Tuesday, April 27, 2010

little moments

Today the twins went to the Sheldon Art Museum on a field trip for school. They were pretty excited- not sure if it was because of the art or because it was a field trip (field trip days were always so much fun!)...but either way they expressed great anticipation and enthusiasm for the day.

I had a day cram packed with errands, cleaning and laundry (so much so that it has spilled over into tomorrow's to-do list- UGH!). Anyway- the field trip had slipped my mind...that is until I picked the twins up from school. I was also picking up two other girls besides the twins...all of which were being kind of quiet and giggly.

I asked what was going on...Kwynnie handed me her free tour voucher for the museum. OH YA... the museum - "How was it?"

giggle. giggle.

Then Kynna asks "Why are there so many nude sculptures? And why do they always emphasize the woman's chest?"

(me:) "Well, (digging deep into my mind for any helpful tidbits from my art history classes in college) the woman's form symbolizes life and motherhood. Both of which are honorable and beautiful. A woman's chest displays a mother's ability to feed her baby- to give nourishment and life. Artists like to display this respectfully in their pieces."

(Kynna:) "And why aren't there very many naked men sculptures and artwork?"

Becoming flustered and not entirely sure I should be the one explaining this to other people's children...I said the first thing I could think of..."Because men's parts aren't as appealing as women's." (stated very matter of factly)


(Kynna:) "So boy's parts are ugly?"


This is so not going how I wanted it to go...change the subject...change the subject...is that a bird?

(me:) "Pretty much. You'll understand when you're older. So do you have homework tonight? Avery, am I taking you home after the movie? Kynna- don't forget you'll be late going to school tomorrow you have a dentist appointment..."

I pretty much talked the rest of the commute. There was no way I was going have a conversation about the male nether regions with children other than my own. Could you imagine the phone calls?! Good grief!

I'm a pretty open mom- especially with my children. When we got home I explained that men are a little egotistical when it comes to those parts. They love them- its weird. And many artists don't want to offend by getting it wrong- so they choose not to portray them at all or opt to cover/obscure them. Its just easier that way.

They seemed to understand. And still no phone calls! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

chaos indeed!

Today was Pucca's birthday party...with things all crazy like in our lives right now- this was the only weekend we could make it work. At least its still April!

She decided no tea party this year- she wanted to invite her whole class...all 24 of them. I was so excited that another classmate was having a party basically at the same time so half the kids couldn't come to both...which limited the attending guests! YAY!

Seriously...11 kids was plenty!

We had a 'spring' themed bday party. Party favors included butterfly nets and bug catcher jars...while we were waiting for parents, the kids went and explored the yard looking for bugs.

We played pin the butterfly on the flower (our version of pin the tail on the donkey), toss the critter (we had buckets lined up- with varying points...seeing who could score the most critters and gain the most points.) We also had a pinata...decorated especially for Pucca. It was a pull string pinata- very cool. We had each kid grab a string and pull. Pucca picked the winning string- but I don't think anyone noticed- it was all craziness once the loot began to fall! :)

We had dirt cupcakes complete with gummy worms, ice cream and bug juice.

It was only an hour- but holy smokes...pure stinkin' chaos!

Here's an overview of the party! Happy Day, Ms Pucca!

On a purely parental note- it was so fun to see Pucca interact with her school friends. She is adored by them...such a good kid! And there's one boy in particular that is really sweet on her...can you spy it in the collage?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Green thumb...er...paw!

I like to think I've inherited my grandmother's green thumb- or at least her love for all things green and leafy. Our new home is filled with beautiful landscaping and blooming trees...and despite all that professional beauty- I caught myself ordering over 400 bulbs and plantings for the beds. What the heck!? I think I am a compulsive plant shopper! Is there such a thing? Do you think they have anonymous meetings and clubs for people like me? hmmmm...

Anyway- I've planted over 200 and still have a few to go with this first shipment. The second shipment won't come until fall- because of the fall bulbs and stuff.

I've also started work on the vegetable gardens. The lettuce and onions are in, as well as the sweet corn. In another week or so, we'll put in the carrots, green onion. green beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes and peppers. The girls and I also planted 40 super huge 12 foot sunflower plants...they will be fun to watch as they grow. I just LOVE sunflowers!!!!

