Thursday, April 30, 2009


This week has been a little overwhelming for me.

Pucca has officially peaked in her quest for almighty 'diva'- ness (so not a word...I know! but I'm not really caring at this point!) Attitude, sassiness and a million of those little annoying things like eyerolling, shrugging, glaring, walking away while your talking to her, etc. I love her- I really do! But sometimes I swear she wakes up in the morning and the only thing on her to-do list is ANNOY mom beyond the point of sanity!

She's becoming quite proficient!

Sick kids- yuck! (pucca last week, Kwynnie this week)

Dr appts. filling out paperwork. waiting, complaining. waiting. complaining. finally seeing the dr. more whining. more complaining.

school things.

planting my backyard oasis. not finding the plants I wanted. having to settle. attempting a patio garden with some veggies. mad because I couldn't find the right variety of zucchini. stupid birds attacking my sliding glass door. wondering if my man will buy me a pellet gun?

Rain. a little too much for me. i don't like mud. wish the sun would come back out to play.

May day. spent two hours making our goodies. ended up with 22. some are being delivered at school, but still have to deliver 15 of them to houses. wonder how long that's going to take? definitely setting a friend limit next year!

Big weekend plans. not really. just hanging with John and the girls. family time. cleaning. possibly a trip to the farmer's market.

I will be so glad when this week is officially over! Next week has to be better, right!?

Seriously GOOD!

Here's the recipe from last week's 'earthy' muffins! I still haven't come up with an official name for them, but the girls now call them Everything muffins...

"Everything Muffins"

4 c whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
2 c brown sugar (loosely packed)
1 can (15 oz) pumpkin (not pie filling)
1 1/2 c milk
1/4 canola oil
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla

1 c raisins
1 c shredded carrots
1 c crushed walnuts
1 c oatmeal

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix until just combined. Then stir in the EXTRAS by hand until mixed through. Fill muffin tins close to the top (these are hearty and don't rise much).Bake for 15 minutes (8-10 minutes for mini muffins) Makes about 3 dozen regular sized muffins

I've toyed around with substituting honey rather than brown sugar- but don't have it quite perfected yet...


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of my babies is sick today...the yucky kind of sick that is such a joy to be awakened by! UGH!

Today's list looks a little like this:

lysol- check
gatorade- check
laundry- (in the washer now)
crackers- check

I made her a lovely bed on the couch with some sheets and a throw. She's snuggled up with her pillow watching a movie and holding her 'bowl'...just incase!

Poor thing!

I really hope its just something she ate...although she didn't eat much at dinner last night...maybe its the flu....maybe its the swine flu? Probably not- but I think I'm falling victim to the mass hysteria culminating from the media frenzy surrounding the ensuing pandemic. Maybe our family should be a the Caribbean!

Snapping back into reality now- time to play nurse maid super mom!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Earth Day has us all focusing on the planet and its precious put it more in perspective for the girls- we've talked about the awesomeness that surrounds us everyday here where we live. Here are some pix from our personal photo library of the beauty we are blessed with everyday!

The sunsets in NE are amazing...cotton candy clouds and colors you'd never believe existed in nature!

Storms...we have spectacular storms in NE. They can develop out of nowhere. This pic was taken over Memorial Day one year. We had spent the day at the beach enjoying the sun...this sprang up in the early evening. It only lasted 15 minutes, crazy lightening, wind and hail- then we had the sunset in the photo above! Yep- that's Nebraska!

I like the snow! Sledding, snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels...although the blowing snow can be a bit of bugger while traveling in the plains. I consider it an even trade!

We have a few lakes in NE, some reservoirs (there is a difference) alot of sandpits and of course the river! Each brings its own fun and adventure for the family.
 of the best advantages to living in the flat can see so much!

Our pastures and can almost imagine the pioneers trekking across our grasslands nearly 200 years ago.

With our prairies come wildflowers and native grasses. Such wonder and peace. You just want to run through them like the opening scene of Little House!

Cows...actually meant to symbolize ranching and beef production. We have on occasion had cattle on our land- which gives the kids a firsthand perspective on the delicate balance of animals and grazing. How the interaction plays out and the detriments and benefits it can produce. could I have a photo tribute to our little piece of planet Earth and not mention corn! And the other crops our state can produce due to the mineral makeup of the dirt, the growing season and weather provided by Mother Nature.

