Thursday, August 30, 2007

Off to Mahoney State Park

This weekend is the big annual get together with my side of the family. Just my mom, my brothers and their families - but trust me that's enough to cause chaos and mayhem!

My mom rents two big cabins right next to each other. There are no real set cabins- you just find a bed and stake a claim. The kids love being with the cousins, sleeping in tents and having sleep overs in the cabins. They go exploring in the woods and bring back all types of interesting stuff. We play cards and argue. Actually just my brothers and I argue/fight. I think it has something to do with how we grew up... not sure. But its basically our version of communication - which is completely crazy. Especially for our spouses...all they can do is hang on for the ride.

Usually there are no big plans- just a long weekend to do nothing, hang out and enjoy family. There is alot to do at Mahoney- if you so desire. This year we are taking all the kids to Husker Nation for the game and the guys (John and my brothers) are going to the game on Saturday. Then on Sunday we are going to the waterpark/pool at Mahoney. Hope it warms up some more!

Those are the plans- I'll let you know how it goes...if we all survive!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All the colors of the rainbow...

As you all know... I am a tad impatient. I am ready for a change - I have changed my eating habits, started going on walks (planning to do it very morning this fall) and cutting down on tv time.

All of things are great and will do wonders for me- I have no doubt. But I needed something immediate to commemorate this period of change. So I decided to color my hair.

I started on Saturday morning and I was hoping for medium brown. It ended up a BRIGHT auburn color. And I mean bright- Carrot Top would have been envious!

So Saturday afternoon- I tried an ash brown. I had read that ash mutes any underlying golden tones in your hair. Well- it ended up black. Not dark brown- but black with a maroon tint. Corynn called it dark purple.

So then Sunday morning I tried a dark blond color... thinking it would lighten it up. I didn't leave it on the entire 25 minutes- I was afraid what would happen if I did. As we were waiting - John and the girls were taking bets on what color it would be this time. Kind of funny! John was betting on bald- coloring your hair with cheap over the counter hair dye can't be that great for your locks! Sad thing is- is that at this point I would have been happy with bald!

When I washed it out... it was a little lighter and the purple hue was gone. It was more golden but still too dark for me.

One more time! On Monday night, I used a highlighting kit and streaked my hair. Once again, didn't leave it on the whole time. Turned out pretty good- definitely added some color!

Then last night I gave myself a little trim.

After all that- its still not the color I want, but its one both John and I can live with... until I get bored again...hmmmmmm.

it looks really dark in the pix... but its not. Hard to get good pix with the mac camera.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Corynn's Big Day

Today was Corynn's first day of preschool back at Montessori. She attended last year as well. She was really excited - until she got there and found out that Ms. Cindy (her teacher) had switched rooms. She didn't understand and thought that she was getting a new teacher and started to freak out. The cling-to-my-leg-until-I-almost-fall-over type of freak out. But Ms. Kristen (the assistant teacher) pried her away and all was well by the time I picked her up!

She made sure I took a picture...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ok- its official.....I am going crazy!

The day started off normal enough. Woke up, showered, put in a load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, let Emma out, woke up the girls, made lunches, took trash to the curb, fed Kayin, got breakfast out, woke up Corynn, got her dressed, fixed everyone's hair, switched laundry to dryer and then loaded everyone into the van for school. Just like every other day!

But today- on the way to school, we got stuck in traffic near Normal and 56th. We usually miss it, but we were running just a few minutes later than usual. As I sat in traffic, I looked at this beautifully landscaped yard with nicely manicured trees and shrubs and bright green grass. The flowers were still beautiful and vibrant- AND THEN THERE IT WAS! One of my biggest annoyances! A volunteer tree was sprouting out of bush!!!! Now I know what you are thinking- YEP you are crazy!

But bare with me and let me explain. What annoys me about volunteer trees is when there is just one lone tree sprouting in a place it doesn't belong. Its like the stray eyebrow hair that wandered out of line. Or the chocolate smudge on a child's face. Or a weed growing in your yard. You just want to pick it and fix it!

As I sat there I seriously started to wonder if I should carry my clippers in my van so that I could get these rogue saplings- because its obvious no one else will. And its only the single volunteer trees that annoy me. My neighbor has one growing out their hostas and its like four feet tall. How hard is it to clip the stupid thing- SNIP! drag to trash! DONE! And its especially annoying when the yard is beautiful and obviously well cared for except for this one tree. Its like they missed the five foot tall volunteer sprouting out of the mums. RIGHT!? How can you miss that!

