Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little friend

Today I spent the morning with a little friend. Crazy little kid- he cracks me up! We put together puzzles, played some games and made macaroni and cheese for lunch. Ahhhh- the memories of having a little person around again!

I love having this little guy over to visit. Why you ask? Because he is constantly on the go and wanting to play something else. Which in turn has me constantly going up and down the stairs- either down to the play room or up to Pucca's room. I can feel the burn of muscle tone in my thighs and bum...thank you, little man! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow globe

Out of the 8 Sundays of 2010...its snowed 5 of them! sheeeesssshhhhh!

So how do you spend a snowy weekend in our family?

Piano lessons, a movie at the theater, spicy chinese takeout, the always lovely household work (dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms etc), laundry (6 loads- YUCK!), church, Sunday afternoon quiet time, and some good old fashion Uno!

Oh - and we can't forget baking...jello cake to be exact! YUMMY!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm seriously missing the sunshine and mild temps. I told John yesterday that I was going to just sit outside and soak up the rays of golden goodness this spring and summer. I don't care if its 105 out...I'm going to be living out there!

Can you tell I'm really hating the snow, black ice, frigid temps and bone chilling gusts? UGHHHH!

Well, in an attempt to bring some sunshine into my life...I've colored my hair- you may now call me Goldilocks! :)

image from here

Friday, February 12, 2010

best excuse ever

We heard the best excuse for NOT doing your chores from Kwynnie last night.

I was busy!

Busy doing what?

Personal research for the betterment of the world!

it was seriously funny! How can you fault her for that?!

Come to find out...that Kwynn and Kynna are taking on LPS and their middle school in an attempt to get them to stop using Nestle bottled water products. This was prompted after watching a documentary on bottled water companies...how they get their water, sales, environmental effects etc.

Apparently, Nestle didn't fair very well...so the girls are going to take them down...single handedly!

Gotta love them!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


rainbow at our beloved Camp Davey

Somewhere over the rainbow...

  • There is only sunshine and green grass! (this snow/cold is seriously affecting my mood!)
  • There are only GOOD drivers...not the stupid speed racers that cut in front of you forcing you step on your brakes or risk plowing into them.
  • There are NO potholes aka bottomless pits...some of which I'm swear lead all the way to China!
  • There are magical fairies that come and do the dishes and laundry.
  • There are endless hours in the day so that every mom gets just the right amount of 'personal' time without having to stay up pass midnight.

Its been one of those weeks. A bunch of little things nagging me into insanity. Thank goodness its Thursday...which means one more day and then the weekend is HERE! Yippee skippee! And to make it even more wonderful...I think I'm getting a dinner date with my man on Friday! wooohoooo! Happy Heart Day to me! :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

growing up

My little twinnies are growing up into little ladies. I've tried to stop it or at least slow time down- but to no avail.

As part of the growing up process...they are slowly becoming more girly. Partly by nature and partly through the influence of friends. They are at the age where girls are starting to 'like' boys and care more about what they look like, how their hair is done and what they wear.

On the way home from school yesterday, I asked the twins if they were playing softball this summer (its time to sign them up again if that's the case).

"No." was their response.

ok- do you want to elaborate on that?

"Well, the dirt gets my shoes all dirty. And its hot and spitting out sunflower seeds is really gross." McKynna conveyed this sentiment with the most girly-est whine I've ever heard!

I almost pulled the car over to make sure I hadn't inadvertently grabbed someone else's child. Was that seriously one of my children?

Kwynn clarified by adding they like the sport- just not practicing for hours on end and playing 2 hour games in 100 degree weather with 90% humidity. (trying to sound as practical and diplomatic as she could!)

And then I heard her tell Kynna that she was right about the shoes...and how her running shoes still haven't come clean from last season.

My! Oh my! Heaven help me once they become teenagers!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hot stock tip!

I seriously recommend investing in Kleenex Lotion Tissues with Aloe! I think I could single handedly support your retirement!

I've been fighting a cold for a week now. YUCK! And I just opened tissue box #6. DOUBLE YUCK!

It started out as a head cold but its slowly making its way to my chest. Not good!

John asks the girls every night when we sit down to dinner-"What did you learn today?"
One night last week- the answer was "Mom's cranky when she's sick!"


Monday, February 01, 2010

98 years

My great grandma- lovingly called Grandma Hoskins, turned 98 yesterday! She is such an amazing woman. I definitely received my stubborn independent streak from her. She has lived through so much- I could sit and listen for hours to her stories of the dust bowl, living in small town Kansas during segregation and Jim Crow Laws, hearing about the depression, learning our families deep dark secrets and dalliances, and just interesting facts of the times.

Corinne Margaret Brainerd Hoskins was born on January 31 1912. (the same year the Titanic sunk). She was born and raised on a farm in Ellis County, KS. In 1930 she married a boy named Harold, whom she had gone to school with. Less than a year later they were blessed with a lovely little girl (my grandma!). Two more children followed- another girl and a boy. Then came the grandchildren...and the great grandchildren and even the great great grandchildren. If she holds on for another 10 years or so...she may even see great great great grandchildren.

Her response to that "Dear God, don't say that!". We heard on the radio yesterday that the oldest living woman lives in Japan...she's 114! SO not totally out of the realm of possibilities! Just saying...

There was a great party for her in Grand Island yesterday. Cousins came in from Lexington, Holdrege and McCook. Family we hadn't seen in years- it was fun to reconnect!

Our five generation shot!