And to top off all that planting and landscaping- we have 1.75 acres to mow. FUN FUN! Seriously. John and I fight over who gets to mow...so far John has won out. But its still early in the season! And in the future when we tire...well that's what kids are for, dad gummit! (oh no...my hillbilly heritage it sneaking out! )

Speaking of kids- I hope they too have inherited a green thumb. We already know Emma has! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

A trip to see gma ski

My older brother and three of his kids are in town staying with us. We took a little trip yesterday to see mom.

The kids wheeled her around and helped her with all her tubes and gadgets.

We took mom outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day! Doesn't she look great!

The kids ran around the hospital, up and down elevators and escalators. We talked, shared stories of mom's hospital journey (including her period of near madness), I painted her toenails...and after about 45 minutes- that was enough. We had wore her out. So we took her back to bed.

Sure do love that lady!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I know I know

Believe it or not... I can hear my mother in law cussing me out all the way from Texas! (because of that perfectly cute vintage photo I previously posted).

Since she will soon be returning to the lovely state of Nebraska... I thought I had better post something new for the world to gaze upon and hopefully buy some forgiveness!

circa 2006

My lovely girls at my niece's Hawaiian Birthday Bash! Don't you just love the seashell bras?!!! Too stinkin cute!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Doubly blessed

April 5th is a GREAT day! Not only because my mother and father in law were married on that day, but also because my baby, Pucca was born on that day.

'Elvis' and 'Audrey' celebrated 42 years together yesterday. And Pucca turned 7!

We weren't able to celebrate their anniversary- our trip to Texas was cancelled...but I wanted to let them know that we love them! I love them! I think they are amazing people. My mother in law is queen when it comes to decorating, manners, or anything proper. Do-mes-ti-cated! FOR REALS! And her house is super clean...all the time! Even under beds and in the closets...its crazy! She's super courteous and very kind!

My father in law is fun, personable, down to earth and an all around nice guy! My own father wasn't around much growing up- so I've adopted him into that role. We joke with eachother and he's an amazing grandpa.

These two make a sweet couple. They are so fun to watch and how they interact with the grandchildren. 42 years is quite an accomplishment! Plus- as the more years go by...the more juicy tidbits and family stories I hear. Which is always fun!

Pucca is a one of kind child. A few days ago we were outside working in the yard and Pucca was flitting around doing her diva thing as usual. And in that moment I realized why she wasn't twins. Because the good Lord knew- we could never survive two of her! She has a big personality, smart a whip and can charm just about anyone. She is constantly making us laugh with her outrageous one liners and will probably be the reason I commit myself to the looney bin. We love her...she's a wonderful addition to our family.

We always do favorite meals for birthdays at our house. Her menu was steak and ribs. Well it was rainy and grey and ribs take too long for a week night... so we took her to a steak house. She said it wasn't the same...but didn't seem to mind once the steak got there.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

It was definitely an interesting Easter this year. Every year since the twins were born we've spent the holiday with John's parents and grandma and my mom and grandparents. We split our time in between the families and made time for everyone.

This year was different.

I knew that eventually time would catch up with us, things would change and that everything wouldn't always be as it always was. BUMMER! Even though I knew that time was coming- I wasn't ready!

Easter was still great- just different. My grandparents came up from GI town, some of John's friends came up (they came home to visit family for the holiday), and my little brother, his girlfriend and her daughter were also with us. 7 children running around the house, some of which were preteen girls talking about boys (I'm so not ready for this!) and fun conversations. It was absolutely gorgeous outside- the kids ran, windows were open, birds were singing and our magnolia tree is in bloom. (I've snipped a couple of branches and put them in a tall vase in the kitchen...they smell so good and look so pretty!)

It was a really nice day and fun seeing everyone.

And here's a funny little story for ya!

Saturday was our big get together. So that morning we went around the yard and did poop patrol. The twins and John were my scouts and I was the picker-upper (well actually the raker-upper, but whatever). We were walking the grid in the front yard when I hear Pucca yell down from an open window on the second story...


Umm duh! Isn't it obvious... "Finding Easter eggs!" I reply.

"Really! Easter eggs from the Easter bunny!?"

"No- from Emma!"

"Oh. I'm not interested in Emma poop." She scrunches up her face, gives a little wave and retreats back into the house.

Did I mention she was yelling down from the second story (we haven't put our screens back on the windows so she was poking her head out) and I was no where near the house. So our neighbors heard that entire lovely conversation. About poop. That's classy- let me tell you!