Monday, April 30, 2007


Well, I woke up Saturday morning and decided it was time for a haircut! Not a trim but a cut!

So the girls and I went to the salon and all us of got a cut!

Here is a picture of the girls with their new haircuts!

They all just got a little trim...cleaned it up for summer. McKynna has bangs and Kwynn has longer ones- other than that their hair is the same length. I know some of you use their hair styles to tell them apart-- so I just wanted you to know the change!

Corynn's is pretty much the same- just trimmed up as well.

And here is my new cut - pretty short but I couldn't get a pony tail and it was getting hot!

I took the picture with my web cam- so that's why it looks bad- but you can see the cut. Its short in back and then tapers down longer in front. I have a lot of layers and a full set of bangs. Eventhough its a short cut- I have found multiple ways to style it- so I should have fun. (I messed around with it yesterday and this morning...trying new styles.) And the bonus is .... I only had to blow dry and hairspray this morning! It only took 5 minutes...that's pretty quick for a finished looking hair-do!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

What Happens in Vegas ...Stays in Vegas??? hmmmmm

We went to the Wax Museum in the Venetian. Personally, I wasn't super excited about going- but I am glad I did! It was fun!

Here is my Grandma and Oprah! Can you tell she is excited! You would have thought it was the real Oprah from her expression! Too funny!

This is my mom and Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp... I don't think I need to explain why she wanted this pic! What a hottie! hahaha!

This is Sandi and I posing with Hugh Hefner! Notice the bunny ears! haha what a man!

This my mom marrying George Clooney. Now I am not sure if you noticed she is missing her teal shirt from before. Well- she didn't want it showing under the wedding dress so she just whipped it off! I was shocked! I just stood there with this confused look on my face- what the heck! The place wasn't busy, no one saw her and it was in a little chapel off the main path- but HELLO crazy woman! Keep your shirt on! Its not like these are real wedding photos! LOL

I ended up really enjoying the wax museum- it was fun!

We also went to a few shows. We went to Mama Mia- which was excellent! And then the forced me to go to Menopause the musical- but it was really funny! A definite must see for woman 40 plus! Or even younger...I thought it was hysterical!

We also went to the Stratosphere and saw Vegas from 108 stories up! That was cool! Mom and Sandi went to the top and rode the Space Shot- I would have but I was still feeling ill from the nachos!!

We also did a survey for CBS. They have a studio in the MGM hotel and casino. We watched a 40 minute pilot episode for a new drama they want to put out this fall. And for watching that and answering a quick survey- we were given some freebies and coupons to shops and restaurants. It was fun and interesting! I had always wondered how they screened new shows on test audiences. And free stuff from their store- heck ya! And the show was really good too! I really hope it makes it on!

Nothing much pertains to the saying "What happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas"...except maybe my mom stripping in the wax museum!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Feed me Seymore... Feed me!

The food choices were vast and amazing! Spago, Emeril's, Tavern on the Green, buffets up the wha-zooo! From five star restaurants to Burger King- they have it all!

We didn't eat anywhere famous- but the food was wonderful! We just kept running out of time- couldn't do it all. And basically ended up eating one meal a day when we could fit it in. On the day we walked up and down the Vegas Strip we decided to do a buffet because we were starving! So we went to the buffet in Treasure Island. Holy moley- not exactly Old Country Buffet! The had a salad bar- where you told the lady behind the counter what you wanted on it by pointing to all the stuff in front of you. And she made it right in front of you- plus they had five signature salads that had a bunch of crazy stuff in them- which I am sure is yummy- but to me a salad is lettuce, cheese, chicken, bacon bits and croutons. But they had every topping you could ever want on a salad i.e. eggs, chicken, shrimp, wet mozzarella, real bacon, tofu, steak strips, cranberries, veggies, onions (white, red and green) and tons of other stuff. Sooooo many choices and that was just the salad!

They also had a pasta bar where they made pasta dishes to your specification. Feticinni alfredo, penne scampi (shrimp, chicken or plain), and many more- but that was kind of neat too. They also had a sushi bar to choose from. They made it to order as well. I haven't really eaten sushi- but my family will happy to know that I did try three different kinds- the California roll was the best.

