Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Can you believe it!?

Can you believe that three weeks from today will be December 1st? 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm super excited this year! This year my older brother and his kids will be joining us for a few days. And during those few days my mom, grandparents and little brother will be over too! It's not very often we are together. In fact the last time we were all together was three years ago. I look forward to family gatherings more and more. Probably because we've 'grown up' and the drama involved in so many of our past gatherings isn't there. My brothers and I have been through a lot together and I'm glad we are at a place where we can converse and enjoy time together.

The festivity preparations will soon begin; making menus, grocery lists, figuring out sleeping arrangements for 15, activities etc.

I'm also lobbying my little brother to come up a day early so we have a bit more time together- so far that's not working. But I shall keep trying.

Can't wait for the cousins to catch up- it has been too long! And if I've learned anything this past year- it is to not take anything for granted. Not a person. Not time. Not relationships. Not family or friends. Things change too fast.

Guess that's enough for now...time to get back on pinterest and find the perfect Pecan Pie recipe. I've tried different recipes each of the past few years and nothing has been FABULOUS! I'm determined this year! Wish me luck!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Halloween 2014

We have been spoiled the past few years with lovely mild weathered Halloweens. This year not so much. It was cold and once the sun went down it was down right freezing. In fact, a few minutes into trick or treating Evie went from saying "Trick or Treat" to "I'm cold!". We always attend the trick or trunk at our church. It's a fun quick way to dive into the 'trick or treating' without much effort on the parents part- which with this year's weather was fine with us! It's also fun to see all the creative costumes families come up. They are usually themed and super adorable. We had the cast from Monsters Inc, all the Power Rangers, the cast of Frozen including the ice monster, and Wizard of Oz. Families also decorate their trunks or back hatches with Halloweenie stuff- which is fun to see too. Corynn took Evie around while John and I handed out candy. The twins wanted to stay home.

So after a quick round at Trick or Trunk, we headed over to Gpa Kelly's house. The twins decided to head over too and hang out with him, help him hand out candy and keep him company. Kynna dressed up as an Engineer with a pink hard hat and tool belt. Kwynn was a lumber jack with a red flannel, stocking cap and beard. I didn't get any pix of them- but they were cute.

Corynn had a Halloween party to go to with friends. After that she stayed the night at a friend's house. She had an absolute blast...such a social butterfly, that one.

Corynn dressed as a flapper girl (1920s). I sewed the dress and head band after school on Halloween in about an hour. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Sheeesh.

Evie was a cow girl. Super adorable! She had so much fun running around all dressed up with her horse. I just love her little red boots! So sweet!

It was a fun evening and memories were made. What else can you ask for!? Halloween 2014 is in the books