I love the colors of our skies...the brilliant blues and whites during the day that would seem unnatural if painted in a picture. And the spanning colors of magenta, salmon, purple, fiery orange and cotton candy pink that lull us into can seriously catch us out on the front porch standing in awe most evenings! favorite part of spring are watching the trees blossom...white, pink and the huge magnolia blooms that fill the air the sweetest smelling fragrance. Not native to NE- but so thankful they thrive here so we can admire and enjoy their beauty!

I can't imagine not wanting to do our family's part in helping preserve such a wondrous place. Take a minute to soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you...enjoy it and protect it!

Thanks for letting me get up on my environmental soapbox (made completely with recycled materials, of course) this week and spread my green theme! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh my! Oh my! Could it have been a more perfect day yesterday!? Upper 70s, a slight cool breeze and a sky full of sun with out a cloud in sight...seriously PERFECT!

Our family took full advantage of this perfection and celebrated Earth Day!

Earlier in the week- we made Earth day shirts, using eco-friendly soy based iron decals. The kiddos wanted to honor Mother E on her special day.

Thanks Cousin Lex for posing for a pic!

To start the actual Earth Day- Pucca and I walked to school. Listening to the birds sing and admiring all the spring blossoms.

The kids were then busted out of school early (having only gone for the morning because of standardized testing they couldn't miss). We came home and had a picnic lunch on the patio. Then headed to see the movie EARTH to witness some of the planet's most amazing sights and creatures. There were some seriously killer shots of the great white (no pun intended! They were AWESOME! And the waterfalls and aerial shots were just breathtaking!) Definitely one to see on the BIG screen! Reminded me alot of an Imax feature.

The Earth documentary spurred some very earth conscience conversations and allowed the children to ask questions and admire the beauty. It was fun chatting with them about different animals and places...and then encouraging research for answers unknown.

Then in the evening, we made yummy 'earthy' muffins full of natures goodness...whole wheat flour, pumpkin, shredded carrots, raisins, walnuts and oatmeal! YUM!

I'll post the recipe next week!

Then after dinner we enjoyed mother nature a little more with one of these! Oh ya- a water balloon fight!

I really wanted to plant the veggies for our patio garden...but we ran out of time! Hopefully, today! It turned out to be a superb day and enjoyed by all!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy Earth Day!

I have a super fun activity to make your family walks more interesting!

Camera and a good eye!

During your family walk have the kids find the letters of the alphabet in nature. Once a 'letter' is spotted- snap a photo. For example, here's some the girls and I have found on our walks...

"A" "W" "Y"

(I've also always wanted to do this downtown- more of an urban feel. Snap photos of every letter from a different source e.g. billboards, street signs, license plates, store front windows etc. You can also use an industrial theme or architectural- both would also be interesting!)

Once you have the entire alphabet finished- you can spell out your family surname or each of the kids names and have them framed. Here's an example of a finished product I saw in a catalog- although it would less expensive and mean so much of more if the you collected the photos together.

Its going to be in the 80s today- such a lovely day for the Earth Day plans our family has in store! More on that tomorrow!

p.s. I'm also guest blogging over at Fresh Nest- check it out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know the old phrase 'change is good'? This beneficial connotation was given to change as a result of time being so bad that anything other than the present state would have to be better. Even President O jumped on the almighty 'change' bandwagon with his campaign slogan. I'm a firm believer that most change is good...but only because I believe that everyone, every person on this planet, could change something to make them a better person. We can all find at least one thing- one attribute, one personality flaw, one priority, one vice- that we would like to change. Whether it be your weight, your financial situation, switching to decaf, paper, plastic or cloth, your ethos or your carbon footprint.

Change may be good- but it sure as heck isn't always easy. Are you a "jump right in with out testing the water" type, a "stick your pinky toe in and slowly allow your body to adjust" type or a "wait until someone throws you in" type?

I am a babysteppin slow and steady evolver of change. Becoming GREEN as a family can be difficult... so I've put together a list of some easy little things you can do to better the environment.

