Saturday, March 31, 2007


Shoe time. The girls are starting their spring sports and are in need of athletic shoes and they also need sandals for Easter and then they can use them this summer. This being week has been crazy busy and I need them to be with me- Kwynn has really narrow feet and its hard to find running shoes that work for her. I also needed to get Easter dresses for the twins. So I figured this weekend would be a great time to go...well that was my first mistake.

Mistake #1: thinking I would be only one out taking advantage of shopping on the weekend- especially at the mall and Target.

So we head to Target to get the dresses- I found the cutest khaki linen jumpers and then a denuim jacket for Kwynn and a camouflage jacket for McKynna (the dresses are sleeveless so I got the jackets (on sale for $5) to wear over them so they could wear them more often). But those aren't Easter-y so I got them yellow linen dresses- simple- with little white tshirts to wear under them. I know that isn't very typical of an Easter dress- but the twins didn't like any of the frilly pretty poofy dresses- so my selection was limited. Corynn on the other hand - has a pink satin poofy dress- very cute and even a little white lacy hat to wear with it.

On to the shoes... Target is right next door to a Payless so I thought I should stop there and just look to see if there were any sandals. This is where I realized my second mistake.

Mistake #2: Going shoe shopping with 3 girls by myself (actually my little brother happened to be with me and helped as much as he could- but really!? What can a man do when dealing with 3 girls and their shoes?!)

So I have three girls bringing me shoes from all directions and the store is packed. I finally get them measured and send them to find ONE pair of sandals in their respective sizes. I stayed and helped Corynn. My little brother found a pair of princess sandals that light up and Corynn just had to have them. I really don't like those character shoes and absolutely detest blinky shoes- but I didn't want to fight (I was outnumbered) and so I gave in.

McKynna found a pair of sandals pretty quickly and Corynn's sneakers were pretty easy to find too- she pretty much didn't care what they were as long as I bought the princess sandals.

We struck out with Kwynn- nothing would fit her narrow foot- so we headed to Sears. Gotta love the Kids Vantage Program! The mall was crazy busy- and Sears was having a shoe sale. Good for the wallet bad for my sanity! Way too many people! And the shoe dept is right by the escalators (can you tell where this is going?)

Kwynn got in a funk and didn't like any of the shoes because the one pair she wanted weren't available in her size. So I just picked a pair of white sneakers. Now onto McKynna and helping her find a pair- she is more tomboyish- so we looked at boy shoes. I can understand she doesn't want pink shoes- but I had to draw the line at black-high top-so-obviously-boy shoes. I finally convinced her she liked a gender neutral pair and it was then at this point that I realized my third mistake.

Mistake #3: Do a visual check on Corynn every two minutes rather than three minutes.

I had lost Corynn in Sears on Saturday afternoon! Sure why not! I grab the other two girls and our two boxes of shoes and start looking for Corynn- then I hear her laughing. I look up and see her heading up the escalator. Dang kid darn near gave me a heart attack. So I grab her and set off to find Kwynn some sandals. By now I was tired and just wanted to leave. I find a super cute pair- and they were in her size - a sign from above I was just sure and she liked them. We head to the check out, pay and leave. As we get out the doors - its downpouring! Corynn doesn't want to get wet and starts crying. I am carrying my purse, two bags of shoes and trying to hold onto Corynn to keep her with me. It was a this point I realized my fourth mistake.

Mistake #4: Leaving my house this morning with three girls to go shoe shopping

I gently drag her to the car through the rain and then swear to never to do this again. We head for home. We get home and I am going through everything- double checking sizes and having the kids try things on just to make sure. It was then we realize that Kwynn's super cute sandals...the one pair she liked- weren't a pair. We had two left shoes...uh huh! I then realize my fifth mistake.

Mistake #5: Getting out of bed this morning.

Friday, March 30, 2007

ahhhhhh!!!- these are our girls!!!

the hairy one with the annoyed look on her face is Emma. John wanted a picture of the girls for his desk at work- and I thought the pic should have his little girl, Emma, in it as well. She is a funny dog! She is a year and half old and is pretty obedient- as obedient as a pup can be! John was dead set against getting her but from the minute we got her home she was his baby! Funny how that works!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

HUH?! What's wrong with this picture?

Come on, guess!!!

