Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too much

A few nights ago Pucca cleaned her room all by herself. Which ends up being more of a chore for me. Why? you ask. because she's a girl- and girls have the tendency to want to decorate/clean- which is a far cry from actually cleaning up!

For example- Pucca loves to put her stuff on display! When she cleans her room every flat surface is filled with something or other- eventhough I've bought bins and baskets to contain the clutter. All of her purses, all of her necklaces, all of her 10 cent garage sale figurines- everything is on display.

Well, after the last cleaning I thought I finally got it through to her that we don't have to show off everything we own! That its nice for everything to have its place and be put away. She seemed to understand and readily agreed- she even helped put things in bins.

Later that night on my way to bed- I went into her room to shut of her night light and this is what I saw...

She collected every stuffed animal from her room and the play room and decorated her bed . It was so full there was barely enough room for her. She was all curled up at the bottom of the bed. I'm guessing I should have been more specific with my explanation.

Later that night, John and I heard a loud thump! John asked what that noise was and if the alarm was set. I rolled over and nonchalantly replied- "That was just Pucca falling off the bed. And yes the alarm is set."

After about another two minutes I decided to go in a check on her. She was in a daze, just sitting in the dark with this 'what the heck just happened' look on her face. Poor thing!

Needless to say- the fluffy little creatures are headed back to the play room and she's limited her bedside friends to 3.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bullies STINK

The twins are having bully issues at school. Not just affecting them- but other kids too. It just started getting personal a few weeks ago.

I'm a big fan of the 'walk away' method of dealing with it. Ignore and walk away. But this doesn't work real well when your being pestered on the bus ride home. The other complicated aspect of this whole situation is - that the 'bullies' used to be friends with the girls. So I'm not sure what's going on.

I do know rude words were spoken, insults were dealt out and its even gotten physical with some kids.

As a mother- I think these girls lack parental control and may even feel a little insecure about themselves. And by making others feel bad- it makes them feel good.

I'm acquainted with their parents and have felt compelled on more than one occasion to give them a call. My kids are handling it fine and do their best to ignore them. I do fear for the 'bullies' though- they too will be moving on to middle school next year. And they won't be the top dogs anymore...might be quite the adjustment for them.

On the way home from the bus stop yesterday, Kynna says "I was this close (indicating with her fingers) to calling them a bad name! This close! But I didn't. " I asked what she would have called them..."I don't know...I can't think of one, but it would have been really, really bad!" she replied.

I am so thankful there is only a 4-day week left of school!!! If this is what middle school girl relations is going to be like....someone save me! I had forgotten how mean girls can be!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogging class 101

I am writing this post from a blogging class which is being put on by the way too cool Deb and the way too fantastic Christy. They have started this new website tutorial business called Toolulu. ...where they are going to help all of us blogging novices create FANTABULOUS blogs along with tons of other things!

Here's Ms. Christy mugging up for my class photo. Such a sport!

These ladies are super talented...and I'm so happy for them! I wish them the best of luck with this new venture!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 years ago...

I've spent most of the day fighting a bloggers block. With the children finishing up school, softball starting, clubs, meetings and other commitments... I just haven't felt the creativity flowing. In fact, I don't think anything but sheer exhaustion is flowing around here!

My 'lists' keep getting longer...which is so not what they are supposed to be doing! Lists for groceries, lists for home projects, lists for gardening projects, lists of appts, events and all seems never ending.

Although, I did fix two drawer pulls today! YAY! They have been bugging me forever! And tonight I'm going to work on my mending...YES, mending! Pucca has a few stuffed animals that have seen better days and John needs a button sewn on.

I'm sure you're wondering why these little things would conjure up such feelings of accomplishment- well, its because the little things are the easiest to push off. And some have been on my lists for crossing them off oozes satisfaction!

In a long drawn out round about way- this leads me to my post for today. This photo was taken 6 years ago exactly. I remember this day too. It was in our rental house on 48th, Kwynn refused to put a shirt on- which was probably for the best...she was eating chocolate icecream. (note the evidence around her mouth!)

Kynna was just wearing a shirt (no pants- not sure why...just one of those 'feel like not wearing pants today' days I'm sure!) and pucca was in her third onsie of the day. I did manage to get the girls hair done- which seemed at the time like a huge accomplishment. So as soon as John got home from work- I had him snap a photo of our three little darlings.

Crazy how 6 years later...I'm still loving the satisfaction that comes from completing such little mundane tasks!

So for all you out there who have completed a tiny somewhat insignificant task today- a chore that won't effect the grand design in even the slightest way....YAY! Give yourself a pat on the back and find the enjoyment in the little things!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

The children asked us Friday evening, What exactly is Memorial Day? So we decided the best way to show and explain the importance this holiday - was to make a quick trip to GI town.