Now onto desserts! WOW! Everything and anything you could ever want for dessert. Even fresh cotton candy on stick! Chocolate covered strawberries, tarts, pies, cheesecakes, gourmet ice creams, pastries etc. I would have paid the money just for the desserts. And its a good thing I was pretty much stuffed before I hit the desserts- because that would have been scary!

We also went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville at the Flamingo- which ughhh! We had heard the Nachos were superb so we went there and had some...hahaha! Sandi and I didn't want to share finger foods with other people (strange I know) plus we were hungry, so we each ordered our own and they were HUGE! Which I figured was ok- since I thought half of it would be plain chips anyway. Well- even though half was just plain chips- the other half would have been plenty to feed two people. Our waitress thought we were crazy so I had to prove her wrong - of course I could eat all this. UGHHHH- don't do it! I didn't even come close! We had that for lunch and I was still recovering the next day! I am waiting for the picture from my mom. I will dedicate one blog entry to just pix from the trip!

Also at that lunch- my grandma had a margarita with her lunch. Now she is a petite woman and I knew it wouldn't take much to make her loopy. And I was right. She started rambling on like an open book. My mom and I were laughing so hard! It was the funniest thing just hearing her talk about things you never thought a grandma would talk about! We'll just say I learned way more than I had wanted! mail I am thinking! hehehehe!

So in all- the food was great!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Shop til ya drop!

The shopping Vegas in AMAZING!!! We went to the M & M Store which had four floors to it! I found some cute stuff for the girls- a hat for puka and M & M cups for all of them. Right next door to that is a Vegas Souvenir Shop- which had three floors and all the Vegas memorabilia you could ever want- I bought the twins each a cute little cap sleeved t-shirt.

At all the major casinos on the strip there is a $10 Bioux Teirner store. They have knock-off. sunglasses, purses, watches, hats etc,- but everything is $10. I found a really cute pair of sun glasses. They also had really cute chunky beaded necklaces and chandelier earrings.

Then we went to Caesar's Palace and talk about the dream place to shop! They had Dior, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Coach, Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gibana. Ralph Lauren, Guess and many many more shops I only dream of being able to shop in! But is was neat to see!

For more reasonable shopping we went to the LV Outlet Mall- and that was fun! Levi's, Osh Gosh, Tommy Hilfiger Kids, Baby Gap and Kids Gap, Sketchers and more at very reasonable prices! I bought a super cute purse at Levi's- for $15! Its a leather cargo mini with short straps.

John bought me a purse for Christmas- and now I think I am hooked! I was in gaga land at Caesar's Palace and seeing all the purses/hand bags at Fendi, Dior and Coach.

I didn't really buy anything else- but when I go back with John I will- I can hardly wait! Anyway Vegas definitely is the place to shop if you have the moola!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Honey.....I'm home!!!!

Well, we finally got home last night - uh let me correct myself... this morning! Our flight flew into Omaha at 12:30am...but we didn't get back to my house until around 3:30am- which I will explain in detail later!

My next couple of blog entries will be about "the trip"! Travel, shopping, dining, shows and attractions!

Travel was fine except for a few hiccups! My mom got pulled over for speeding before even leaving GI Monday morning. My grandma barely made it through the metal detectors with all her 'bling'.

The first day we walked- and I mean walked! We walked 3/4 of the strip on the first day and darn near died! My feet have never hurt sooooo bad! And it was because everytime we asked how to get to certain Casino- they would say "Oh, you don't need a taxi or trolley- its just the next hotel over!" WELL! The next hotel over is a freaking mile away! One block=a dang long ways! So the first day we walked it!

The second day we figured out the trolley system and got lucky by catching them with out much of a wait! It was cheap and does the job when you don't have many stops to make. We took it to the Stratosphere and then back to the hotel for the show.

Then on Wednesday we took the monorail! Super slick! Fast and easy! Definitely the way to go if you are traveling the east side of the strip!

Then there was our attempt to get home! Well, we forgot to call the shuttle people and make arrangements to get back to the airport so we got one super close to take off time. Then as we are waiting for the shuttle I realize the plane tickets (which I was in charge of) had a take off time 50 minutes earlier than I thought- sooooo. I waited until we made it to the gate to tell mom that our flight was a little earlier than previously thought. The security check at the LV airport took a bit longer than Omaha's too. My grandma barely made it through, AGAIN! Just blame in on the bling! Then my mom lost her ticket...uh huh! It just gets worse!