Hint: Something to do with the babies!

That's right- there are THREE of them. Last week I had posted about having to go buy a new baby since the old one was getting a bit ragged. We ended up getting twins babies as replacements. But this was on the assumption she would retire the old one. When I went to throw it away- she started crying. So I put it in the guest room closet under some stuff- and decided to wait and throw it away when she was at school. Well- I forgot about it---- until she I went to turn off her night light last night and noticed she had all three of them.

That little stinker found the old one! This morning I asked her where she found it and she told me she found in gma's room in the closet and that she had moved it to her room a few days ago. But she was hiding it in her closet now- except at bed time- then old baby could come out!

I can't help but think I was bamboozled! and by a three year old! This can't be good!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am getting so antsy about planting my flowers and after reading Christy's blog- my herbs! Planting time just can't get here soon enough!

I love how green everything is and the early spring blooms- tulips and daffodils. Some of my crocus is still blooming too! I would have a picture- but a few days ago Corynn picked me a pretty bouquet and so most of them are gone.

My grasses are doing pretty good too! I have tons of ribbon grass and this really pretty blue green grass! Grasses are so hardy and pretty much take care of themselves- so I like them! They can be invasive, but then you just separate them and have more to plant somewhere else in the yard! I also like hastas! My neighbor has the gigantic hostas that he splits every year and gives me some- every yard has room for more hostas!

I also like yellow daylillies and mums. Pretty and green and last a long time, most of the summer- then the mums bloom in the fall. I planted ivy a few years ago- and now its finally taking off!

The girls like to spread Zinnia seeds in our flower garden. They just put them in a shaker and walk around spreading them- they don't even cover them with dirt. And every time they come up and last all summer. Very easy if the little ones want to help you plant. And they are good for cutting or floating in bowl for a center piece!

Mother's day is my favorite- as a tradition in my family- my mom, grandma and I go buy annuals and hanging baskets! Its fun- my grandma has a beautiful flower garden and its nice to get her input. I usually end up planting my mom's pots for her- she can't grow anything! But we love her! She is pretty good about keeping them watered! :0) Its a fun tradition- the girls usually go with us, but last year Corynn's most favorite colors in the world were pink and purple- so all of my pots ended up pink and purple! Which isn't bad but this year all of my pots are going to be white with green foliage accents- so we'll have to see how she feels about that! She likes white so I am thinking this will work! I am also going to try a few potted trees...might have to research that more before I actually invest!

So can you tell how eager I am?

Monday, March 26, 2007


I am hoping to tackle my HUGE to do list since I am feeling much better this week! Here it is:
  • Clean Corynn's room 1) move dresser 2) Hang baskets 3) vacuum 4)go through toys, books and clothes then put in 'trash', 'donation' and 'keep' piles
  • Call a few painters and get estimates for inside and out
  • Call a landscaper about front yard and gets at least two bids
  • Clean out van
  • Call contractor about flooring project in the dining room and family room
  • Get Easter stuff for Montessori Egg Hunt and turned in by Friday
  • Go with the girls and buy them new running shoes and sandals
  • Get Kwynn knee pads for vball practice on Friday
  • Clean out and organize the garage (Not a major cleaning- just a quick pick up)
  • Buy grass seed for the mud pit off the front yard (so sick of looking at it)
  • Figure out what I am going to feed the sister missionaries on Wed
  • Vacuum the family room and dining area
  • Spot treat the dirt marks by the couch (Man, I can't wait for wood floors)
  • Dust- since we didn't get it done this weekend
  • Get invitations for Corynn's bday party
  • Find superman figurine for Corynn's bday cake
  • Get Trevor a money order
  • Mail out goodies for sisters on my VT list
  • Figure out April's budget
  • Get bills paid and ready to send out by Thursday
There is more- but those are on my actual list of stuff to do this week- besides my second job as family taxi for school, swim lessons, 4H, etc and normal household things like laudry and dishes, making lunches and general picking up after everyone.

I am not complaining- I love being a stay at home mom! Just some weeks get so full you wonder if you'll get it all done. I'll let you know if I succeeded at the end of the week.
Bend it like, Kynna!