  • CLOTH grocery bags- super easy and more accessible than ever. If you do use plastic- save them and take them back to store for recycling. Most grocery stores have bins set up by the doors for you to drop them off in.
  • GREEN cleaning products- big fan of these! It took me awhile to adjust because my brain didn't quite understand how it could be really clean if the smell of bleach didn't permiate from every surface. Having gotten over that hurdle- I've also found that the green products are also organic and way better for your families health. And safe for your children to use- so put those kiddos to work!
  • BUY USED- as if I needed another excuse to hit up estate sales and thrift stores! Just doing my part to save the planet, babe! Wood furniture, fabric, and frames are all good items to buy that can refurbished, painted and given new life!
  • GO PAPERLESS- my biggest pet peeve lately has been the amount of paper my children bring home from school. Complete craziness! The twins and I are writing up a petition for their school to see if they will allow a 'paperless' option for incoming students next year. This would allow all notes, reminders and school messages to be sent out via email for families who would allow it. Most bills (phone, gas, electric, bank statements and credit cards) can all be done over the internet by simply going paperless. Plus- think how much of the YUCK mail you'd be cutting down on! Going to get the mail wouldn't have to be so depressing! Win- win!
  • DONATE rather than throw out- Of course clothes and household items can be easily donated, but so can larger items. Many of the big box stores will take old appliances away, scrap down the parts and recycle them. Call your local scrap yard for metal and usually a FREE sign by a wood pile takes care of itself.
  • RECYCLE- not only paper and plastic- but electronics, ink cartridges and phones. Eye glasses can be reused, post offices have drop off bins for cell phones, and Best Buy (completely unsolicited praise) offers a free removal of old appliances and electronics with delivery of a new product. Or for a fee- they can schedule a pickup. Many stores have a program of this type- don't be afraid to ask when purchasing.
Babysteps...hopefully we can all get in step and do our part!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Week

Last Thursday morning was like any other morning in the Kelly household. Lots of commotion, some yelling, and a little craziness. Somewhere in the madness I hear the phone ring. I start searching the couch, flipping over pillows and tossing jackets in an effort to find my ringing phone, and I can't help but think "Who the heck is calling me at 6:15 am?!"

Finally, I find my phone (just in time for it to stop ringing!) I see that John had called so I call him back. He had just left for work - probably calling to remind me to put the trash out or he forgot something and was headed back home.

Nope- he just wanted us to go up front and look out the front door. Slightly annoyed at his cryptic demand- I gather up the kids and push them out the front door. I was seriously hoping it wasn't another one of these!

Instead we saw this...

this amazing rainbow stretching behind the houses across the street. You could see the whole colorful band arching unobstructed! It was beautiful! The girls and I all kind of stood there in awe! After getting our fill- we headed back inside to finish our hectic morning ritual.

Its so amazing what beauty we are given each day! Mother Earth is so breathtaking, serene and inspirational. She works so hard for us- and it pains me to think how we abuse her so!

In honor of this spectacular orbiting sphere on which we live and the fact that Earth Day is quickly approaching- I'll be posting fun 'earthy eco-friendly' posts all week!

To start the week off - I wanted to share some great links with Earth Day activities and projects for the kiddos!

Click here and here for some really fun ideas!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If you do just one thing

If you do just one thing today- google Susan Boyle and watch her on Youtube!

Amazing. Beautiful. Mesmerizing.

Never judge a book by its cover!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mama's havin a birthday!

My mom's birthday was yesterday- NO, I didn't forget! I even gave her gift two weeks early! But I wanted to let her know we love her and give her - her due recognition in blog world!

Here are 51 reasons why I think my mom is special (51 being a significant number- if you catch my drift):