The flight was bumpy due to the wind and we landed in Omaha at 12:55 am CST. We were tired from not being able to sleep on the flight and then they lost my mom's baggage! It went to oakland we were told. Then we forgot where we parked in long term parking, and then got lost leaving Omaha- north Omaha at 2:30 in the morning...yep! And the sad the thing is this is fairly typical of a trip when my mom and I travel together. More to come tomorrow...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gone Fishing!

Just kidding! But I am out of town for the next couple of days! My mom, grandma and I are going to Vegas to shop, relax and see a few shows. BUT mostly for a brief break from my everyday 'mom/wife' responsibilities. A much needed break in a nice warm place that wasn't too hard on the pocket book.

John is going to play Mr.Mom this week while I am gone...he asks for your prayers! lol !!!
Or at least cheer him on...YOU CAN DO IT! I love him and know he will do just fine! He's a good dad and a great husband!

Talk to ya'all when I get back!

Friday, April 20, 2007

"Ta Da!!!!"

This is what Corynn's room used to look like.

The walls were white, her bed and dresser were painted a horrid pink and Dora was everywhere!

On the opposite wall I painted a pony and a couple of frogs on a lily pad.

The curtains were an old pink sheet I cut up and sewed together.

Now this is what the room looks like.

I painted her walls a pretty soft yellow called "moonlight".

The little girl hanging above her wall is the bulletin board I found on sale at Hobby Lobby- super cute and less than $15.

I white washed her bed frame and dresser and then sanded the edges with a sander to make it look worn- the pink shows through with some wood and it looks cute!

There was a little table in our basement that I white washed as well. And then put a little lacy skirt around it- same lacy material I used for the window treatments.

The lantern I found at Target for $10- super cute. The picture is a page I saved from a children's book the twins received when they were little. The book didn't make it so I snagged the page before tossing it.

The twins made the artwork for Puka when I was pregnant. It has a lot of colors that blend well with the room and it has that certain sentimental value the room needed. :0)
(they would have been crushed had it not made its way back in the room)

The purse rack is an essential piece in her room- she has tons of purses and refuses to part with any of them!

The lighting is bad in this photo- but you get the basics.
She has just one big double window in her room and I didn't want to limit any of the natural I made three panels out of this lacy knit material (only $2 yd and the same stuff I used on the little bed side table) and separated the treated the windows as two.

And finally her tv. I know its horrible we let have her own tv- but there are days I need to watch something other than Blue's Clues! (she doesn't use it that often anyway!)

Each of the girls have a jean quilt- but my kids have tons of blankets. So I used Puka's to hold her stuffed animals. Its working pretty well!
And then we framed her hospital birth certificate, arm bracelet and nursery tag and have it hanging on the wall. Its from her old nursery room- but I can' t seem to put it away yet- she's still our baby!

It was fun- but it took all day and all my sanity to get it done. It was worth it though- when she walked in and said "Mom, it looks beautiful!"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introducing my friend Lindsey

I met Lindsey back in good old GI town in jr high. We didn't really become friends until high school. We have kept in contact through the years since graduation and even more so now that we both live in Lincoln. She has a sweet five year old boy named Cayden. The most adorable kid you have ever seen (besides my own)! He has brown hair and bright green eyes. Lindsey dresses him in the cutest grunge/alternative clothes! He will be a heartbreaker when he gets older!

Lindsey went through years of infertility and various treatments to get pregnant. They became foster parents and were given the opportunity to adopt the child. Cayden was two years old when they adopted him after having him as a foster child for 18 months. They found themselves wanting one more child and went back to foster care. They have been fostering a little girl, Ella for 10 months- she is two. And she just found out she was pregnant! YEAH! They weren't trying and had practically given up on having a child naturally - but obviously there was still a little one wanting to join their family!

Lindsey is still hoping for a chance to adopt Ella and then their family will be complete.
She is a nurse at Bryan LGH East in Labor and Delivery. Her husband is a resident at Bryan LGH (not sure which one) and I think he is in trauma/emergency. Not for sure...

