Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Five

Well- I was tagged by Amanda so here it goes...

Ten years ago I was...
  1. Getting ready to start college
  2. The twins were only two weeks old...
  3. probably not sleeping much
  4. Exhausted
  5. way too young to be dealing with all that! :)
Five things on today's 'to do' list...
  1. Get the rest of stuff needed for taco salads
  2. Watch Caden
  3. Pick up guest room
  4. go to the library with the kids
  5. call my gma
Five snacks I enjoy...
  1. pretzels
  2. string cheese
  3. cottage cheese
  4. red apples
  5. popcorn (air popped not microwave)
Five things I would do if I was a millionaire...
  1. buy a house
  2. invest
  3. donate
  4. travel
  5. give some to 'certain' family members :)
Five places I have lived...
  1. house in GI town
  2. apt in GI town
  3. house in GI town
  4. apt in GI town
  5. Lincoln
exciting- I know!

okay- so I tag Jess and Hollie

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're BACK!

John and I got home yesterday (very early in the morning) from our Alaskan cruise! It was in celebration of our 10th anniversary- and it was so stinkin' awesome! I really had alot of fun!

I came home with a total of 1658 pictures- but have edited them down to about 700 and I'm still going through them. I'm not a photo freak- the camera was set on auto- which can snap off like 7 pictures in 1 second. It worked great for the whale watching! Plus I figured - take a bunch just to be sure- you can always delete the ones you don't want!

I'm making a slide show to put on the blog- but its taking a little bit of time. So I thought I would give you the run down first and then post the slide show when its finished.

We left from Seattle- Pikes Place was amazing! The flowers and produce- WOW! If only Lincoln's market could be like that! If only...

We were at sea all day Monday and then ported in Juneau on Tuesday. We went whale watching there- and it was spectacular! I can't even imagine what it would be like to live on the bay (houses all around the edges) ! Just doing your dishes, looking out the window and oh! a whale swims by! It was very cool! We also saw sea lions, otters and bald eagles - not to mention the amazing scenery! John also bought my anniversary present here- its beautiful and I love it!

Wednesday we sailed to Skagway and took a train ride up the mountains into Canada- it was beautiful! So green and lush!

Thursday we sailed through Glacier Bay National Park- and saw went by 6 different glaciers. The perspective in that place is unreal! You really feel small in a big big world!

Friday was Ketchikan- we went to the Lumberjack Show- very entertaining! They were really funny! If you ever go on this type of cruise- definitely go to the show!

Saturday we made it back to Victoria BC- such a beautiful city. And Butchart Gardens- wowzers! The gardens there are overwhelming and stunning! Its like paradise! We got there around dusk- so not many pictures- but I would love to go back. You could easily spend a whole day there!

Sunday was a Seattle city tour that ended at the airport- then traveled home the rest of the day.

It was an amazing trip! I had so much fun! Thanks John- you're the best! and thanks to the parents- couldn't have done it with out you taking care of the girls!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hasta Luego!

John and I are off on our anniversary trip...a few months early...but I think once you get to 10 years you can be a little laxed on the technicalities!

See ya in ten days!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friday FUNNIES!!!!

We were getting ready to leave the house for something. The twins were in the car ready to go, John was shutting off lights and making sure doors were locked and I was going to the bathroom before we left.

John says to Corynn: Where's your mom?

Corynn replies: Well, she has some "issues" to work out... I think! (Complete with air-quotations- implying I was going #2)

I came around the hall right as she said it and saw the whole thing- it was so freakin funny!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner with Director #2

Tonight we had our second dinner with the director at the Lincoln's Children Zoo. It was fun! We took a little tour of the kitchen- where all the food and meals for the animals is prepared. And then we saw the Enrichment room- a room where they make toys and enrichment type stuff for the animals. And then finally we took a tour of the behind the scenes area for the naked mole rats. It was very interesting!

I took pictures of the tour to upload for this post- but I didn't get a picture of my favorite part of the evening! Our kids! They were the best behaved kids there and it made John and I soooooo proud! The other kids were bouncing off walls, touching things that were off limits and being loud during the tour. Ours were very patient and tentative- such GOOD kids!

Anyway...when you have a special happy moment like that- its really all that matters! I have to cherish these moments...they don't come often! haha! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Twins Bday Party!

McKynna and Kwynn are turning 10 on Tuesday! Holy cow... do I feel old!!

They had a slumber party this weekend to celebrate. A few of their close friends were on vacation - so they were a little bummed everyone couldn't make it. Myself, on the other hand, was a little relieved to only have 6 girls to look after!(the girls...all three... and three friends)

The girls came over around 5pm and we headed to Branched Oak to go swimming.

Here's Kynna and her friend Avery.

They also played in the sand...not sure what is up with Kynna's crazy face!

After swimming at the lake until around 8:30-8:45pm- I decided to run into town and get the kids some dinner. OOOPS! Kind of lost track of time there.

By the time we got back to the farm it was after 9pm and time to get all the girls cleaned up and in pjs. My whole plan was to tire out the girls with swimming- thus eliminating the chance of a LATE night. Good plan, right?!