We drove to GI town, stopped at a store, bought some flowers and made bouquets tied up with ribbon. We visited family...some the kids have never known- having passed before they were born. Some I'd never met, but I have heard stories about them. Its so important for the girls to know their heritage and the wonderful people adorning our family tree.

Stories were shared at each grave, we explained the flags and crosses marking the veteran graves and why its important to pay respect to these special people.

We finished the day off by stopping at John's great aunt and uncle's graves. John's great uncle holds a special place in my heart. He was a one of kind I wished I'd had longer to know. The 7 short years I knew him were far from being enough.

When we were at the grave, the girls helped me clean the dead grass clippings from around the base and pull a few weeds. I knelt down in front with Pucca, as Kynna laid the flowers, thinking of all the wonderful memories I had. I couldn't help but smile. I probably would have broke down in tears if John hadn't lovingly squeezed my shoulders as Pucca held my hand. It was a nice moment of reflection and a perfect way to end the trip.

We all quietly walked back to the car, loaded up and belted ourselves in. The feeling of contentment, peace and love was almost one said a thing. Then as we begin to pull away...we are blinded with this (it was a whole lot worse when he was digging around in his trunk for 5 minutes...maybe it was a good thing I couldn't quit laughing long enough to turn the camera on until it was almost too late...sure did save you all from a lovely sight!)

an eruption of giggles and laughter explodes- so loud...that John rolled up the windows so we wouldn't seem disrespectful.

You know how it is when the moment gets so heavy with emotion that you know some type of manifestation of feeling is going to show itself any minute...then in a split second that emotion flips a 180...that release of laughter is what we all needed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just the fam

(I was on the computer in the guest room and John came in and laid down on the bed to talk with me. I finished up what I was doing and went and laid down next to him. Pretty soon Pucca squeezes in between us. Then the twins come in and make themselves comfortable and join in the conversation. And before I could roll over and grab the camera, Ms. Emma found her own spot- she wasn't about to be left out of the 'family meeting'. )

We are so excited about this weekend! No big plans...just hanging out together...but that's when we have the most fun! The girls have a bday party, pucca has a playdate, we have a bbq to attend on Sunday and the rest of the time is dedicated to lovely relaxation! Probably some yard work too, but that's not so bad- at least I'll get a little sun-kissed hue going on!

This summer is going to be crazy these relatively UN-BUSY weekends are much appreciated!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day at camp

Kwynn's in the front row to the right of the girl with tan pants. And Kynna is in the very back with an orange hat on. Both really wanted to wear their Kelly Supply hats...John asked them several times if they were sure, we have other hats...but no. Kelly Supply it was! Kynna's response "Besides, not everyone has their name on a hat!" Too cute!

A fifth grade right of passage, here in our city, is being able to attend a day camp at Camp Kitaki. My mom and I went along as parent volunteers. My mom was a group leader and I helped man the first aid station...which I am happy to report we only had one injury the whole day! And as it so happens...that injury was to my child, Kynna, and I was with her when it happened. We were walking the trail down to the lake and she tripped over a root and landed with her knee on a rock. Bruised and banged up- but fine!

The day ended up being super fun! Here are a few pix of the activities...

The Zipline... Kynna was first to volunteer- such a brave girl! Kwynn was a little hesitant, she ended up being last but she went through with it! Which is saying alot for her! She's not one to be talked into anything. If she's set against doing something- then that's it, she's set and she's not changing her mind! I was proud of the both of them!

Archery...very cool! Both girls did great and it was good for them to try something new. They were in a group with a girl who is going to do archery in the state games... she was good! But it was also neat for the kids to watch another kid doing it...made the notion seem a little more feasible.

Fishing...we (Kynna, Kwynn and I) didn't catch anything, but alot of the kids did! Our group didn't rotate to the lake until later in the was hot and the kids were tired. But they still managed some smiles and laughter!

Canoeing... They took a few spins around the lake. It was really windy so it took some real effort. I started to seriously wonder if Kwynn's boat was going to make it back. They would paddle for awhile and drift, paddle for a while and drift. But they made it!

Here's the group the twins were in...Group 5!

I went to this same Camp when I was kid...two summers I think. That was 18 years ago...and some of it is still the same! It was strange how much I ja vuish almost.

We made a full report of the day's happenings to John and Pucca. Pucca is super excited and can't wait to go! I'm so glad its in a few years, because it was a long, hot and tiring day! I may just need that long to recover!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little visitor

We had a little one visit us last week. It was mighty big fun! She's such a sweetie to watch and Pucca just adores her.