  1. She gave birth to me! :)
  2. She is patient
  3. She gives freely of herself to help others
  4. She believes in making her community better
  5. And she's willing to work to make that happen!
  6. She raised three not-so-easy kids all by herself
  7. She supported us with whatever endeavor we were trying
  8. She made cakes and sold them to take us to Disney World
  9. And she even let me take a friend!
  10. She drove us all over NE for our swim meets- which meant being on the road before dawn
  11. She's an excellent communicator
  12. She has a good disposition- which helps balance me out
  13. She has a great laugh
  14. She knows how to play naive to get others to help around the house- its a talent!
  15. She gave us everything she could growing up- and it was always enough
  16. I loved the big blue wagon she used to drive
  17. She is easy to talk to
  18. She's kind
  19. She's non-judgemental
  20. She'll stick by her kids through anything
  21. She makes us feel like we can always come home
  22. She' s a fighter in her own quiet way
  23. She's smarter- alot smarter than she'll lead you to believe
  24. She loves the smell of crayons- quirky, but a sweet characteristic none the less
  25. She knows everyone- and everyone knows her
  26. She can be trusted
  27. She has a great smile- good teeth!
  28. She doesn't like camping (me either!)
  29. She has a 'list' - a life list of things she hope to accomplish
  30. She goes to palm readers and numerologists- so cool!
  31. She believes in ghosts
  32. She's always wanting to do more- not necessarily achieve more but accomplish more if that makes sense.
  33. She's an amazing grandma
  34. She's devoted
  35. She grew up an only child- but didn't end up spoiled or feeling superior as some only children do.
  36. She's my mom and friend
  37. I like hanging out with her
  38. She's a good judge of character
  39. She's a dreamer
  40. She's not very organized- which can be special considering I am the exact opposite... almost extremes
  41. She's laid back
  42. She has a bohemian style about her in the way she dresses. Casual and comfortable
  43. People respect her
  44. She has many friends
  45. She's dependable
  46. She can draw
  47. She likes washing dishes- which makes her really special in my book!
  48. She works hard
  49. She's selfless
  50. She's funny- lots of laughs when we're together
  51. She has some of the most amazing grandchildren ever!

Pucca and her grandpa

Pucca loves her grandpa! We were cleaning up after dinner and I walked into the bedroom to this precious sight! Pucca reading to her grandpa as he sleepily nods off. Kynna happened by and asked "Shouldn't it be the other way around? Aren't grandparents supposed to read their grandkids to sleep?" I smiled...its still cute! Plus, I know how tiring Pucca can be!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We headed back to good old GI town for Easter break and spent some quality time with my mom, grandparents, great grandma, john's parents and visited his grandma too.

It was a really GREAT weekend! Lots of laughing and love!

Funny highlights:
  • My mom and I took Ems walking Saturday morning and scared the crap out of this old lady walking her two bite-sized rag-a-muffins. Now mom and I both knew Emma wouldn't eat them (she prefers something more filling!) but the lady was in so much fear that she pick her dogs up, walked a huge semi-circle around us, put her dogs down and ran off in the opposite direction- dragging them behind her. Now I'm sure your thinking maybe she's a she was in her late 70s with a one of those hair scarves on - you know the ones that look like colored panty hose- they wear them to protect their 'do' from the wind.
Ems isn't a scary dog- but she's not very controlled on a leash- so that may have been part of it!

  • Catching grandpa with his hand in the cookie jar- so to speak! He nibbled a candy or two off a cake the girls made for some friends. It wasn't a big deal- but the girls and I laid on the drama and the guilt just gushed out all over the dinner table! It was really funny to 'razz' someone who's usually the one messing with everyone else! Love ya, Jeff!
  • Visiting John's grandma (she's in the back in the hospital). She's been having some TAs (little stroke-like blackouts). We weren't sure how she would be...confused, aware etc. But as soon she started giving me crap about coloring my hair- I knew she wasn't doing toooo bad! I colored it a crazy auburn color- just for a little something different! The conversation went a little something like this:
Oh so you colored your hair


I don't like colored hair! It doesn't look natural. Especially when its a weird dark color- it makes them look like a witch.

yep (complete with eye roll and the girls giggling!)

Nothing like being put in your place by a 93 year old woman! :)

Here are a few pix from the lovely weekend:

Pucca playing on the beach.

Kwynnie working on her photography skills.

proof that they do love eachother!

Pucca found one of Kynna's eggs!

Our dear strange darling, kwynnie!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Do Re Mi

As a mom of some very busy girls- I've come to accept the fact that a HUGE part of my day is spent in the car...playing taxi-driver. I've learned how to utilize those precious minutes you spending waiting...waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for the bus, waiting for a lesson to finish, waiting for whatever.

I always a have a book in the car, a note pad to jot down any last minute errands or something that needs to be done or just to make a list (oh how I love lists!), and lately I've been working on crossword puzzles...and I do them in pen! I'm such a rebel!