Look out Beckham- here's McKynna! Soccer season has officially started and McKynna has her first game on Saturday. She is back with the same team from last year- and the first practice was last week. This is her last year of micro soccer- this fall she moves up to Rec (which uses a much larger field). Her coach is having the girls run alot more to get them ready for the transition this fall. They are practicing at a local park that has a huge sledding hill. He makes them run up and down this hill at the beginning of practice and then a few times at the end. And its a pretty steep hill!

The funny part is- Kwynn was on her little pity pot last week during McKynna's practice and said that it wasn't fair McKynna gets to practice outside and her volleyball has to be inside. And its not fair this and its not fair that. Then I had her watch McKynna run up the huge hill and see how tiresome it was and that she was lucky! She continued to complain. So I told her that I would bring her back the next day to run up the hill- five times. We did and she was TIRED! Tonight, McKynna has practice again and the first thing Kwynn told me this morning was that she is so excited for Volleyball to start and she's glad she's not in soccer anymore. It was funny- hopefully this episode of twin envy is over!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I woke up earlier this week to the chirping of little birds. Its been so nice, weather-wise, that we have been able to leave the windows open at night. Its a sure sign of I was excited! That was Tuesday...then Friday comes. I have been sick with the flu all week and John was out of town so I had to hold down the fort all by my sick self. By Friday I was TIRED... so with the twins at school and Corynn wanting to take a nap - we laid down in my bed. Corynn fell asleep almost instantly...but those dang birds. There are only a few birds in the morning and the chirping is so light and sweet. But by afternoon- there are a hundred freaking birds chirping, not including the woodpeckers, squirrels and neighborhood dogs barking. I was about to go insane! Finally I shut the window and turned on the air conditioning. I also turned the radio on really low - to drowned out any chirps that might have penetrated the double pained window. Some chirp on a crazy high pitched frequency that can penetrate walls- I swear!

UGHGHHH! I really do love spring and planting flowers and grasses and getting my pots all done up- but not when I am sick with the flu and practically dead on my feet! Doesn't nature know this!

Anyway- I am feeling better today. Its crazy you can go to bed still feeling horrible and then wake up feeling almost normal. Hopefully its over with! Knock on wood the kids don't get it!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A death in the family and another set of twins...

Now don't freak out just yet- it was only Baby #3 that died. But anyone who know Baby knows she is very much a member of the family. I have been hot gluing her arms and legs back on the body for the last few months. She has pen all over her head (Corynn thought she needed some more hair) and marker on her legs. She is also filthy- Baby never wore clothes- and I was afraid she wouldn't make it through the spin cycle of my front loader so she hasn't been washed in awhile.

SOOO- last weekend Corynn came to me crying because her baby was 'dying'. Her arm had been ripped off yet again. I asked her if it was time to retire this baby (she has been through two others- one usually lasts about a year)- and she said yes. So we went shopping for a new baby- but when we got to the store, she found twin babies from the same brand. So now we have another set of twins in the family. I initially thought this was good because then they should last twice as long- but I soon realized that this meant we now have TWO babies to keep track of and find at bed time. One good thing is - is that the clothes are sewn on so no more naked baby!

asked to see one- She is really funny with them, though. We were coming home from school today and McKynna asked to see one of them. Corynn told her she wouldn't want one because they have poopy pants! And she said it in such a matter of fact tone! I would be worried about a mommy complex- but she also loves Superman and soccer so I am not that worried.

McKynna and Kwynn think she is crazy- they never liked baby dolls or girly things. They were always into dinosaurs, bugs and TMNT. Its crazy how different siblings can be! Gotta love them though!
Like nails on a chalkboard

My husband is in Colorado on business and when he's gone I let Corynn sleep with me. Which isn't that bad- she doesn't kick or roll like the twins did. Thank Goodness! But she does do one thing that drives me crazy...she grinds her teeth! ughhhh! I didn't get to sleep until 2 am lastnight and then had to get up at 5:30 this needless to say I am tired and still have the flu like symptoms. None of the girls have gotten sick and or feel yucky- so that's good! The only upside I see... is that hopefully from a week with out eating much but crackers- i should lose a few pounds! Which is always good in my book! :o)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am starting early...