They opened presents and watched a movie. During which a crazy storm went through. It had some of the most SPECTACULAR lightning I have ever seen! Constant flickering and lightning bolts for a good hour. The cabin has the perfect few for watching storms. One whole wall is windows and the upper floor gives you almost a 360 view. We lost power- but I was prepared with flashlights and lanterns. The power came on and then flickered a few more times. I was glad when it finally passed. I wanted to take some pictures of it or at least try- but I left my camera in the van and was too chicken to run and get it!

The girls finished their movie and then went to lay down in the girls' room. That was about 11pm or so - so I thought I was going to luck out and everyone was going to bed. HAHAHA!

They were up until after 4am - laughing giggling and talking. I'm really getting too old for this!
And as if that wasn't bad enough - one of the girls decided to get up at 7:00am! I seriously can not function on 3 hours sleep! The rest of the girls slept until about 8:30 - but then we had to eat breakfast, clean up and pack up.

I think the girls had fun- and they did pretty well! But I think next year we'll just go somewhere and pay for a bday package! I'm not sure how many more slumber parties I have in me! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday FUNNIES!!!!

Corynn has changed her dress three times and its only noon! She's getting ready for the twin's bday party tonight. I was walking down the hall and I heard her humming. So I peaked in her room. She was looking in her mirror, combing her hair. Then she went over to her bed grabbed a clip, did a twirl (I'm so not kidding) and went back to the mirror to put it in her hair.

I let out a little giggle - she noticed me and shook her head. Then promptly shut the door. She's such a hoot!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Super Fabulous 80s movies

Our family went to the city library at the beginning of the summer to get library cards. I figured it would be a good place to spend some time this summer- and keep the kids' brains working right.

I love their family movies!! The girls and I have been doing movie day pretty much once a week. And its always an 80s classic!

So far we've seen:

The Never-ending Story (Falcore- crazy flying dog creature and Atray-u the warrior boy)

Princess Bride (aaaassssssssss yyyyoooooouuuuuu wwwwiiiiissssshhhhhh! and Andre the giant..oh and the Spainerd who says "My name is Anigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to Die....such a great movie!)

National Lampoon's Summer Vacation - the clean/edited version. There are so many things in that movie I never caught on to before! I was kind of glad the girls kept saying 'I don't get it!' when we'd laugh!

The Labyrinth- with David Bowie and his crazy don't be gross...the metallic ones he would juggle and slide around by waving his hands! Oh and the troll man who's always grumpy and mean.


We'll probably go tomorrow and pick out another one for this week...hmmmmm... wonder what it will be!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Softball game #6

Last night was the PERFECT night for a softball game! Once the rain swept through- the humidity dropped and there was a slight cool breeze.

Kwynn caught a fly ball and both girls had amazing hits! The team as a whole - was spot on! They even almost pulled off a double play! We had a couple of sluggers hit the ball clear out in the outfield allowing two runs into home!

Their team won 5-3!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wake-up with the Zoo

Gma Tillie gave our family the deluxe zoo membership to the Lincoln zoo for christmas. Its a zoo membership with little perks like Wake-up with the zoo and Dinner with the Director each month.

This morning was our second Wake-up with the zoo. We had the regular juice and donuts- which the girls love! And the animals we met this morning were a hedgehog named Hollie and a rabbit named Lucky.

Here are some pix:

They let the hedgehog run around on the ground and the kids could hold her if they wanted. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be!

Here's Corynn petting the bunny...he was a pretty big bunny- but very soft!

Here's one of Kynna and Kayin- she came over for a little play date today. It was alot of fun!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Holiday Weekend

We spent the weekend at the farm with John's family; his parents and his brother and his family.
It was fun- except for the bugs...UGHHHHHH! I'm still itching!

Here are some pix:

Here is kynna and kwynn with their cousin, Sam

Here's cousin Ryan

The girls...

and here they are Saturday morning...when it rained and rained!

It was fun! We did our own fireworks on Friday night- we had a ton to light off! We had a big box left over from last year, plus what was bought this year. Everything went off great until we had a misfire with one of the big artillery shells. It went off prematurely and I got blasted. No ER visit though and things seem to be ok

The twins received a wii fit from their grandparents for their upcoming bday. We played it Saturday night with the John's parents- it was so much fun! Sometimes the best memories are made when nothing big is going on and your just hanging out!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fourth of July

Happy July 4th to everyone! We're having a weekend full of family fun at the 'farm'! I'm sure there will be plenty of pix to post on Monday! Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This morning was go-go-go! If/when I leave the house- I try to get all my errands in. Yes, partly because of gas prices- but also because I have all three kids (sometimes more) tagging along. And trust me- you only want to go out and do errands once!

Today we had:

shoes - McKynna needed sandals, but we ended up getting her sandals and a new pair of church shoes. Kwynn needed sandals and running shoes- we got both of those and a pair of church shoes. Corynn needed running shoes- she got those and a pair of sandals (actually a pair of flipflops with fake jewels on the side- so her!)

Surprisingly enough- we only had to go to three stores! Which is pretty impressive when shopping with three girls!

Gasoline- fill up the van. I had been driving around the last three days with my fuel light on...oops!

Russ's- stop by Russ's and stock up on some of their 10 for $10 mix and match before the sale ends tomorrow.

Post office - mail letters, bills and such

Blockbuster - Take movies back

I think I'm good for tomorrow- but Thursday will be another go go go day! Big Kelly shindig planned for the weekend. Should be fun!