Lindsey is a super sweet girl and I adore her! She deserves all the best.

I just wanted to introduce Lindsey to all the bloggers out there who are wondering who the heck she is. Even John was like- who is Lindsey? Guess we need to have you over a little more often, Linds!

And don't worry- I got her approval to write about her before I started this! I am still begging her to start a blog. She is crazy funny and it would be totally entertaining to read! She always has a little story about work, kids or life to cheer me up! And she always finds the humor in every little incident- I admire that!
Goofing around

The girls and I were in the kitchen talking to John as he prepared dinner. I opened photo booth to take a picture of us.

Then we started to goof around with the photo booth program.

this is the heat sensor mode- we were sitting back away from the eye so the orange, yellows and reds didn't show up- but it still looks cool- I like the colors!

This some kind of blurry mode or something- but it was a cute pic of all three.

and this was the x-ray mode. Too funny! we took... oh I don't know...close to 60 pictures with photo booth and the girls were trying out all the different effects. It was a fun hour of goofing off! It's surprising how much you mentally need some goof off time!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

The girls and I take my brother to work in the morning. Its in Waverly - so I try to let the kids sleep by listening to 87.7 FM. Its channel 6 NBC but broadcast over the radio. The kids hate listening to the news and usually dose off. This morning I chose to listen to the radio instead so that they wouldn't have to listen to the reports about the shootings. But the music station was talking about it too- so I switched it back to the news station. It was quiet so I assumed the girls were sleeping. But as soon as we dropped Trev off- McKynna asked "Why?"

Its one of those things you don't ever want to talk to your children about. During the 30 minute drive back to school we talked about what happened and where. The girls asked alot of great questions and I am glad they asked. They love going to school and learning and I would hate for that to change.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Design Remix for Puka!

When Puka turned 2 we decorated her room in pink, painted a mural on her wall and got her a Dora comforter and lamp. Her walls are still white besides the pony painted on one wall and her curtains are pink with white shears.

Now she is four and starting to outgrow Dora and the girly stuff- at least that's what she told us a few weeks ago. She informed John and I that she was ready for a new she packed up her babies and blanket and started moving into the guest room. Before she got too far...I decided we would just redo her room.

There is a show on HGTV called Design Remix. The designer uses things she finds in your house, garage, attic and only spends $50 on new stuff and paint and then redesigns one of your rooms. So that is what we are going to do for Puka's room.

Her bed frame and dresser are painted pink so the plan is to paint those white as well has her night stand. Paint her walls a really soft pale neutral yellow (so we won't have to repaint when its time to move). I bought the cutest bulletin board at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $10 and I have been looking for cute cheap fabric for window treatments at Walmart.

Her Dora comforter has cute flowers in pale colors on the reverse side so that will work out perfectly! I also bought her the most adorable night light/lamp at Target for super cheap- $15 I think.

I will post before and after shots. Hopefully we can get it done this week. I will most likely start working on it Thursday while she is at school...that way I can get most of the painting done! Her room is pretty small- so it won't take much. But I am excited...I love little projects like this that allow you to get immediate satisfaction because they get finished relatively fast. Puka is excited too...especially since now she won't have to move all her stuff to the other room!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A perfect day for building a house!

John, the girls and I traveled back to GI last night. My mom's bday is today and for her party we all volunteered at the local Habitat for Humanity project. Volunteering is HUGE in my family and it all started with my mom! So we thought it would be a perfect gift- volunteer hours towards a project dear to her heart.

Trevor (my little brother), John, me, my mom along with some of her coworkers and friends worked on the project by tearing down the forms used to make the foundation and making the floor joists.

yes- that is me cutting boards for the pony wall in the crawl space. My mom measured and I cut...I was quite funny! I think we may have had HALF of the boards the right length...its more difficult than it looks and there are all these rules. Like a specific side of the guide line that you have to cut on and it was dirty and cold and saw dust flying everywhere...and I am a CLUTZ so everyone was just waiting for me to cut off my hand or a finger! But it was FUN!

The house project just broke ground a few weeks ago and the weather has been really wet and cold. The project completion date is July 10th...but we are ahead of schedule thanks to all the hard work contributed today!

Happy Birthday, MOM!
Hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What happened?!

