Thursday, May 24, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

and John, but I can't seem to find any recent pix of him....maybe this weekend!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


John decided that little miss Emma Sue needed a special treat lastnight. So he bought her this gi-normous bone.

She LOVES her new bone! The girls gave to her in the backyard... and Emma quickly grabbed it in the middle and was walking around the yard with it in her mouth. She even went pee...still holding it in her mouth. She is such a funny dog! She slept with her bone last night too- and its still pretty big considering she chewed on it for a good three hours last night.

It kind of reminds me of those huge 2lb candy bars you can buy. I got one for Christmas when I was younger and I was so excited! The first day was great...then the second day wasn't as great and by the third day I was swearing off chocolate forever. Emma really likes bones- hope this one isn't too big! I am sure she'll find a way to tear it apart!

Monday, May 21, 2007


So this weekend was our last sports weekend and we had a couple of birthday parties too.

Here's Corynn playing the water balloon toss game with her Uncle Luke at her cousin Sam's 5th bday party. They live in Omaha- and the girls had a lot of fun!

McKynna played her last micro soccer game Saturday night. Now she moves on to Rec soccer. They grow up soooo fast! I remember watching her play in first soccer game in Kindergarten...ahhhh....and now she is moving onto rec and Corynn is starting Micro in fall. Time flies!

Kwynn had her last vball game Sunday evening. They didn't have professional pics this season- so I snapped this team photo before the game. They did pretty well this season and Kwynn is continually growing and learning.

This weekend was busy- not only with sports and parties, but yard work, a sick daughter (Corynn has allergies), cleaning house, getting ready for the painters, and I have been so tired lately! Not sure why...probably just doing too much and its catching up with me. Can't wait for this weekend. We are all going to Davey and hanging out and relaxing! John's parents will be there and so will his brother and his family. John's mom has breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemo- and with all the stuff we have going on- we haven't had much time to talk. We went out there on Sunday (she had another treatment on Friday) and visited for awhile. It was nice! She's one strong lady!

Well- onto this week's to do list.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have been so wanting to plant my flowers and make up my pots and hanging baskets! And finally- I am getting done. I have all of my containers done and three hanging baskets. I also mulched all of the beds and swing-set area. So what do I have left...

  • Transplant some daisies into the native/wild flower bed.
  • put down a few more bags of mulch underneath the swing set.
  • Weed around the edging of the native/wild flower bed
  • Add a few more hostas near our fountain.
  • and replace a few of the pampas grasses (that didn't come back) on the retaining wall.

I really wanted to add retaining blocks to the front grass bed against our front porch and then elevate the flower bed in the front yard. Basically, because I hate the fact its a perfect circle and smack dab in middle if the yard and our yard slopes down- so just looks really bad. BUT I think that I will have to wait until this fall to tackle that project. I am just running out of time.

I also wanting to try a patio tree...but now rethinking it. I don't know- maybe I will get inspired. I did plant herbs- and should really plant a few more. Never can have too much fresh rosemary or thyme!

My favorite spot in the summer is my backyard! Our family is out there almost every night- we have a huge tree that provides excellent shade and its just peaceful. Tonight when I finished mulching- the girls commented on how great it looked. And John complimented me too on all the plantings. That made me feel good! It really feels good that the end is in sight!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This is the last week of sports and chaos before summer vacation starts! YIPPPPPEEEEEE!

McKynna's last soccer game is Saturday night. This is her last season of Micro soccer. This fall she will play rec soccer - which uses a much larger field and more players on the field during play. She is kind of excited- she loves soccer just not all the running that it involves. She has also mentioned wanting to play volleyball with Kwynn this fall instead. Only because they don't have to run as much. They are so funny together. Always thinking the other has it better.

Kwynn's last vball game is on Sunday evening. She has come a long way to in the sport especially just this year. She is the smallest and shortest on her team- but she keeps her own. We just need to work on the whole morale thing- she gets so upset if one thing goes wrong. Like a missed serve or a mis-hit. Just one of those things she is going to have to outgrow and learn on her own.

Corynn will be starting soccer this fall. She needs a sport with a lot of activity! That kid is made of energy!!! We even got her a little pink sparkly soccer ball. She kicks it around and yells- here I out....oh no here I go...SCORE! as she is kicking the ball towards an imaginary goal. Its cute to watch.

We also have two bday parties this weekend and yard work to bring on the chaos!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back from St. Louis

The trip was wonderful and much needed! I flew in on into St. Louis around 3pm. We stayed in the Hilton by the Ballpark. Very cool and close to everything! The arch and riverfront was only two blocks away.

This was the view from our hotel room- pretty cool!

John was in a different hotel room earlier in the week and that room faced Busch Stadium- he was able to watch the Cardinals play from his window!

First thing- we started to walk down to the riverfront and check out the arch and museum. I was taking this picutre when John commented on some dark clouds were heading our way and we had better start heading back to the hotel. By the time we get up to our room- this is what is the view looked like.

It was a crazy rain! And it continued to rain all night. We hung around the hotel, played pool and then were able to grab a bite around 9 when the rain let up.

