Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catching up!

My goodness...playing catch up is like running on a treadmill! I feel like I'm getting nowhere! I love little miss Evie to pieces...but she definitely keeps me busy!

Good thing I'm almost done with my term on PTA, and I'll be done with the other PTA because the twinnies are moving on up to highschool! Eeeegads! Can you believe it!? Holy moly!

We are making headway in the garden! We have about 50% of it planted and hope to be completely done in the next few weeks! It's going to be a lovely little garden with great abundance! I'm determined this year! I'll post photos once things begin to bloom.

Corynn is busy with year end standardized testing. She's super smart so we're confident she'll do great! But it's still always a little stressful knowing you'll be testing all week. Kind of sad the pressure that these kids undergo. But I'm thinking its teaching them lifeskills so we'll deal.

Evie is crawling and teething and pulling herself up! Crazy little thing! One day she just decided she was going to move - tired of waiting for someone to get her. That and the fact she's super curious. Love this age. Everything goes directly from the hand to the mouth. And then she's looks at it with a quizzical brow and questioning eyes. Then something clicks, and with a look of acceptance it goes straight back in the mouth. Silly girl!

Kynna is finishing up her classes and eagerly getting ready for highschool. She just signed up for Student Council for next year...which she'll be fantastic at!

Kwynn is coasting along counting dow the days to summer. It can't get here fast enough in her book. She is super ready for a laid back summer. She'll be in Student Council as well next year.

Both girls made Academic Excellence which is having a GPA above 3.5 for the entire middle school career and placing above the 85th percentile in standardized testing! Big  honor and we are super proud of them!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Camping Party!

Corynn's party was this past weekend! It was alot of fun...but I feel I'm getting too old for this craziness. Poor Evie is going to have a boring old mom as she's growing up! :)

We gathered up the party guests and hauled them out to our family cabin to 'camp'.

Party favors included bandana tied bags with a water bottle, trail mix and smores kit.

We roasted hotdogs at the firepit, went exploring around the acreage, enjoyed cupcakes and icecream (although the icecream was served for breakfast the following morning), played outside, opened gifts, talked and stayed up WAY late!!!!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

campfire cupcakes-
complete with chocolate candy rocks and coconut grass