I know I wasn't going to start until April 1st- but I was getting antsy and John is out of town for the next few days and I am sick in bed and getting bored- so here it goes.
This week Corynn started gymnastics and swim lessons. Corynn has Erbs Palsey in her right arm which affects the movements she can make with her elbow and shoulder. She can't reach straight up and is a little weak in the right bicep. She can't reach out to the side without twisting her arm down and pulling it back and also has a hard time making big circles with her right arm- which she really hasn't had to use until now. In fact we thought she was near 100% until last fall when the twins were trying to teach her to jump rope. She is still much better than ever expected and we are thrilled with her recovery. But being a mom- I worry about her getting frustrated or getting made fun of because of certain movements she can't do. John and I have always FYI'd her teachers and now her instructors so they know, and we have also told them not to give her special treatment- let her try and she usually finds a way to do it. With her gymnastics class- there is actually another girl with Erb's Palsey. Hers is a much more severe case of the palsey than Corynn's. Her mom and I talked through the entire class and it was interesting to talk to someone who has gone through such similar experiences. Her daughter didn't get the primary surgery until she was 2 and Corynn had hers when we she was 3 months. On the way home, I just thought about how thankful I am for the blessings and advice we got immediately after Corynn's birth. Things could have turned out so differently.
With the swimming- she lacks the movements required to do the crawl stroke and breast stroke. But on the first day she figured a way to tweak the arm movement on the crawl stroke and still accomplish the pull. It was crazy- her instructor was amazed! And she is going to work with Corynn on her arm pull for the breast stroke and see if there is a technique Corynn can use to accomplish that stroke. We are truly blessed and so is she.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A personal test!!!

Last year, Kori told me about this whole blogging thing. And my first thought was...this can be my journal. I am fascinated with reading- LOVE IT ! And my most favorite thing to read are real life stories about the every day life of ordinary people. It gives me a sense of community and lets me know I am not the only one who has been awoken at 3 am to a child puking on me. Christy's blog mentioned it was a kind of therapy and I agree. But there is another huge benefit that blogging provides...journaling. I used to journal everyday when I was a teenager and then quit once the kids started coming. Sad... really. I have read through some of my journals and its so interesting to see and remember how I felt about certain things and people. I am not an emotionally open person. Its hard for me to put into words how I feel about someone or something. I mean I can write about it, but its hard for me to speak those words. For some reason, speaking things make them open to the public and with that comes the possibility of getting hurt. So its easier for me to write things... then I don't have to see the reaction or deal with the aftermath. I am a complicated and troubled person, obviously. (HA!) But my point is...when my children are older...I want them to be able to read this and possibly see another side of their mother. I may only blog for a year or maybe five years...but when I am done, I can print it off and put it with my other journals and hopefully the girls will find it interesting. If nothing else I can read it when I am old and remember way back when. SOOOOO... my personal challenge for the month of April is to blog a post everyday. No matter how mundane or trivial the post maybe. So we will see how it goes! I admire Christy - for her openess and diligence. Eva and Caleb will love to read what you have written. Eva will be able to go back and read exactly how you felt during the adoption process and the anticipation for her arrival. Its very cool and very special!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My mother-in-law...

My mother-in-law is an amazing woman! Partially because she survived the raising of my husband (haha), but mostly because she is courageous and strong! In late January, during a routine dr visit, a lump was found on her breast. She had breast cancer almost 20 years ago but fought it successfully with chemo and radiation. This time she wanted to be sure there would be no relapse and opted for a double mastectomy. Her surgery was just last week and she is doing great. But I didn't want this post to focus on this one experience- because this has not been one to define her.
She was already a strong woman! She is such a tiny lady...only five foot and barely 100lbs...and I have always been a bit afraid of her. NOT because she was mean or anything, but because she seemed to have everything figured out. Its a little scary to meet someone so put together...who has it all under control. She is well respected in community and is truly a wonderful mom and grandma. She is creative, informative and has taught me a great deal about being a good wife, mother and overall person. I have been with her son for 11 years and we have been married nine of those. Our marriage didn't start out under the greatest of circumstances and she made the best out of a bad situation. I know it must have been hard for her, but she was supportive, loving and generous and allowed us to make our own decisions. They weren't the greatest decisions and we nearly drove her crazy- I am sure of it! But she continued to support us and guide us and I will never forget that!
Up until last week I thought she was invincible- that she would live forever. But when I saw her in that hospital room hooked up to machines it hit me just how strong of a woman she is. She is the backbone of the family. She is the voice of reason and the one who keeps everyone on track. She is one we all call when we need to know something about cooking, projects in the home, kids, fevers and everything else. Now don't get me wrong, My mother in law and I have butted heads many of times...but I respect her and would be lost with out her around- and so would the rest of the family. She is a giver, a matriarch, a friend, a mentor, a wonderful cook, an amazing seamstress, super creative and once again she is a survivor. We are all so lucky and grateful to be able to call her family! We love you, Nancy!