Friday- we headed out to Forest Park- an amazing place with museums, a zoo, boat house, aviaries, and much more. It is a huge park where the 1904 World's Fair was held, 500 acres larger than Central Park in NY- and it has been remodeled into all these neat places displaying the histories of St. Louis.

We went to the zoo- a really nice zoo considering it has free admission. After that we headed to the Galleria and ate at the Cheesecake Factory- yum yum!

We then headed back to the hotel and went to the casino boats on the Illinois side. John won $165- so it wasn't bad!
After that we went down to the hotel sports bar and ordered Imo's pizza (YUMMY!) and played pool- until like 1am. ughhh- I think I am getting too old for that!

We slept in super late the next day (WONDERFUL! and almost strange since it rarely happens!) and then headed to Union Station- an old train depot they renovated into shopping, restaurants and hotels. It was neat!

Then we headed to the arch. I have a serious fear of confined spaces and of being in crowded spaces. Those who know me - know I have a bubble! So going up in the arch made me a little anxious! You ride up in these little 'capsules'- no windows and five people squeezed into this hot little egg- I couldn't wait to get to the top. But when we got to the top- it was super crowded with people and a group of kids were joking around trying to shake the monument. I took some quick pictures and then told John I would meet him at the bottom. But the sweetie that he is - he came down with me! I didn't think I would make it- but I did. It was neat and I am glad I went up.

That night we went down to Laclede's Landing- the historic cobblestone neighborhood down on the riverfront. It was amazing- I love old buildings and the history of the 1800's. And the food was wonderful!

We flew home yesterday- Sunday.
The trip was great and I had so much fun! I didn't adjust well to reality...I was extremely tired yesterday- getting up early, packing and flying, then Kwynn's vball game the minute we got home, unpacking, laundry, groceries- my outdoor plants were stressed from lack of water....with all this - I got a little cranky last night. But I am better today after having got some sleep, laundry done and things back to normal. John told me last night- that I should go back to St. Louis because I was in a much better mood there. There- it was carefree- no responsibilities. Here- back to the 24/7 grind of being a mom. I think I just got a little overwhelmed. =o)

But the vacation was great and I love John and love him for being such a great friend and companion. We had a lot of fun and laughed alot! I really had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time for a little R & R!

I am leaving tomorrow morning for St. Louis to meet up with John. It will be our FIRST real adult only vacation- EVER! I mean we have gone to visit friends with out kids but then you feel obligated to spend a lot of time with your friends - and we had the twins before we were married- so kids have always been included. NOT THIS TIME- though! We are going to a place by ourselves and we don't know anybody. So we are free to do whatever we want...whenever we want! And go where ever - when ever! I'm excited! If nothing else to just get away with John.

I know I just went to Vegas- but that's different because I went with my mom and grandma and John had to stay home with the kids. I love my mom and grandma and had a BLAST- but I was thinking about John and the girls and wondering if everything was getting done, will my house still be standing, etc. :o)

Anyway- today I am busy getting stuff ready. Packing for the girls, packing for me, cleaning (feels better coming home to a clean house!), do last minute errands, mowing the yard (the rain was like miracle grow!) and all that other pre-vacation stuff.

Talk to ya all when we get back on Sunday!

Monday, May 07, 2007

YA, BABY!!!!!

John left for St.Louis today, but before he left he gave me my Mother's Day gift! A new digital camera! I love my Kodak easyshare! John's parents gave it to us for Christmas about four years ago and I take it with me everywhere. I love photographing the kids, documenting fun family times and making awesome gifts from pix. Recently my beloved camera has started to crap out- pictures have become grainy and pixelated. Its really sad!

I told John that I wanted one exactly like the one I have only the newer version- nothing super fancy because I am not very technical. And this is the one he picked out!

Yes- its pink! Its super cute and has all the same features as my old one...just newer and better! It has 8 mega pixels! Its a Kodak Easyshare v803

here is the link- I can't get the hyper link to work on my blog and its tooo long not to use cut and paste!

The other part of my gift is a little trip to St.Louis. Our first real vacation together! John has business meetings all week and then I am going to fly up there on Thursday and spend the weekend. We will then fly back on Sunday. I am super excited. Plus, our new dishwasher and range/oven arrived today! YEAH! Very exciting! Its been a super week and its only Monday night!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tag...I'm it! and so is everyone who reads this!

Ok- so I have been tagged...and here are my five random tidbits!

1. I LOVE being outside! Working with my plants and in the yard! Oh yes...I realize this may seem crazy...but its true! I am not so much into mowing the yard, but landscaping and planting pots are a passion. Wish I had more time to spend on it and money for that fact! I am so excited for summer and being able to spend evenings outside on the patio- talking with my husband..watching the kids play...picnic...watching Emma(our pup) play! Good stuff!

2. I prefer baking to cooking! My husband grills almost everynight so I have fallen out of the cooking mode. But baking...desserts, cookies, cakes and bars- yummm...oh yeah baby! I inherited it from my great grandma who could bake anything and it would be the best sweets you've ever had!

