Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have super fond memories of eating pot roast at my granparents house. Roast that has been cooking all day, filling the house with its savory aroma, rustic vegetables, meat that would fall apart and homemade noodles. YES- homemade noodles...boiled and served in the brothy au jus. So stinkin good! yum yum!

Fast forward to yesterday- John had brought home this amazing hormone/antibiotic free rump roast. I wanted to spoil my family the way my grandmother spoiled us. I found a rub recipe online and simmered the roast in the slow cooker all day. The house was smelling amazing and I even had the noodles. It was going to be perfect! WAS being the operative word!

I'm still not sure what exactly I did- but I must have grossly mismeasured the Crushed Red Pepper- because it was awfully spicey. The meat was edible and cooked to perfection. The noodles, however were an utter disaster. Our lips were burning! So much so... that vanilla icecream was served for dessert in a non-dessert house! John being the kind husband he is- actually ate the horrifying sidedish. And he paid for it lastnight and today. Poor thing!

I'm so bummed! I so wanted to pay homage to my great-grandma and share a piece of her tradition with my family. I'm thinking it will be a great while before they let me cook roast again!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week is crazy busy...I feel like I'm always saying that?! It seems like our family calendar is forever filling up with meetings, appointments, classes, lessons, visits etc. The good side is - it helps the week fly by!

This week is the all important Science Fair (District level). Both of the twins are entered...should make it interesting. I think we're all more excited about going and seeing what every other 5th grader in the city has done. Plus there will be some exhibits from the university set up...and my kids are all about the science! They are super smart with that stuff...they made a lightbulb in science class by wiring something or other up with a battery and a switch and it had something to do with currents and ....um...not really sure- (I'm not very technically adept) but I was very impressed! After a science class on campus they were spouting the scientific theories of motion and propulsion. I know....what!?

Anyway- they are super excited...so we are super excited! I hope its everything they hope and have a fun time!

Another BIG event on our calendar is Pucca's bday party! ooh la la! Super fun! She's having a tea party themed celebration (I know she did this last year- but she really wanted to do it again...so what can I say!) I think its kind of ironic considering we're lds and don't drink tea...oh well! What girl doesn't like to dress up and hang out with her girlfriends!? :)
There will be an entire post on the party...I had way too much fun planning this! I was a little worried when we discovered we had a girly girl...but she is just too much fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Winding down

We're home...finally! Wheeewwwwww! What a week!

We had a lovely time in GI! The girls spent some time with their grandmas: visiting the Sandhill Crane observatory, waking up at the crack of dawn to see the cranes by the river, creating some masterful artwork, playing board games and listening to stories of the 'old days'.

As for Davey...the weather didn't quite cooperate with us - so our fort building time was limited. The fort is located in a ravine which is completely protected by trees. So the wind wasn't a factor at all! We put in a good hour and half- basically just clean up. Picking up sticks, cutting branches and making plans! And Oh are the plans GRAND! Just wait! This is going to be the COOLEST fort EVER!

I was bummed with the weather...we could have accomplished so much more! I really wanted to get the chainsaw out- but the collective vote for letting me use this particular powertool- was a unanimous NO! Bummer- Hopefully some one who is allowed to use the chain saw will come to the rescue and help the girls and I fashion some seriously awesome goods!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gone with the wind!

Holy smokes- its WINDY! I've been out and about using up every spare minute I have to accomplish my long list of 'to-do's before heading home to GI town tomorrow. We have a super fun week planned- which requires some prep work on mom's account. Then there's the cleaning out...so much easier to go through kid's rooms when they aren't here! And I'm getting things ready for our stay at Davey! Busy Busy Busy!

But the wind- wow! Some kind of storm must be moving in...I'm all about spring storms! LOVE THEM! I love the rain in general- but thunderstorms are my favorite! BUT let me clarify something...tornadoes are not fun! And I'm not a fan of those! I was only a wee babe when the major tornadoes hit in 1980...and other than that have never really 'survived' an actual tornado- but that's fine...because I completely understand how horrifying it must be! And would rather hope to never experience such a thing! Although, I have seen them from a distance and they are a sight to behold!

Alas...the lightning, thunder and dark grey skies...it all brings back memories from my childhood. We had this babysitter that would make us frosting and graham cracker sandwiches for a snack, give us a nice comfy quilt and let us sit under the covered porch on this huge wooden bench. We'd watch the storm, chatter and snack on scrumptious treats! We couldn't have been very old...I was maybe 5 or 6...but OH how I remember it! (and I'm pretty sure my brothers know exactly what I'm a talking about!) But that was the 80s- before there were so many 'rules and regs' to childcare/rearing. It may have even been before the whole seatbelt issue came up and I never used a car seat...but I digress!

I'll be back on Wednesday- then back out for the rest of the week enjoying some lovely family time at our little piece of heaven!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG! (revised)

The girls and I excitedly welcomed Spring in this morning at 6:44...a little anti-climatic due to the fact the sun wasn't quite up...but still- SPRING is officially here!

