Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


My my...after weeks of planning and hours of decorating- its finally here! I hope the girls have a wonderful well as the rest of the mother and daughter fans attending the bash!

Only things left to do:
hang Christmas lights (a nod to the school dance scene and its fun lighting!)
pick up balloons (red and black of course- its just not a party without balloons!)
cut some purple flowers for the vases (representing the field where the main characters meet)

Pictures to follow!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Could have knocked me over with a feather

So you remember not to long ago I posted this about my twinnies... I take it all back! They are awesome! Really coming into their own with softball. They are becoming more and more confident and relaxed which can make a world of difference.

In fact... they had a game yesterday and you know what!? They made a double play! In the words of Pucca, "OH YA!"

Kwynnie caught the ball and threw it to her sister on first- the crowd went wild! It was so stinkin awesome!

We are so proud of you girls!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


my poor garden is flooded. Sucky! (not very lady like, but darn that rain anyway!) Pretty sure my lettuce is gone-dy...which isn't that bad because it was near the end of its season anyway. So I clipped the last of it and bid it farewell. My corn is battered and bruised...not at all sure if its salvageable, but will try once it dries out enough to get to it. My onions...not sure but may have lost them too.

I'm so bummed. Last night the girls and I were out in the gardens trenching canals to drain the standing water between the rows. My beautiful garden is no longer beautiful and the now non-linear rows are about to kill me (ocd...what can I say!).

Good news is - my 24 tomato plants are thriving and a-ok. My sweet peppers are holding their own, as well as the bush beans, radishes and carrots. My herbs seem to be ok...a little worried about the basil- I need to get out there today and rinse the dirt off the leaves. The rain was pounding so hard it splashed up everywhere which is not so good for the foliage.

Its the rollercoaster of day your up and the next your down. Mercy me!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The little things

The girls and I went to Sam's Club today...and somehow managed to only spend $56!

Oh...and I bought 9 items....pretty sweet!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a little get away

I took a little get away with the girls and my mom- it was fun. The girls are seriously the biggest joys of my life. I give them a hard time and am a pretty strict mom- but only because I love them and want them to grow up and be highly functioning adults, contributing to society. Isn't that what every mom wants?!

Anyway- it a fun trip. Here are some pix.

such a little poser...loved the camera and getting her pic taken

love my twinnie photos...nothing like the bond between twins!

can you feel the love!?

another butt crack rock...this one's hairy and was about 20 feet tall. What is the fascination- I just can't help myself. Good thing I'm not the one naming rock formations...can you imagine?!

more J and A graffiti...that I DIDN'T put there- I promise!

We wandered around the Garden of Gods (very cool!), went shopping in downtown Manitou Springs, mom had her toe read by spiritualist, went to a Renaissance Fair, had fun in a retro 1920's arcade (so much fun!) and tons of other interesting little tidbits that I'm saving for later!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday boy

Jeff- is my father in law aka super awesome man! And yes he had a birthday last week...his 65th to be exact. We love Jeff...alot! And to show him how much we love him- our family made a list of 65 reasons why he is the cat's meow, the bee's knees, a stud muffin etc.

Thought I would share the list with all of you...since he comes up occasionally in our life story written out within this blog.

Love you, Jeff! hehehehehehe!

1. Because you let us have a snowball fight on the lake. (The twins)

2. Your fun…really fun! (Pucca)

3. You let me read and talk to you…endlessly. (Pucca)

4. You let us play underneath the dining room table at Davey. (The twins)

5. You go on walks with us in the pasture. (The Girls)

6. You are the best ‘rock’

7. You have a great laugh.

8. You’re a wonderful grandpa

9. You’re a wonderful father

10. You’re an even more wonderful father in law!!!!

11. I remember you taking us to the zoo in Kansas city- it was so much fun! (Kwynn)

12. You always have the best stories to tell- I love hearing about your family and fun tidbits about the boy’s childhood. (Audra)

13. You’re pretty good at grilling…Easter ham! Yummmm

14. You’re a great role model.

15. You are a good customer when playing restaurant. (Pucca)

16. I’m thankful for all the family photos you took. (John)

17. I remember listening to Neil Diamond on road trips. Guess that means you had good taste in music- which I didn’t appreciate until I was older. (John)

18. You can pick people up by their ears! Very cool! (Pucca)

19. You have a big heart- always willing to help us and our family, whether it be with advice or with actions! We really appreciate all that you’ve done for us! (John and Audra)

20. You are always willing to play- like pulling John on the tube at Harlan, playing rock with the boys, pretend cooking with Pucca and talking with the girls.

21. You’re a meat-eater! I didn’t even know red meat extended beyond hamburger before I met you! (Audra)

22. I love being able to joke with you and not wondering if your going to take it personally. (Audra)

23. You taught me the value of hardwork- by having me pick up trash at the warehouse and paying me with a candybar. (John)

24. Impeccable taste in desserts- Boston crème pie and DQ…YUM!

25. People look up to you and respect you. Everyone who knows you has nothing but respect and admiration for you!

26. Your employees respect you- which says a lot for an employer. Many of them miss having you around the office on a daily basis- and have told me so on several occasions. (Audra)

27. You are sentimental- it takes a ‘real’ man to be so. Your love for family is very touching.

28. You taught us to sing Mr. moon. (Pucca)

29. You are very giving- I remember you surprising us with Panasonic All terrain bikes. (John)

30. I remember you buying me a red rider bb gun- it was best. You always knew the right gift to give. (John)

31. Starting my love for Husker football! Its become a borderline obsession- thanks! (Audra)

32. Its fun sitting with you on the deck and eating peanuts. We make a mess with the shells. (Pucca)

33. I remember going to Husker games with you – from as early as I can remember. We would watch the band warm up before the game…those are some of my fondest memories. (John)

34. I always thought you were the best for letting me take my friends to the football games- your were a cool dad. (John)

35. You share your interests with all of us- baseball, trains etc. And it let’s us know more about who you are as a person. And the more we know- the more we love!

