck- they would have been laughing so hard!

The is a picture of Mt. Massive (ele. 15,000 ft.) Looks a little cold up there!

This is a picture of the the stream running through the ghost town of Fort Hale- a military training base during WWII. All that's left are crumbled foundations and the foot print of the fort.

We then came back to the condo, went swimming (I actually got in the pool this time) and grilled out. The kids were in bed by 8pm - completely out! Vacation is so nice!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let it SNOW!

Well, its been snowing since last night around 7:30pm. But we aren't letting that ruin our fun!

The pool was we went swimming!

And Corynn had her snowball fight! (just below this pic is John's head- her intended target for all that snow!)

The kids had fun - and that's what counts!

Now before you freak out - the pool was super heated! It was snowing while we were out there playing...well they played and I stayed in the hot tub! No freaking way I was getting in that pool! That's just not right- swimming outside when its 30 degrees and snow is falling! No way!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Very first train ride

It has been a very long day! We headed to the train station about 11:30- our train was running an hour late- so instead of it coming in at 12:30- it was expected in at 1:30 AM. So to waste time and keep the kids occupied- I let them run around the depot and midnight...on a Friday night- what was I thinking!? Oh- that's right, I was running on no sleep and wasn't thinking!

Finally- we came in and the twins passed out on the floor.

But not Corynn- she was wide awake...until about 15 minutes before the train arrives and she crashes....completely out cold.

Finally the train arrives and we get settled in for the long long trip...

The night was long and I mean LONG. John and I got very little sleep if any. But it was worth it when I saw this.

10 hours later we arrive in Glenwood Springs- and it was 58 degrees...absolutely beautiful out! That quickly changed- it is now snowing. We are expecting 18 inches in the next 12 hours. LOVELY! I am so glad the car rental place didn't have our car ready when we got there - so they gave us a free upgrade to a Chrysler Aspen (4wd)- PERFECT!

Needless to say we were all tired and in desperate need of a nice warm shower and soft cozy bed. We were all in bed before 7:30pm.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring! Corynn is hoping a snowball fight! I am sure I will have pix!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kelly Rules to Vacationing

We have family rules when on vacation...just thought we would share!

  • No fast food restaurants
  • Be open-minded to all activities
  • Smile!- we are after all on vacation!
  • No arguing! (parents especially!)
  • No schedules- come what may
  • Everyone tries three new things (activity, food, music etc)
  • Take at least 100 pictures
Bon voyage!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Colorado, here we come!

I am finishing up laundry today and going to start packing tonight. We leave for Vail/Avon late Friday night via Amtrak. Packing is proving to be a bit tricky- considering everything has to be packed in luggage. When you take your car- you can just through things in and use open top bags. Not so much with the train. Its just taking more planning and organization.

And this weather isn't helping! Its so dreary and gloomy. All you want to do is stay in bed with a good book. Not the case- although its making nap time for the kids pretty easy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween costumes of the past

I am trying to figure out Halloween costumes before we leave on vacation, because when we get back we won't have much time. Corynn wants to be a mummy (which I know how to make-Kwynn was one in 2004), McKynna wants to be a mad doctor- we are thinking bloody scrubs, latex gloves and surgical mask. And Kwynn is still undecided.

We decided to look back at the previous years costumes and wanted to share.

Halloween 2003

McKynna- wicked witch
Kwynn- pirate

Halloween 2004

Our little bumble bee

Our little princesses

Halloween 2005

McKynna - vampire
Kwynn- mummy (the costume I made)

Last year we had a banchee, a zombie and superman. Typical girl costumes, right!?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tailgating update

Saddest thing I've ever seen! The game was just sad! It was hard to keep the kids interested in something you weren't interested in! So we left at halftime...

But we had fun before the game!

Friday, October 12, 2007


The family is getting together at Davey this weekend and will be tailgating the OSU game. All five grandkids (ages 9-7 wks) and six adults. Hopefully the rain will hold off until after the game.

Husker football and going to games is a long-standing tradition in the Kelly family. It is so much fun watching the kids get excited about going to games and watching them on tv. Especially since mine are girls- and typically girls aren't interested in football. We are also big fans of the volleyball team and watch them on tv every chance we get.