WELL- after writing this blog and having a little DrP. I have calmed down and come to my senses. I am crazy and/or have a serious case of OCD-type 2 (I have actually looked this up and its the variant type of OCD that causes a person to have everything in line, needing things to be in equal numbers, perfectly straight rows, very organized- not so much the cleaning part of OCD- just the THIS IS HOW IT HAS TO BE part) And some of you just thought I was controlling- nope, it may be a disease! :O)

Then again- it might be that I have tried to give up soda. I quit cold turkey on Sunday and then broke down on Wednesday night. Then I decided just caffeine free soda- which I think are responsible for the headaches and psychosis! Which would fit- since I came to my senses after having a DrP!! hmmmmm....

Anyway my final thought...

Kids, Just say no to Soda! or you may become a clipper-wilding obsessive compulsive! :o)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nine Years

Nine years ago- John and I had a busy summer! He moved back from college, I graduated, we had the twins and got married! Alot for a young couple to deal with! We have had our ups and downs. At one point we had pretty much decided to go our separate ways. But something changed, we both grew up, admitted we were wrong and decided to make it work. Almost immediately after agreeing to make the marriage work- we found out we were pregnant again- no pressure or anything! :)

It was the best thing that could of happened to us and our marriage is the best its ever been. Last night I had an emotional break down and needed someone to talk too. I let loose on John- half way expecting him to tell me I was overreacting and to just let it go. Even if I was - I didn't want him to tell me that- I needed him to tell me it would be ok. He did one better- he said exactly what I wanted to hear, what I needed to hear! I love him dearly! He truly is my best friend!

Happy anniversary! I know its a little early- but things always get crazy over the holiday weekend- love ya...more!
New Cousin- Ryan Patrick

My sister-in-law had her baby on Tuesday. He was born around 12:14pm and was 7lbs 8oz. Not sure on length but since he is a Kelly - I am guessing around 20 or 21 inches. Corynn was 23 1/4 inches - which is almost two feet at birth! I didn't realize it until I was looking at her baby book the other day. I don't have any real pictures of the baby- but will post them as soon I get some.

Congrats- Luke and Amy

Monday, August 20, 2007

Are you kidding me?!

My friend was here picking up her baby when Corynn comes running into the room yelling - There's a snake in my closet!!!!!!! Get it OUT!

I tried to calm her down- and told her it was just a toy! Because there is NO WAY I would have a real snake in my house! But it wasn't really working.

As soon as Jess left- Corynn pulled me by the hand into her room. From the bedroom doorway, she pointed to the closet and said, "Its in there!"

"Where 'in there'?"

"Ugh, Mom! Just use my light and pull the cord all the way so it reaches the closet and look in the back.. The waaaayyy back"

"ok ok"

I reach behind the foot locker in the bottom of the closet and pull out....

a shoe!

Then I find a little horse. "There is nothing in here, Corynn!"

"oh yes there is! A snake- and a good mom would find it and take it away!"

The guilt trips are starting already!
So I look again and low and behold there is a snake! A tiny itty bitty plastic snake. I hold it up and ask her if this is it- she's now hiding in the bathroom at this point. So I open the bathroom door and show her that I have it- She responds by letting out a horrific scream and then slams the door shut on my hand. As my hand is being crushed in the door - I accidentally drop the snake inside the bathroom. She freaks out- backs up into the shower curtain over the side of the bathtub and the shower curtain rod then comes crashing down on top of her. She is, of course, screaming the whole time.

What was all of this about?

This tiny itty bitty piece of plastic. kids! (me rolling my eyes)
Sights and Sounds from the First Day of School

let the craziness begin!

"Are you really going to wear that? Those shorts sooooooooo do not go with that shirt! Even Puka would know that!"

(neither would give in so they both ended up wearing same shirt. I know it wasn't because they both liked the shirt- it was just to spite the other one. Twins are just so lovely at times! :D )

"I have to wear my gym shoes for PE today- do they really go with this outfit or should I wear my sandals and bring my running shoes in backpack? beacause I can and it would be alright!"

"OK, mom, your right! I think its time for a bra!"

Kwynn was running around trying to find her chapter books. That girl won't leave the house unless she has something to read. When I asked her why she needed three books for the first the day of school - she said, "I am reading all of them. When one gets a little boring- then I switch to the next one." She looked just like Nancy (my mother-in-law) when she said that! So cute!
McKynna: "You know how she is about her books" complete with eye roll!

Despite everything- this morning went really well. Its amazing how kids just fall back into routines. The girls even made their own lunches- which was nice!