Two weeks ago my baby was a sweet little girl...a polite little mama's girl that was well behaved, independent at home and shy in public.

Now she is a little demon monster that cries for everything, whines and hits! yes, HITS! Where she learned that...I have no idea... but talk about infuriating! We never hit and have a 'NO HITTING - EVER!" policy at our house and now shes hitting! What happened!?

The change happened sooooo fast too! Its like night and day!

And to think I was all prepared for the terrible twos because the twins became little monsters at about 18 months and it lasted two whole years. So I was all prepared for puka... but it never came... and never came...which left me thinking we were in the clear. I think it was just late! She has a case of the terrible fours! Man- we were so close!
Sick days

Not much to blog about today...I am sick with a cold and the girls are getting it too. Sore throats, running nose and sinus headaches. I am all about OTC cold medicines...but now I want some good old fashioned home remedies. Please share...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I took these pictures coming home from Davey one weekend. And it was so pretty that I just had to take a pic.

The inspiration part comes from the fact that both of my brothers are very artistic...they can draw anything and have always been able to do so. My mom can recreate any picture you give her...which came in super handy for decorating cakes. But me...well the drawing gene skipped me. I have always wanted to be able to paint or draw...but all of my work was abstract (mostly because no one could make out what I drawing! haha! so I called it abstract!).

But I took these pix because the sight inspired me to try my hand at painting again. I have alot going on right now...but I want a new hobby...maybe this will be it! Who knows!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anyone PLANT savvy?

Ok...just as we were all getting so excited about spring, flowers, and planting... a horrible freeze hits! So now what? All of the beautiful bulbs that were up or coming up froze and are dying. I have a few questions...hopefully some one has the answers!

1. Are the bulbs that were just starting to come up (that the tips froze) going to die?

2. All of the grasses and bushes that froze and now look to be dying... are those gone for the season too or will they re-grow again for this season?

3. Are all of these plants (daylillies, tulips, iris, and Asian lillies) that froze gone for good... or just for this year? What about the rest of the bulbs that haven't bloomed yet? Are they still good?

4. Do I need to replant everything or should I wait until next spring and see what survived?

If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions...please let me know! It figures that just as I was getting my yard and landscaping to just how I liked it...that it would freeze and kill them all! Lovely NE weather!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

We went back to GI to spend Easter with our families! We spent Saturday with John's side of the family and Sunday with mine!

These are pictures from the egg hunt at Jeff and Nancy's house (john's parents). The girls got to spend time with their cousin Sam.

Sam and Corynn are less than 11 months apart and have tons of fun together.

At dinner we celebrated Corynn's bday with a Superman cake! Corynn is crazy about Superman!

Nancy- was super sweet and made Corynn some Superman panties (no one could find them in the stores and Corynn really wanted them)!

Grandma and Papa Kelly gave Corynn the cutest little bike! They moved the cars out of the garage and she pedaled around for hours...literally! It was so cute! And it didn't matter to her one bit that it was only 23 degrees outside!

Sunday was fun too! We usually get through Kelly get togethers without drama, but DRAMA is almost guaranteed with mine! Surprisingly enough--- there was no drama this weekend! It was soooooo nice!

We had another Easter egg hunt at my mom's house with all the cousins! And Corynn got to blow another cake and received a super cute out fit, a new swim suit (which she LOVES!) and some other really great gifts!

The funniest part of the whole weekend was trying to get home with all the stuff we had accumulated in just two days. We had all of Corynn's bday presents (minus the bike...because there was no way that was fitting) and all of the Easter goodies. We have a Dodge Grand Caravan. We had six people in the van plus the dog. We also had four bags of luggage, a huge box of Easter treats, another box full of bday gifts, a 27" tv, a computer and each of the girls had a travel bag (filled with stuff to do during the ride). Needless to say.... We were FULL! Nancy...even you would have been surprised with how much stuff I crammed in there!!

I told John that our next vehicle would have to be an excursion van or we need to get a trailer to tote behind the mini van! He didn't think that was very funny....but I did!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Treats...

Corynn saw this in magazine and begged us to make them for her birthday treats at school. They are super easy and quick! baking!