A couple of things I noticed:

  • She talks a lot for a two year old! ALOT! Super smart kid!
  • She doesn't mind getting her hair done. I combed and pulled and fashioned a snazzy little side pony tail with an elastic band- and she didn't move once or say a word. She sat there sweet as could be. Pucca just watched her in awe- she wishes she never had to comb her hair- which is why its kept short! :) Smart, huh!
  • She listens to Pucca. Pucca would tell her how to play or what to do- and she was so ready and willing to comply. Which pleased Pucca to no end! I think it must be nice being the older one on occasion.
  • She calls all the girls in the house 'AUDRA'. Which I was already suspecting, but it was funny trying to figure out which 'Audra' she wanted. By the end of the day- we all looked over at her when she called.
We ran around the front yard- falling/rolling down the grassy hill proved to be too much fun! We played dollies and had a little snack picnic on the front porch.

It was fun having a little one around. Even John was sweet to watch as he interacted with her! And if you can't tell- my mommy clock is tick tick ticking right along...and quite loudly too! I thought visits like these would make me happy to know I have three self-sufficient children- to be done with the diapers and bottles and constant care. I'm beginning to wonder though.

Because even though I AM glad to be done with that part of raising children and onto the puberty adolescent drama every second years...its left me wondering if that want for cuddly little soft skinned innocence to nurture and to love- will ever actually go away...I wonder- Does it? I hope to goodness it does or at least fades...Not sure how many more girls my husband can handle! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

busy week- will it ever change?

This week is super full of appts, practices, a day camp, meetings and more.

Its still a week away...but I can't wait for this weekend! An extra day will make it all the more sweet!

Instead of boring you with things I HAVE to do this week...I'm going to list things I WISH I were doing this week!

  • Getting a tan...I know skin cancer is a serious thing, but so are my blindingly white legs! NO JOKE! I bet the astronauts at the space station could pin point my location if I wore shorts! Scary stuff!
  • Reading a really good book...I've hit a bad patch with books lately. Which has in turn forced me to steal Pucca's ds in an effort to make the high score in every game option of Zoo Keeper. A lofty goal indeed...and I was sure this would take weeks, but NO. two days in and mission complete. Bummer. Back to the bookshelves I go.
  • No laundry. I'm not going to bore you with reasons why- its pretty self explanatory.
  • Visiting friends. I would probably need actual friends to accomplish this, but one can always hope! Being such a homebody has its definite draw backs- but there is something simplistically wonderful about having a few super close friends! But I'm getting better!
  • Vacation...or even staycation- I'm not picky! Staycation is this wonderful idea of staying in your town and enjoying it through the eyes of a tourist. Get a sweet hotel room, shop and see the town! Sounds like fun!
Well- this actually starting to make me loath the upcoming week- so I'll stop now!

Wickedly Superb!

Yesterday I went to see Wicked with some friends...and OH MY GIDDY AUNT was it GOOD!

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

I'm so rewatching the original Wizard of OZ...just to get the full effect! I am so in love with Glenda...Ga-linda...whichever you prefer! She was so stinkin hilarious!

It was great fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

goofy girl

I have to share with you a funny little moment from our walk to school today.

Pucca and I were walking to school per our usual route. This morning was a little chilly and in an effort to keep warm- she would run ahead to the end of the block and hop around like a monkey. Now that's not the funny part...unless you consider the fact that's a fairly typical 'Pucca' behavior to be funny.

Of course I didn't run...but that would have been funny too! :) On about the fourth block I notice she's stopped and looking at something on the sidewalk. I don't think much of it as I'm walking towards her- because this child collects every leaf, rock and stick she can find.

When I finally get to her- she puts her arms out like a traffic cop and says in a deep voice "Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Just a bird turd. Eyes forward. Keep moving." Complete with the hand signals as she waved me passed.

I get passed her she quickly falls into stride with me and walks quietly. As if no big deal. I couldn't help but laugh and smile. She is the craziest kid! I can't believe I'm even surprised anymore with the things that spill out of that child's mouth!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thinking of summer!

I can't seem to get summer off my mind! I so desperately want to be able to sleep in (which is 7:30-8am around here), go to the zoo, go on walks, picnics, swimming, go to the lake, spend time at Davey and get some sun on my pasty appendages...ahhhhh- summer!

In special reference to my sunshiney anticipation...I'd like to share with you a short story Kynna wrote about a summer experience.

My Day at the pool

This personal narrative is about my awesome day at the pool.

The day was hot and it burned my feet when I walked on the cement. I slid into the pool; I was hopping for ice-cold water but got the warm water. It was sticky, warm, and felt like hot Jell-O. My mom said, “ I used to swim in cold water because the heater didn’t work!” Right about now that felt good.

I loved the pool except for the … high dive.
I’d been scared of it since kindergarden when Kwynn did a belly flop off the high dive. It scared me half t death. All because of my cousin Anthony. He dared Kwynn to belly flop off it and , Splash she learned not to do that again.