Spring break technically starts at 2:53pm today...I'm so excited! Partly because we'll have a semi-UNstructured week...and those are so nice! And partly because my kids are headed to GI town for a few days...which allows me to have a few grown-up days to myself! I've scheduled a few dr appts for those days- but still...I'll be childless for 48 hours! Such a nice break! A chance to re-charge my mommy battery!

Now don't get me wrong! I love having the kids home- chilling and having fun! We have such a fun-filled week planned! On the docket for this week (not necessarily in this order)
  1. Go to GI town
  2. Visit with the great-grandmas and great-great grandma
  3. We have two parties on the calendar (one just for the twins the other for the whole family)
  4. Movie
  5. Playdate with 'the boys'
  6. Go to Davey
  7. Work on the kids' fort
  8. Activity Days
  9. Piano
  10. Spend some time at the library
  11. Spring clean-up
  12. RELAX!
  13. HAVE FUN!
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

I thought I would post our inspiration for the girls fort:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hurry up already!

I can not emphasize how much I want the warmth of spring to officially be upon us! Spring officially arrives at 6:44 on Friday...but the weather lately has been teasing me with the notion that's its already here. I know! I know! I know!...we've had a late winter and we live in a state where snow for Easter is no big deal...but a girl can hope!

To celebrate this wondrous remedy to our cabin fever woes...our family has been indulging in rootbeer floats! Something about those refreshing little concoctions just screams- WARM SUNNY DAYS!

We've been using the generic rootbeer and vanilla icecream...but if you want a truly magical experience use Dairy Queen vanilla softserve and ice cold A&W rootbeer served in a frosty mug...HEAVENLY!

a good day

Yesterday was a pretty good day- everyone dressed in 'Kelly' green, paying homage to our Irish heritage, crazy beautiful weather with lots of sun and for me personally- a relatively low level pain day! And to top it off, I made a green and white St. Patty's day-inspired cake for dessert!

Here are a few pix I snapped of Pucca while we were waiting for twin's bus. She made this kite at school during free time and she was bound and determined to fly it- with out any alterations or help from me. I wonder where she gets her stubborn bullheaded ego from? hmmmm :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That pretty much explains my weekend! I won't go into alot of detail about what transpired, but it resulted in a trip to the emergency room, lots of pain killers and 'happy' pills.

Still feeling a bit "off"- but went a whole 24 hours with out needing any meds! Hooo-ray!

I'll be doing some physical therapy and beginning yoga to help in the mending process- thinking I can start that Thursday or Friday...

Just another bit of evidentiary proof that delivering a 10lb baby isn't so great for the body! (almost 6 years later...ughhh!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not falling far

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

This week was the food drive at the twins' school. This is a big event for the girls- something they talk about all year long! Since this is the girls last year- I assumed it would be a big deal!

I assumed RIGHT!

Kynna and Kwynn fully understand the food drive concept- bring food to donate to the community food bank- which is a place that helps people and families that can't afford food/groceries. The school has a little contest to see which grade can raise the most food. The food bank wins and the grade that brings the most wins a popcorn party- its all good!

This year however, the girls got a little competitive...and this motivation was nudging out the real purpose of the food drive- helping the less fortunate. It all came to head Wednesday night when I refused to go buy 500 cans of tomato paste (because they were on sale for 11 cents). Hysterics- attitude- crying- whining...it was crazy!

So John and I had a talk with the girls, explaining that some people depend on the food bank for groceries and how would you feel if we had to go there and get groceries- and all they had was tomato paste? Finally- they agreed and refocused. They came up with a game plan. They went around to our neighbors- collecting food. They called their grandmas and grandpas for monetary donations (which we went shopping with), they donated two weeks allowance (pucca even threw in some money), and Kynna did a calling tree- reminding her classmates to bring food.

Lastnight we went to the store and spent their donations on meals families could use. We spent probably a good hour going around the store shopping. It was a great experience- I think the kids learned some valuable lessons. One was the whole money and food thing...Kynna made the comment "Geez- food is expensive!" She couldn't even imagine having to buy groceries for a whole family.

The other lesson was putting other's needs above your own (buying food they needed...not just something super cheap that we could get alot of to win the contest) - and that succeeding in charitable endeavors requires work and effort. My mom and John's mom are stellar women- who give tons of time and energy to charitable causes. I was raised to act in the same way. Although, I am only involved in a few community non-profits- I still live each day with spreading kindness and being as charitable and helpful as I can. Its not considered charity unless you give something to make it happen (your time, money, energy etc). Its not supposed to be easy... it requires a conscious effort!

I think the girls are on the right path...they have awesome examples in their grandma's! I hope that someday they become as wonderful and selfless as our mothers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Always stuff to do!

Why is it that some days you feel like your constantly busy- but when you look at what still needs to be done- you just want to scream!? I feel like I'm on a stationary bike- going no where fast!

I have these lists (you know me and lists- LOVE THEM!)...grocery lists, daily to do lists, 'get done sometime this month' lists...ya get the picture.