3. I am a homebody. I prefer to hang out at home with my family rather than go out with friends. My husband is my bestfriend- we talk and joke about everything...partly because we have been through so much. So I always prefer to do things with him...and the kids are a kick too! Always saying or doing something that cracks me up. As much stress as they cause me...I wouldn't have it any other way!

4. I am a bit obsessive compulsive...about alot of things! I have a hard time delegating responsibility to others because I want it to be done my way. In fact I prefer to load the dishwasher myself because me husband loads it wrong! I am helping plan a huge convention in June and I am in charge of the facilities and food for upwards of 3oo people for three days...and can bet that my OCD is kicking into overdrive. Should be interesting!

5. I love a good book! or a good movie (preferably one with Audrey Hepburn or Carey Grant)! When I find a good book, I dive in and everything else gets put on the back burner for the next 12 hours. My husband knows that when I am just leave me alone and let me finish...the sooner that happens the sooner he gets his wife back! I love old movies! I had never seen Gone With Wind until about 6 months ago. The movie was really good...except the ending really stunk! That's the only drawback to old movies...the movie is great but then the ending stinks. I don't think they believed in happily ever after back then! Some favorites include Sabrina, The Good Seed (or is it The Bad Seed?), How to Steal a Million, Butterfield 8, and too many more to mention.
Wii are family...

We went back to GI town for Easter and John played the Nintendo Wii at a friend's house and was HOOKED! He has been searching for one to buy everywhere- in stores and on the internet. Finally- he found one and we have had it a whole week today!

First of all- let me explain that I come from a family with two brothers and they always played video games. I would try but it didn't interest me and I really wasn't very good. So I was not knock-down excited about getting a gaming system! BUT the wii is completely different! We can play it as a family- Puka is 4 and she can play the same games we do! The wii system is a gaming system by NIntendo. It has a sensor by the tv and you hold the controller in your hand. You have to do the actual motions to move your wii person on the screen. So for the bowling game- you stand in front of the tv, bring the ball (controller) up into position, and then swing like you are really bowling. The same for baseball, tennis, fishing, Duck hunt, boxing and golf. After a couple of rounds of boxing...prepare for your arms to be sore the next day...and the day after that!

I am totally hooked! The girls and I bowled a few games the other night- and it was fun spending time together! We have gotten into the habit of everyone doing their own thing - and that is sad!

I love competing against my husband in fishing and bowling! Nothing like a little friendly competition. I have also set the family records in Homerun baseball and Pose (hand coordination game)!

We have a PS2 at our family acreage- and the girls have begged us to buy one. I never wanted to though because I didn't want the girls plopped down in front of the tv everyday...all the time! At least with the wii- you are interacting and doing the actions! It makes it more interesting/challenging and fun!

Anyway- i just had to rave about how much I love it and how fun it is! You are all welcomed to come over and play! If you like the Dance Revolution games- then you will like the Wii!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Venting time...

Just one of those days to vent! Things are pretty good - but I have just been really getting frustrated lately...with everyone!

Kwynn- is on this pity pot...about everything. Everything is against her and she's just going to quit playing volleyball because their team lost a game and she isn't a perfect server and she's not going to play on the computer anymore because she doesn't play well and McKynna is always bragging to her about how good she is and why can't she play better and why do they have to be twins and why- why- why- ughhhhhhhhh!

Corynn- cries and whines about everything. I think we may have spoiled her a bit much and now it is coming back to bite us where it hurts. She is such a little princess- a cute princess- but still a royal pain! Everything has to be done RIGHT NOW! or else she whines and says MOM a hundred times in that crying whining tone which leaves me no choice but to do it to save my sanity. Its that whole terrible 2s - but it just hit a little late. I resorted to locking myself in my room for ten minutes today because she wouldn't can someone so small and innocent cause so much chaos!?

McKynna- is a silent emotional child. She gets upset and clams up and won't explain to me what is bothering her. She just turns red and starts to tear up and then I have no idea what to do because I have no idea whats wrong. And she doesn't put her homework away- so then she can't find it and I threw it away on accident and then had to dig through the top of the trash this morning to find it. Then she couldn't find her shoes and she had to have her tennis shoes for gym and I hear "I'M LOOKING" as she is just standing there doing nothing. I am running around the house trying to shut off lights and get everyone in the van with all their school stuff and she is still standing there 'LOOKING'! Where are the shoes you ask...not more than two feet to her left, right next to her bookbag.

Ok- well, when I write it down- it doesn't sound that bad but when all of this compounds through out the day and you add a headache and tons of laundry and dishes and having to pick up a room after having just cleaned it because the kids didn't pick up after themselves and a dog who likes the mud and then jumping on me and me falling over in the garden while planting flowers (i'm sure the neighbors had a good chuckle because it was FUNNY!) and being outside in the heat and the stupid DVR (which I love) not recording my shows tonight and stepping/sliding in dog poo and and and and and and .... uhh ya- it has been a week and its only Tuesday. Kind of scary!