Kwynn was a little anxious last night and couldn't sleep- but I am sure she'll feel better after experiencing the first day. She's always been the more emotional one.
The mommy moment of the morning: I wanted to take their picture- like I always do on the first day. And they gave me the "ohhhhhhh mommmmmmmm!" Then when I dropped them off at school- I thought I would go up with them and take a few pics with them and their friends. They instantly nixed that idea - I didn't even make it out of the car and they were off mingling. They just grow up too darn fast!

Friday, August 17, 2007

New Cousin en route!!!

John's brother and his wife are expecting baby #2 any day now! We have all known about this baby since the announcement last Christmas- so it has been a super long wait! I am one who hates to wait (the whole no patience thing!). Its another boy- so she is pretty much set- but its always fun to spoil the new baby. In trying to find some great gifts, I have stumbled across some of these websites that I just have to share!

and my all time favorite- ( I am definitely buying some of these for my new nephew for Christmas!!!!!!)

Here are some of the latest pix of the 'cousins' before the new one arrives.

Hurry on up little Ryan Patrick- we can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Customer Complaint

We took Emma to get her usual bath and brush at Pet Co on south 56th last Friday. I had all three girls plus the baby I watch when I dropped Emma off. Trying to get her in the place was crazy! She kept resisting and running in circles around me with the leash. I was already stressed so I thought I was just over-reacting. We picked her up two hours later and she looked BEAUTIFUL! And even had little blue bows in her hair.

I immediately noticed she was more somber than usual. She didn't really want to be part of the family. When she didn't run to meet John at the door- we started to suspect something wasn't right. At first we thought she was sick or ate something she shouldn't have. So we let her be for the night.

But it continued all weekend. She would just lay in her kennel (the door was open) and wouldn't let any of us touch her and yelped when John tried to brush her or pet her back. She couldn't sit and wouldn't eat much. We were really worried. We thought maybe she was put with another dog while being groomed and got beat up - or that they were rough with her or restrained her too tight. So John called on Sunday and talked to both the store manager and grooming manager. Both said that there were no incidents and it was noted she was a sweet dog.

I finally called yesterday when she still hadn't come out of her funk. It was obvious they had hurt her and she was sore. The call started out nice until I lost it and yelled when they offered us free grooming- uhhhhhhhh! I am pretty sure you hurt my dog and you think I am going to bring her back to you??? NO thanks!

Finally tonight she let us pet her- and while doing so we noticed scabs all over her chest, neck and back. Tiny pussy scabs where hair had been ripped out. Some were still oozing. I cannot tell you how upset I was.

A little while ago my anger turned to concern. So I will end up calling Petco again tomorrow and telling them- at least so they can watch the groomer who cared for Emma. And I am also telling everyone I know- the whole experience stunk!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


John just received his anniversary and Christmas gifts all in one shot last week. He has been ranting and raving about wanting a security system. I have never felt the need- our neighborhood is super safe and has virtually no crime. But we are traveling more and accumulating more valuables. Plus we were recently screwed over by a contractor we hired to put in an egress window. He took our money and ran. He is self employed and his references checked out just fine. But I guess you just never know...

Anyway we are taking him to small claims court... basically suing him. And I was a little freaked out about retaliation or something. So I gave into John's wanting of the security system last week when he asked again. Its nice and gives me a piece a mind. Especially at night when John is away on business. Plus we get a discount on home insurance. Hopefully it will also add value when it comes time to sell- but in the mean time, I am happy we got it!
Its been such a busy week!!!!!

A friend of mine from highschool just moved back to Lincoln from Chicago. She is teaching for LPS and just had a baby- that's her! A little girl and she doesn't really know of any good daycares that she could get into right away- and this being their first baby- are very protective! So I offered to watch her and I started last week. Its not really hard- just different! My kids are so self sufficient- its hard getting back into the baby routine.

She is a great baby and it gives us a chance to feel out potentially having another child with out actually committing! Which is kind of nice!

The girls are anxiously awaiting school! One more week!!!! And this week should go by fast! We are super busy with a zoo function, open house at the school, watching the baby, soccer practice and the girls have a party Friday night. Then Saturday is Kynna's first soccer game- its a morning game... thank goodness! But some of her games are at 2pm - ughhh! Poor girl! Its good she loves the sport!

Summer is almost over...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Favorite Season

I was reminded several times today why FALL is my most favorite season.

1. I was reminded how much I love the cool crisp autumn weather and northern breezes when I opened the door to let Emma out this morning (6:30 am) and almost passed out. It was already 82 degrees with 68 percent humidity.