But then there's the actual driving part- where you have to focus on driving, street signs, your fellow drivers and try to block out the bickering coming from the back seat. A great way to do this is music! I am one of those people who turns the radio way up and sings along with the artist. I try to steer clear of questionable music since my children are in the van with me. The variety is vast subject to various radio stations. A little primary music is thrown in the mix too!

Anyhoo- I used to just sing along as I was driving and then quit when I got to a stop light...afraid that people might think I'm a crazy person and point at the psycho soccer mom jammin out one car over. And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about- I know you've all done it! A really good song comes on- you crank it up and let loose, but then- just as your getting to the good part- you hit a stoplight, turn it down slightly and softly hum the words under your breath. You may even tap the steering wheel- but not in rhythm with the music- more as a result of your frustration at the dang stop light that won't turn so you can get on with your song.

Well, about three months ago I pulled up to a stop light and noticed this car next to was swaying back and forth. I looked over and the lady in the car was probably in her mid- forties and was rockin out to something on the radio (or at least I hope there was some music playing somewhere- otherwise that may be a little nuts-so!) She was shaking her head back and forth, banging on the steering wheel as if it were a drum set and wailing to her hearts content!

My first instinct was to laugh, but then I thought, huh!? How would it be to be that free and unselfconscious? Not caring about the stranger in the car next to you. Living in the moment and enjoying a good song! So I started thinking- why don't I do that? I don't know many people in town anyway and who cares if someone sees me singing (rather loudly). I'm not trying to win a 'cool' contests. Plus, there's no way I'd look as crazy as she did!

So from that moment on I decided to free myself- and now I indulge in every good song that comes on the radio. My kids even get into it! Although, I'm sure in a few months the twins will ridicule me and beg me stop being so spastic. But until that time comes la freakin la, baby!

So if you happen up to a tan van at stop light and the lady driving is singing herself in to a seizure-like fit...its probably me! :)

Rock on and have an awesome Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Over Spring break a few weeks ago- we went to see Coraline in 3D. I think this is the only time I've ever watched a movie in 3D. Anyway- the movie was weird and not just because it was a Tim Burton film. I like Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, but this wasn't really funny and kind of morbid.

There was this one part in the film where these two aging acrobats were performing a show for Coraline. One was dressed as a mermaid and the other was dressed like this...
in 3D...uh ya I think scary and morbid fits this film quite well. Although Shannon and I did get a kick out of the fact an aging cartoon actress was wearing a thong and some pasties...what are we subjecting our kids to these days!? :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not sure

Easter is fast approaching and I'm completely dreading the annual Easter shopping frenzy! The one that usually happens the week before Easter as I run from to store to store with three girls trying to find Easter outfits that we can agree on.

Ohhhhh- it used to be so easy! I would buy them- they would wear them. Not so much anymore...they all feel the need to have a say in the selection. I know this is just the beginning of the whole 'dramatic wardrobe war' that was destined to happen- three girls and all!

I can feel the typical teen scene getting closer and closer- you know the one that goes something like-

You are not wearing that! Go change.

Why?! I like it! You have no fashion sense!

Go change!

UGHHHHH- I hate you! (bedroom door slams)

Why is it when they hand you your beautiful baby girl - those days seem a lifetime away!? Now they feel so close that I'm tempted to take the doors off the hinges to save the headache of listening to it slam.

This year may be different!
I may just have them wear something cute from their closets- they want for nothing as far as clothes are concerned. Although, I did have to draw the line when Pucca wanted a pair of Ugg boots- I made her settle for a pair of knock-offs. You would have thought her world ended!

Hmmm- why is we have to buy cute dresses for Easter anyway? We always got them growing up...having pix taken on Easter Sunday dressed to impress at my grandparents house. And I have to admit - dressing baby girls up in frilly pink and white dresses is fun!

Hmmmm- I still have some self-debating to do on this subject. If we do or if we don't - either way, grandparents- I promise your granddaughters will be adorable come Easter morn!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pucca's Party

It was a fun party...the girls were adorable and very well behaved. Perfect little ladies! Pucca had a wonderful time- and that's all that really matters!