  • One package butterscotch almond bark
  • Two packages chow mein noodles
  • One package Peanut MMs or Whopper Eggs or jelly beans (depending on personal preference)
Put half of the almond bark in microwavable dish and melt. Stir in one bag of chow mein noodles. Spread out wax paper or foil and make flat patties (not that big...about 1 1/2 inches). Place two or three "eggs" in the center of the nest and fold patty around the eggs. I also found that putting them in cup cake papers is a really easy way to do it. Its easier to form nests by using the cupcake pan as a form and they can be easily removed from the papers.

Super fun and easy and the kids had fun! Another good thing is that they are easy to keep fresh and can be left out for awhile without going stale.

Only problem is ... is that one package of almond bark makes about 60 nests... so half the recipe and only use one bag of noodles if you want less.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

our BABY is 4 today!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Puka, Dear
Happy days will come to you all year
If I had one wish
then it would be
A happy happy birthday to you from me!!

My little (well not so little when she was born...almost a 10lbs and 23 inches!) girl was born at St. E's four years ago today.

It was quite an intense few days...but well worth it!
I never planned on having children... and having twins so young didn't do much to sway me on that. But along came the unexpected third and let me tell is much easier than two! And our family wouldn't be complete with out her.

Its crazy how different siblings can everything. Corynn was the easiest baby ever. Happy, playful and very independent. And very much a mama's girl (she is quite partial to her "Papa" Kelly as well! And loves her gmas too)

She was happy and smiley even through her surgery and recovery.

She also had hair which was quite different from my previous bald beauties!

Corynn Tillie Kelly was named after my great grandma and John's grandma
(both of which are still living)

When she was born, McKynna said- If she cries alot, then we are taking her back!

From this picture... its crazy to think she was born with jet black hair!

She likes hats...must have got that from me! :)

Corynn was born on her grandparent's 35th wedding anniversary!

We call her Puka because there is a little dog on the movie "Anastasia" that begs for food...and Corynn began wanting/begging for food off our plates when she was just 6 months old... so we call her Puka.

Puka loves the park especially the slides....

and swings!

This is Puka driving Papa Kelly's tractor!

Of course 'baby' is with her!

She had a blast at the amusement park last year...roller coasters and the frog hopper ( a miniature Space Shot)... such a little thrill seeker!

This her explaining how the PB and Jelly sandwich got squished in mom and dad's bed! huh!? Do you think she knows? ;)

Corynn loves jamming out to her Disney CDs on her Dora radio...of course she had to wear her tutu. She just can't dance with out it. Such a girly girl! How did I ever get one of those?

Its hard to believe our little princess is four years old today...these years have flown by! We love you, baby!
My list...

I have a list... and in my family a list is important! My mom and I have this horrible habit of making lists i.e., shopping lists, to do lists (long term, monthly and daily), sale item lists from the Wed. flyers in the paper, projects lists and so on. Its a horrible habit I know...but there is a great since of satisfaction when I get to cross something off the list!

But I have a special that I started when I was 18. When I was 18 and pregnant with the twins...a family friend gave me encouragement and hope. I knew my life wasn't over- that I would just have to take take a different path and do things a little differently than before- but not to give up. That got me to thinking of all the things I hoped to accomplish and do in my life...and that regardless of kids or my situation in life... I need to work to get these accomplished.

Obviously some of things on the list have changed and some things have been crossed off...but I am going to give you a sneak peak at some of the items on my 'list':

#5 Do mission work in Africa

#9 Make a difference in my community

#11 Go to Ireland with my family

#14 Write a book

#17 Help someone accomplish their 'dream'

#29 Raise respectful, intelligent and creative children

#32 Go para-sailing...with Deb (see told you I put it on the list!)

Monday, April 02, 2007

POPCORN POPPING!This morning when I was taking the girls to school- Corynn sang "Popcorn Popping" least six times. It was cute though. By the fourth time through the twins decided to join in (the whole if you can't beat them join them notion). Finally, I decided to join in too.
So I pull up to the stop light and start doing the actions. It was nice out so we had the windows in the van cracked a little. Needless to say the cars next to me at the stop light got quite a show! I am sure they thought I was crazy! Hopefully they saw the kids through the tinted windows...and didn't think I was just jamming out to a children's song by myself! Owell- it was fun!