Monday, March 12, 2007


This week is spring break and I am going to be home alone all week with the kids. I need ideas on what to do or where to go- in order to keep busy. If not - I might just go bonkers!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

This week...

We went sledding Sunday before church- we were running late and we all had to shower- so only the twins and I made it to church - Corynn stayed home with John. I get home from church to find my daughter in the dog kennel...with our dog...and they were having fun!

I must have had an angry confused look on my face because John immediately explained the
she wanted to be in there and it was her idea and she was having fun! Uhhh- how long has she been in there was the first sentence from my mouth. The answer: an hour! Hmmmm- is that considered child abuse or endangerment if she is having fun!! Just kidding- its never that easy to entertain her when I have to do it. She continued to stay in there for another 45 minutes before she finally got bored. Crazy kid!

John's bday was on Tuesday and we went to Shogun's for dinner. The girls loved it- especially Corynn! When the chef started flipping food- she started smiling and then looked at me and said "He really shouldn't be playing with his food!" It was cute and we all had a good time! the girls made John a birthday banner and surprised him with some gifts when he got home. It was cute!
Wednesday night the girls and I went grocery shopping for the food bank. The girls' school is having a contest to see which grade can raise the most items in a week for the food bank. They were down by almost 100 items and I wasn't sure how many things they expected me to buy. So we bought cornbread mix, pizza dough mix, corn, green beans, macaroni, Hamburger Helper etc- I just shopped until I felt that we had enough- we went to check out and had only spent $45 but there were 178 items. CRAZY! It helped to have coupons and hit the store sales. But the girls were so excited about taking it to school on Thursday. We needed a dolly to get it all to the classrooms. The girls were gone from school on Friday- so we don't know if the 3 grade won or not. And this week is spring they will have to wait a week...or maybe they can call someone and find out the results. It was fun and the girls liked helping people- they told me last night it didn't matter if they won or not. It made me proud.

Saturday- we went skating at the skate zone. I only fell once...twice...ok three times- well actually it was 4...ughhh... ok... it was 5 times. But it was substantially less then the girls! =)
It was fun and thank goodness it was only a two hour session. Not sure how I will be tomorrow- I am already feeling sore. None of the pix turned out due to the poor lighting- but here is one of Corynn with her friend. They did skate- so much so that we had to bribe them with candy and soda to keep of the floor during the limbo and adult skate.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sledding - the Kelly way!

Sunday was a beautiful day- and we desperately needed one. So we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took the kids sledding at Davey. We headed out first thing in the morning and the kids went sledding for close to an hour. Each of my children had a mishap- of course! The girls are what you call accident prone- or just clumsy- I not completely sure which one. Corynn hit a tree on her first solo run- a tiny spindly tree that she had to veer way off course to hit! It happened in slow motion and we all saw it coming. We tried to get her to turn and/or roll off- but no she was having too much fun and hit it straight on. No - permanent damage or injury- but scary and funny at the same time. Kwynn had a good run and went right under a barbed wire fence. Her coat and pants got snagged and she was stuck- she was lucky because it could have been worse-- I was expecting blood and stitches- but no! The only casualty was the coat! Then McKynna and Kwynn rode together- and had a great run- so good that they passed the end of run and ended up in the ditch. They stopped hard and McKynna hit her face on Kwynn's head- blood oozed everywhere. Her nose was gushing- and of course the white snow covered in blood was a bit unnerving! But we have to come to expect this sort of stuff on family outings- in fact I carry a fully stocked first aid kit in my van- for just such an occasion. We laughed, we cried, there was blood sweat and tears (most of the sweat was by me having to walk back up the dang hill every time- how do kids have so much energy!?) In all we had tons of fun- and would do it again in a heart beat!