36. You are very loving. Like taking Bo to the vet and waiting to have him put down until you knew the family could cope.

37. A dog lover- Max is spoiled with treats, picking her own bones and playing ball in the field. (Kwynn and Kynna)

38. Having a firm hand when necessary- I remember you yelling at John and I – and its what we needed. At the time I couldn’t believe you did that, now I think its one of the defining moments of my adult life. (Audra)

39. I remember you playing in the lake with us- not too many grandpas would do that. That was nice! (the girls)

40. A dreamer- buying that playset at Davey and thinking we could get it put together with out killing each other! (Audra)

41. Always full of fun ideas and thinking of the grandkids…a pumpkin patch, Santa on Christmas, the playset at Davey…

42. Friendly- you are always very kind and gracious… even with Gordie! (Audra)

43. Obviously we love you…so much so that we have to sit by you at every meal! (The Girls)

44. You have a way of making people feel comfortable. I was so nervous meeting you the first time- but you were very sweet and kind- which put me at ease. (Audra)

45. You compliment your wife perfectly- yen and yang…

46. You obviously knew a good thing when you saw it!

47. You always have something fun for us to do- like looking at baby geese or just walking on the beach. (The twins)

48. You help me with my rock collection! Remember that big truckload you got for me- that was the best! (Pucca)

49. Dutiful and honorable- having served our country! Now, was that on a base or a fort? Maybe it was a camp? J

50. Elvis look a like- not too many people can say that! That makes you super special! (Audra)

51. Cheesy popcorn… Enjoying the simple things in life!

52. Patient. Always willing to take time to explain things to us or the kids.

53. Pretty mellow- you take things in stride and are usually pretty easy going. I remember you teaching me how to use the tractor to remove fence posts and I nearly took John’s head off. You stayed surprisingly calm as you asked me to turn the tractor off. (Audra)

54. Hard worker- I remember when we first came to Davey and you jumped right in- clearing the trash piles, killing the thistles, mowing and cutting down trees.

55. A kid at Heart…the fire truck…need I say more!?

56. value family traditions and respect them. Which is awesome! Our children are learning to value them as well from watching you.

57. Willing to ask for help when needed- and for a man to do that – WOW! That’s special indeed!

58. Trustworthy…like letting us (me especially!) drive your new XLR! Wowzers! (Audra)

59. A good friend- I think it’s amazing your still in contact with people you went to grade school with!

60. Forgiving- I don’t think john and I could have messed up more than we did- but you were always there for us.

61. Papa bear- you’re the one we look up to and call when we need help, whether it be for work or family.

62. You’ve lived through 23741 sunrises and sunsets!

63. You are irreplaceable…no one could ever compare!

64. And we couldn’t imagine NOT having you in our lives!

65. Oh- and you have pretty sexy legs!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010


If you know me- then you know I LOVE the tv show GLEE! Such a funny, clever tv the format of a semi-musical! Perfection I must say! Awesome music, typical highschool stereotyping, a few star crossed love matches, a pregnant cheerleader and dance numbers you wish you could learn instantly. (one of my bucket list goals is to be part of a flash mob...are you kidding me? Who wouldn't want to be!? Here's one and this one too! Even Oprah has one!)

John thinks I'm nuts and finds something else to do when I'm watching it. I often find myself laughing out loud and secretly wishing I had enough courage to be Sue...say what you think when you think it- no pre-verbal editing or political correctness! Just for one day!

If you don't watch Glee...then rent it on Netflix or catch up online. Because you are seriously missing some great tv! By the way...season finale is on tomorrow night on FOX!

Friday, June 04, 2010

for a reason

So do you believe that things happen for a reason? And is that 'reason' divined from a higher being? or logic? or the rational effect following a cause? or just human biology?

I'm not quite sure. I do know that I love my family (all of you) and that as long as we're in this together- then everything will be a-ok!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

catching up

Summer is officially here in about 30 hours. Tomorrow is the girls' last day of school! They are excited! We are excited! Finally.

Summer for our family will be a lovely mix of crazy busy and relaxation. We have trips planned, softball schedules, summer camps, time marked down for days at Davey, special events at the zoo, friends having babies... and then its August! August will our calm. Three weeks of chilling at home...perfect set up for the start of school. I'm thinking by then- everyone will be begging for school to start! :)

Pucca is scheduled to have surgery the last week in July/first part of August...but its not final yet. Still have some questions for the doctors. We want to be sure this is the right decision for her. So if that goes through- part of our relaxation will be not so relaxing. But we'll make it work!

Softball: the girls are doing surprisingly well! They can hit the ball really well...we've already lost two balls in the trees next to our house. And they are excited about the season- which makes it exciting for us!

Pucca is headed to a class at Stuhr Museum. They have wonderful summer classes for children through adults. Some you can take with your child. They also have scholarships and financial assistance for families in need. It is an amazing facility- so much for kids to do and learn! If your ever in the area- stop and check it out!

Twilight-mania: We will be on vacation during the twins' birthday. And I saw this very cool post on hosting a Twilight party. Well, can you believe that the third movie installment of the Twilight series is set to come out in the end of June, the twins are into Twilight, the party sounds like guess what!? We're hosting a Twilight Premier Party at our house- then heading over to the theater to watch the midnight show! Fun Fun

Hope everyone is as excited as we are for summer to finally be here! YA- HOO! (as my mother in law would say)