Here's a run down of the TEA PARTY


We filled the house with balloons...something about free floating balloons that just shouts party time!

The buffet was set up with the cake, drinks and party favors. The silver pieces came courtesy of gma Kelly...she let us borrow them for this special occasion.

The table was set with light purple flowers, an antique tea pot, my mint green Tiara, a white lacey tablecloth that I found at a local thrift store yesterday, a runner made from a remnant piece of fabric I had laying around and pink satin napkin rings made with a little hot glue, ribbon and a left over cardboard tube from a paper towel roll.

Party favors: Made from salvaged tins cans (straight from the recycling...washed of course!) I covered them with coordinating scrapbook paper. The girls could use them as a pencil holder or for markers. We filled them with a pair of pink dainty gloves, princess stickers, a candy bracelet and sugar cookie on a stick.

Funny story about those cookies...they were supposed to be crowns. But when I baked them- they puffed way out and didn't really resemble crowns anymore. So I improvised and made them into pink tulips! They were fun...I'll definitely make them again!


Our first party game was tossing pennies into a tea cup. Each girl was given 5 pennies and who ever made the most won!

Another game we did was sugar cube stacking. Each girl was given 10 sugar cubes and we tried to see who could build the tallest tower in 10 seconds. We played this a few times.

John had to leave (security alarm went off at work- he had to go check it out.) Which left me I didn't get any pictures of the next activity. We made tissue paper flowers!

Cake Time:

Sparkler candles and sugar rimmed tea cups were Pucca's favorites...not sure if you can see in the photo, but we laced the tops of the tea cups with hot pink sugar- as if they needed more! But it looked cute!

Happy Birthday, Pucca! We love you!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Tea for 10

Challenge: A marvelously cute 'tea party' birthday bash for Pucca and her 9 friends for under $100 (our typical bday party allowance).

Even though we budget $100- we rarely use it all. But we have it in there just incase the kids decide to have their bday somewhere else...which requires rental fees and such. Its getting kind of nuts how much parties can cost!

Did I succeed? Did I take 'cuteness' to the max? Guess- we'll have to wait and see! :) Promise to post pix!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

One purple One blue

First of all let me say- twins are amazing...especially mine (motherly bias and all) but just having a set of twins is an absolute joy. BUT they bring a whole different set of issues and considerations when child rearing. Today was one of those days.

One child received a purple ribbon (first place) and one child received a blue ribbon (second place). NOW I know that they are two separate children who act in separate ways- so results, reactions and effects will indubitably be different. But in alot of unspoken, trivial ways they are classified as one. Referred to and thought of as one; twins. I do it- I admit it. But so do teachers, friends, family etc. However I also respect and appreciate their differences - which by the way vastly out number their similarities.

This combined with the fact they are as close as two siblings can get...a closeness that can sometimes breed extreme competitiveness...caused a bit of drama at the bus stop.

Ribbons were handed out last thing as kids were loading buses. One felt defeated- the other felt elated. I could tell the purple ribbon winner empathized with her sister, but it didn't help. Feelings were hurt.

The facts were and are this:
Both girls did SUPER! They prepared well and worked hard. Our blue-ribbon winner drew a bit of bad luck in the sense she had a harsh judge. One who scored their project 20+ points below what the other two judges did. The explanation on the judging form was: "More information was needed to express the validity of non-orbital bodies and criteria for naming the aforementioned as such within scholarly branches of astrophysical consideration." WHAT!? Poor thing- she didn't even know what he was asking. Did he know they were just 5TH GRADERS?! Idiot.

The mom in me wanted to track him down and smack him- how dare he! But instead we soothed our sweetie with praise, explained that obviously that judge was spastic and made chocolate covered strawberries (they always make things better!)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Science Fair

Last night was the super awesome District science fair! The girls did great...but results don't come in until tomorrow! The super bright neon green shirts were given to all the adolescent presenters. All the elementary schools and homeschooled 5th graders were there...Pucca even found a friend she goes to school with. There were some seriously fabulous displays and experiments! Thank goodness they aren't competing against eachother...

The presenters are judged according to preset criteria and then scored by three separate judges. Which means they had to present three separate times! Both girls started out a little nervous, but quickly calmed down and rocked it out! We are very pleased!