My 'to do' list for today:

  • laundry (i think there's about 2 loads- so that's not too terrible)
  • vacuum (compliments of our sweet hairy dog)
  • go through the guest room closet (i started this yesterday- hopefully I'll get it finished today!)
  • go to store for chili ingredients (chili feed tomorrow night at church...I'm bringing vegetarian chili. And yes- I have a list for this too)
  • Activity Days (at my house- I don't have to teach this week, but there's still stuff to get ready)
  • blog (which I get to cross off- Wooohoooo! love crossing things off!)
  • drop some stuff off at Cedars
  • Read a couple chapters (I might be able to squeeze this in when I'm taxi-ing children around this afternoon...its amazing how much you can get done while waiting on kids during pick-up! I've paid bills, wrote thank yous, read, crocheted and planned (complete with lists) in those precious spare moments!
  • Take kids to store this evening (they are having a food drive at school...Kwynnie is in the leadership group running it. I'll post more on this tomorrow)
  • make dinner
  • shower (its sad that somedays I feel this has to go on the list- or it will go undone!)
Hoping to get most of this done during those wonderful child-free hours while the children are at school...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcoming nephew #7

Our newest addition to the Lewandowski clan is Benjamin Howard...my oldest brother's baby boy. He was born this morning in SLC and is welcomed by three brothers and one sister!

Welcome to family- little man!


We had a "semi" lazy-day weekend...I am such a fan of lazy-day weekends! Weekends where everyone sleeps in, we have pancakes sometime before noon, no one gets dressed until the afternoon (hanging out all day in our pajamas), not leaving the house, playing games and doing nothing together- and not worrying about getting the house cleaned! OH- I just love weekends like those!

This was not as superb, but close! On Sunday, we had a 'family movie'- we popped popcorn, poured our drink of choice (chocolate milk, ice water, lemonade or apple juice) and everyone found a cozy spot to veg out. The girls selected the movie- City of Ember...a book both of the twins had read. It kept us all interested and the girls really liked it- although if you asked Kwynnie she would tell you "it was vastly different from the book version." She cracks me up when she says things like that...she once used the word egregious (and used it correctly)- when I asked her what it meant, she said she didn't know exactly, but that it sounded good. :) silly kid

I love just hanging out as a family... those comfortable, informal, unplanned moments full of laughter and fun! Those moments that have you thinking life couldn't be more perfect than right now- in this moment. Fun times!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Random photo

I randomly chose a number...23- the first number being the folder and the second telling which photo...

so this is the third photo from the second folder in my iphoto app.

You could also choose a number in between 1 and however many photos you have. For example, I have 5268 photos in my photo app- so any number between 1 and 5268- then find that photo and post about it.

This photo was taken in 2004
This is my great-grandma, Pucca's great great grandma...one of the great ladies she named after. She's 97 years old- living in GI town! She's an amazing woman- she's been through and seen so much!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

birthday boy

Absolutely LOVE this photo...its so cute how everyone (his big brother, grandma and mom) is helping John blow out his birthday candle! John is another year older- which luckily is another year I've been able to admire, love, enjoy and respect him as a father and husband! Its strange to think we've almost been together 1/2 of our lives...

Love you, babe! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Remember these?

Still scanning pix from my youth when I came across this beauty! Oh, the memories! I loved playing in this contraption at the local park. Theres something highly enjoyable about climbing like a hamster in a giant wheel. Sometime around 1988 they disappeared, though. Could it have been the fact that your fingers would get pinched in between the slats every other time in went around? Or could it be that children (never me) would hold on to the outer edge as it was spinning and go completely end over end? A law suit just waiting to happen- what!? Parks just aren't what they used to be... Is that good or bad?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Growing up!

My babies are growing up- tooooooo fast! Tonight was 6th grade orientation at the twins' middle school. Oh the drama! I can tell its going to be a rough couple of years. Weight issues, boys, puberty, make up, cliques, being 'cool'...oh! the list just goes on and on!

The girls handled their first taste of adolescence quite well! The school is huge- which will be an adjustment. They'll need to learn the workings of combination locks and dress in gym clothes. Oh and I did I mention the cafeteria?! The food options are way out of control! Ice cream, snacks, chips, hot chocolate, cookies...oh and there's a salad bar some where. Craziness!

The whole time- I kept thinking...Thank goodness I never have to go back to middle school! UGH!!!

I know the girls will be great and do wonderfully...its just so gut wrenching to watch your babies grow up into little ladies!

me circa 6th grade


We made a day trip to GI town yesterday. Its only about 80 miles away- so an hour to an hour and a half...depending on the children's moods! :)

I was a passenger this trip (John drove both ways- which was very much appreciated by me!)

Thank goodness for electronics...the trip was nice and quiet!

BIRDS- it was crazy how many we saw... I guess they were mostly geese...but we're talking hundreds of thousands of them!

This photo is of us passing the York sign...since they kids were behaving and John was driving- I messed around with the camera.

This is Pucca and I chilling in the big red chair once we got home!