2. Preseason NFL was on tonight- I am a football fanatic! Predominantly Husker football- but have fallen into NFL when Husker isn't available. Fall is full of weekend football parties and tailgating nights with the girls! Super fun! Not to mention watching all the games! College ball on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays and Mondays!

3. School is in session- the girls are going crazy and so am I. We desperately need school to start. Today was particularly bothersome. Fall brings nice quiet days with kids at school!

4. Fun outdoors. I really wanted to take Emma to the dog park and help Kynna with her soccer skills- but it is just too hot and sticky. I am ready to go in after just 10 minutes. The kids beg to play outside- then I let them and they are coming back in - in less than 15 minutes with bright red faces and dripping with sweat. In the fall we can all go out in the backyard or to the dog park and have fun as a family. We are starting daily family walks with Emma around the neighborhood. It will become more routine when the weather cools a little.

5. Plants- I looked outside at my sun burnt grass and withering flowers and was reminded how much I love fall and the mums. It reminds me of our wedding- we were married outside Labor Day weekend. Nine years next month (awwwwwwwww!)

6. Halloween- I just received a catalog for Halloween party supplies. I love making Halloween costumes and planning Halloween parties for the girls and their friends. I also love going to the pumpkin patch, picking out pumpkins, having bon fires and making smores!

7. Thanksgiving...I saw a yummy recipe for a grilled Thanksgiving dinner. Cooking everything outside on grills and fire. And I was reminded how much I love being with family. Or maybe just the idea of being together with the whole family! I love my in-laws and being with them. I also love my mom and grandparents! Spending time with them is awesome! I love my brothers and their families- its just things get a little unstable when we are all together.

--- Psychological interpretation of #7: I never really had the whole family together in harmony when I was growing up. It was just us three kids and my mom. She did her best with what she had- and it was great! But we weren't close to any extended family. And my brothers and I fight... I mean FIGHT! We just like to argue and we know how to hit each others buttons. Not to mention we are never wrong about anything... so you can see why we argue so much! And I don't even think we mean to argue- it just inevitably happens... every time! That being said- I think I am trying to compensate for the family traditions I lacked as a child. Still not sure if its family or the idea of a harmonious family gathering- either way I like Thanksgiving for that reason!
Little Miss CleanerCorynn spent many hours... yes hours... outside at my mom's sweeping off her deck. No one asked her to do it- she just decided that it needed to be done and headed on out.

Sweeping is not all she does either! She also pulls weeds, rinses and dries dishes, dusts and is quite handy with the dust buster. Now why is it she is ready and willing to do all this and the twins have to be bribed??? I am thinking I better take full advantage of the "mommy's little helper' stage before she outgrows it!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

These are some of my favorite pix from our week in GI town...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Way back when....

The girls and I are still in GI town. We are staying at my mom's house- she is out of town on business. So the girls and I have the house to ourselves. We got home from dinner with my grandparents about 8pm- and immediately became bored. The girls have been here for a week and a half... and by now have played with all the 'fun stuff' gma owns. So I went with Corynn to find some stuffed animals in my old bedroom. My 'old' bedroom is pretty much exactly how I left it when I moved out ten years ago. My bulletin board is still up with all my friends school pictures, some of my swimming ribbons, a balloon on a stick that I received from a secret admirer in 8th grade (which is still inflated- by the way!!) and a few bunches of dried roses that John gave me before he left for college. Not to mention all of my stuffed animals- which were put up on a shelf when I was 8 and really had been touched until the twins came along.

Corynn couldn't find anything she liked so I started looking through the dressers and I found a photo album. It was a photo album that I had put together for a YW project. It spanned three years (1993-1996) of my teenage experience. I had so much fun going through it with the girls and showing them pictures of a younger me and their uncles and grandparents. There was a photo of me with a boy at a dance and the girls nearly passed out when they realized it wasn't their dad. I had to explain it was before I met John- they were just too funny... shaking their heads in disgust!

I was in gymnastics and tap when I was Corynn's age- and I found some of my old costumes from my recitals. Corynn put a few on- it was too cute!

As I was looking through the pictures, I found myself wishing I could go back and do it all over with what I know now. I was so insecure in jr. highschool. I can't believe that now- how could I have been so quiet and shy. I became more outspoken in highschool- but those pictures just brought back those memories of jr high- crazy how pics can do that!

Its fun to walk down memory lane and remember what you thought was important (oh and the lovely early 90s hairstyle with the big bangs! Gotta love that!) Things change so much in 14 years- yet so much stays the same ... like my room :o) !