Pictures to come...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Conference updates for grandparents

Tuesday night we had conferences for McKynna and Kwynn. Here's the rundown:


  • She is in an accelerated math class and doing well with the objectives. She has a 4 (which is an A) They are working on multiplication and starting early algebra objectives.
  • She is doing extremely well in writing/English class. Her teacher is very impressed with her writing and summarizing skills. She is able to communicate her thoughts and views to paper very well. She gives long complex answers to open test questions and retains much of what she reads. She is being moved up to the accelerated writing/English class .
  • All of her teachers praised her for being polite, respectful and a natural leader. Her main teacher also mentioned how McKynna doesn't conform to the majority. She sticks to her point of view and she will elaborate on other kids answers. But is also respectful of the other children's opinions.
  • One area to work on- accepting criticism or correction. She tends to be a bit emotional and feels bad if she does something incorrectly or gets the answer wrong.
Overall- her teachers love her and she is a joy to have in class. She received 4s and 3s in everything- which means she is exceeding district standards. That's great because its only first quarter!


  • Kwynn is also in the accelerated Math class. And doing well and she has a 4.
  • She is also being moved up to the accelerated writing/English class. Her reading rate is currently 130 and average is 105. By the end of the year they need to be at 150. So that's good. She also has a unique voice to her writing. McKynna is very factual and logical in her writing. She will do great on essays as she gets older. Kwynn, on the other hand, is very creative and a great storyteller.
  • Kwynn is a great student. Listens well and always completes her assignments. She is quiet, sweet and a great student to have in class.
  • Kwynn is getting 4s and 3s in all her classes as well.
  • The only thing to work on with Kwynn is her emotional breakdowns. She is a perfectionist and gets upset if she doesn't catch on to something right away. She gets tear-y. So we need to work on her actions when she gets discouraged.
Overall- she is doing great!

Corynn- she is no longer at MSYC. And I am waiting until after vacation to put her back in preschool. But we are working on studies at home. Everyday she has a lesson. She is working on writing her letters and her spanish vocabulary. She is doing great on counting and number writing and continue to work on those. Her words and speech are coming along and we are working on enunciation.

She will be back at preschool soon and back on track for Kindergarten.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the creepy sneaky cold!

Thunder- Kristina's little boy- came over with a runny nose about two weeks ago. Then last week Kynna had a really bad cough and Puka was sneezing and had a runny nose. Then this week- the little baby I watch came over yesterday- sick with a cold.

Kynna is better. Puka is on tail end. The rest of us have been taking our vitamins, washing hands like crazy and I've been spraying lysol like a mad man!

I'm hoping to avoid the cold- because all you moms out there know...moms CAN'T get sick! We just don't have the time. But realistically I know I will end up getting it and most likely be the last one to get it- the super killer strain of the cold that finishes off anyone who survived the first round!

ughhh- I think the worst part is the waiting. Hoping not to catch it....trying to prevent it...knowing your going to get it anyway...

Just one of the joys of motherhood!

Friday, October 05, 2007

TOP 10

My top ten favorite movies:

Honorable Mention- Lake Placid (1999 Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Betty White and Bill Pullman- FUNNY!)

#10 - tie between Grease and Little Shop of Horrors (love the music)

#9 - Three way tie- Pretty in Pink/Breakfast Club/Sixteen Candles (gotta love the 80's)

#8 - Three Musketeers (1993 with Charlie Sheen, Chris O'Donnel and Keifer Sutherland)

#7 - Philadelphia Story (1940 with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant)

#6 - Footloose (Kevin Bacon 1984)

#5 - Crash (2005)

#4 - Love Actually (romantic/comedy 2003- Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightly, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson)

#3- Ever After (I'm a sucker for a good cinderella story! 1998)

#2- Goonies (duh!!!!!) 1985

And the number one of all time.....

#1 - Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn and Humphry Bogart- black and white romance- ahhhhhhh!)1954

Monday, October 01, 2007

chugga chugga choo choo!

The girls, John and I are taking our first REAL family vacation EVER! we are going to Vail,CO during fall break. A co-worker of John's had mentioned that one of his friends takes a train to Colorado- and that it might be something to think about. I figured it would be way too expensive for all of us - BUT it wasn't! Its very reasonable and the kids are super super excited!

The trip is still three weeks away- and we are all going crazy with anticipation! McKynna came up to me last night with her carry on bag already packed! She wanted me to check it for her and make sure everything was ok to take! Too funny! And Corynn thought she was packed and ready to go when she put all her princess dresses (10 of them) in her suitcase this morning and said she was ready- I had negotiate with her to get it down to only two princess dresses!

Needless to say- we are excited and can't wait!