Now, Anthony wanted to dare me, I wasn’t going to do a belly flop and that was that! But instead, he came up and said,” How about a jump?”. I was shocked but I wasn’t going to say that. I said a little shaky,“ Sure.” I walked over to the high dive and inched up the ladder and slowly went to the end of the board. “ Jump!” Anthony yelled. I trusted him and counted down five, four, three, two ina half, two, one. Splash! My head slowly came up. I did it! The scaredy cat kid jumped off the high-dive! Once I jumped I got addicted and kept jumping.

In the end I faced my fear and learned to trust my cousin all in the same day. Written by McKynna Kelly

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good times

We spent this last weekend in GI town. My brother and his family were
back in town it was nice to see everyone. It was great having the cousins together!

The weekend was full of laughs and funny little incidents that wouldn't be as funny if I retold them- because you really had to be there!

But there is one funny moment I can share... Mom and I were heading back to the hotel to meet up with my brother, his wife, John and the kids. We're walking past the pool, and mom casually says "Geez, the hotel must be busy this weekend- look at how full the pool is!"

It was LOUD, full of kids, balls flying everywhere, "Daddy, catch me!" here and "CANNONBALL!" there...but when we looked a little closer we noticed that the only people in the pool were our family! 8 cousins (age ranging from 10 to 2 months) and three adults...the pool was busy indeed!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

I can't think of a better way to spend this weekend...than with all these lovely ladies! I love you all! Your love, compassion and character are helping shape my daughters into wonderfully special young women! (Not to mention all the ways you've helped me grow!) Thank you!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May Day in review

Love. Love. Love May day! I do! I do!

Something about cute little treats, crafty little containers and basically playing Ding Dong Ditch and it being perfectly ok!

So much fun! This year was no different!

I went to lunch with the twins...their school has a May Day grill out every year. The student band from a near by middle school comes and performs. You picnic out on blankets...its really alot of fun.

After school we started our delivery run. My mom was in town so she came along. I was completely organized with a predetermined route and everything. The first few houses went perfectly...most likely because people weren't home yet.

At one house the parents were doing yard work...which made the sneaking part kind of difficult. Kynna did a good job. She made it up to the door all sneaky like, rang the door bell and ran away as fast as she could. With the parents just staring at her the whole time. They looked completely confused and kept looking at each other then back at Kynna then back at each other. I wonder if they knew what Kynna was doing!?

Another house was located on a busy street.. and since it was getting to be rush hour on a Friday... I had to drop Kwynnie off a block away, she had to wait for the cross walk and I had to park a few blocks down. The house is gated so it took a while for her to find her way in and make it to the front door. After 5 minutes I had to send Kynna out to make sure Kwynn was ok...eventually they both came running back to the van. mission complete.

We only got lost once. Yay!

Technically no one caught us, but it was close on the last house. It was the same person from last year that nearly caught us. So this year we were prepared. Stealth mode. I flip the van around so that we can make a quick escape. Kwynnie runs up to the door, and just as she's about to ring the doorbell - this wild banshee comes running across the street yelling "I caught you Kwyyyynnnnniiee!" I mean YELLING!

It was the funniest thing.
Kwynn takes off running (I don't even think she knew where she was going) and the girl went chasing after her. Kwynn's screaming, as if her life is in jeopardy, as they run circles around the van and through front yards. Finally the girl gave up. Kwynn high tailed it back to the van...waving with a huge exhausted smile from the back seat as we drove away. (The girl was playing at a friend's across the street and saw us flip a u-ey)

After almost 2 hours of making deliveries in rush hour traffic on a Friday evening...I was spent! We went out for dinner and then hung out on the front porch watched the kids ride their bikes and enjoyed some rootbeer floats.

It was a good day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Nerding Out

Last week one evening- the girls were nicely playing together in the playroom, and John and I were relaxing in the family room. The tv was set to the evening news, John was on the laptop and I was curled up with a book. Peace. Quiet. Perfection.

John looked at me and said "You know what this is called, don't you?"

"What?!" I asked in bewilderment.

"Its called nerding out" he answered with a smile.

At first I was shocked- Nerds? way! I insisted he explain.

There's a guy that works in the same office as John keeping his identity secret to protect the innocent! :) Him and his wife often find themselves on the couch, each with their laptops and the tv tuned into some mundane channel providing a background of white noise. His friend calls this NERDING OUT.

Hmm....I thought about that for a couple of days. More and more, John and I are finding ourselves in that same position. The kids are in bed...he's working on the laptop...I'm reading in my big comfy chair and the tv is on something.

I've come to realize that I just like being near my husband. We're usually not even on the same piece of furniture, but there's something about being in the same room, each enjoying our own thing, being comfortable with the silence between us and finding contentment.

Discovering this realization has led me to one conclusion...nerding out it is!

Speaking of nerds...John and I stayed up late last weekend watching the Nerds movies...pretty darn funny!