Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I take hundreds of photos of my kids every year. They grow up so fast and I want something more tangible than just the memories of them as babies, youngsters and teens. I want photographs of us playing in the yard, softball games, getting ready for dances, cooking dinner and dog piles in family room. I want to be able to look back and see the smiles, laughter and love.

With that in thought- our tulips in the courtyard are blooming. And last year, Evie took such adorable photos out there next to them. I loved it! So I wanted to try that again. Well- what a difference a year makes!!! Here's how it went down...

This is when I told her to put her blanket down...that went over well! Can't ya tell!?

I finally get her blanket and binky-free... and I get attitude

and tears

and screaming

and wailing!

fine...have your blanket and binky. (btw- love the expression in her eyes...one of those 'and you thought you were in control!')

I still think she's a cutie!

And the only photo of the day with a smile- is when the wind is blowing and has her looking like the Texas Longhorn mascot. owell  :)

 Its all about the memories...and an evening I won't soon be forgetting! 

Monday, April 29, 2013

in a flash

Last week seemed to zoom by around here! I'm thinking its a combination of anxiousness for school to be out, finishing up school projects and programs, projects around the house etc. Seems like when you are busy, time just flies by!

The weather was decent last week...for the first time this season! So we started putting in the garden. The herbs, tomatoes, bush beans, cantaloupe, zucchini, cucumbers, radish, carrots and lettuce are all planted. There is supposed to be a light freeze this week- but we have a plan to save the plants. Crazy to think that its going to be May already and we are just putting in the garden! Last year we harvested lettuce for Mother's Day!

I also planted 140 bulbs around our yard; 80 Asian lilies and 60 gladiolas. Can't wait for them to come up! I love the color they add. And with the late start in the season...we should be enjoying them mid to late June! The twins helped me plant 100 tulips last fall and I love them! It was so exciting to see them finally bloom!

I hope to post a 'before' and 'after' pic this week of our front porch. We put in new railings and are painting it and the front door! Should give the house a new fresh look! Exciting!

Evie is keeping us super busy. She is a regular tornado. She will pull every toy and ball out of the garage when playing in the front yard. Its pretty much the same thing when she enters a room. Crazy little bugger!

Tried to take 18 month photos of her yesterday...I'll post those tomorrow. :)

Happy Monday to all!

Monday, April 22, 2013

busy busy weekend

Back to Monday! This weekend was super busy and just flew by!

Friday was Corynn's sleepover birthday party at our acreage. Let's just say I'm glad its over! ugh! Kids! I was able to snap a few cute group photos! Here's one on the fallen tree (a favorite spot of our girls)-

Saturday was crammed packed. Kids were all picked up around noon. Corynn and Evie played outside while John and I worked in the garden. We then put Evie down for a nap and spread 4 cubic yards of mulch. How much mulch is that - you ask. Well its a pile about 4 feet high, 6 feet long and 4-5 feet wide. HUGE. ginormous. tons. We were tired! Corynn was a super helper though! The twins were at the State Science Olympiad competition. So they lucked out! 

Once all the hard work was finished...Corynn goofed off with the neighbor kid. They made duct tape goatees. So funny!

There was also a beautiful sunset Saturday evening...which was a lovely end to a long day!

Sunday was busy finishing up little errands. The girls finished up homework, we took Corynn and Evie to the zoo and planted some new plants.
Evie loved the zoo...well the little animals. The camels...not so much. 

And ended the evening cuddling up together. Evie sure does love her sisters! She will just throw her blanket on their lap, grab her sippy cup or bottle, snack and baby doll and make herself at home. Sometimes the twins act annoyed, but you know they love it! :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

PaRtY like a RoCkStAr

Tomorrow is Corynn's birthday party. A small group of girls for a sleep over. Its what she wanted. And I've learned that if you just do what they want - it won't matter if its Pinterest perfect or Martha approved. Kids just don't really care about all that.

So a sleepover it is. I'm taking the girls and Evie out to our acreage. John is staying back with the twins (they have their big State Science Olympiad competition bright and early Saturday morning).

All the birthday girl requested was cream soda, popcorn candy mix and rent two movies. Sounds good to me!

But...being the person that I am - I couldn't let it end there. Since we were having the party close to Earth Day (April 22nd)- I decided and convinced Corynn that should be the theme of the party. She was game. We are having dirt cake dessert and a few Earth day inspired crafts. 10 year old girls are a fun age to do things with! :)

It also works out nicely because I can finely use up some of my Earth Day stock pile that I have. I've been wanting to have an Earth Day party with Corynn and her school class for years...but it just seems like so much work. I love planning parties and having get togethers, but some of the joy left when Evie joined the picture. Not sure if its time, priorities or what...

Pictures to come of the favors, dessert and party! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

just saying

John's parents sold their house last November. Which was pretty good timing considering they winter in Texas and basically could just head down there and reassess Nebraska housing when they come back up this spring/summer. Anyway...my mother in law gifted me three of her house plants. Well actually two plants and one tree. 

AND I just want to say.....THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!!!!! 

I'm sure some of you are thinking- Ya right! Where's the proof!? 

Well, here ya go! 6 months and counting! Woo hoo!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what is going on?

The news of the explosions at the Boston Marathon yesterday has me questioning so much. What is this world coming to? Is this the future our children have to look forward too? Why would someone do that? What possesses someone to do that? Is any place safe?

We are a news watching family. The girls and I have the news running on the tv in the morning while getting ready for the day. And we watch the local and national news in the evening. I decided to tell the girls when I picked them up from school because I knew the evening news would be covering every aspect of the story.

I asked the twins if they had heard about the explosions in Boston today (internet, social media and smart phones...news travels fast!).

They had.

I asked them what they thought of it or if they had any questions. No not really. Not even Corynn. They all thought it was terrible but acted as though it was a common occurrence. Like "that sucks, but what can you do" type of response. And I don't think its because my children are heartless or cold- because they are just the opposite. They love and care for so much. But I think our youth are just becoming jaded to the violence.

In the girls' lifetime...they have seen Colombine, 9/11, War in the Middle East and Afghanistan, shootings in at the mall in Omaha, shootings at Virginia Tech, shooting at a middle school in Millard, Aurora Colorado, Newtown...the list goes on and on. The news is constantly reporting these horrific events. And I don't blame the news...this is the world we live in. We need to know what kind of people we are sharing it with.

I'm just sad. Sad for the spectators who were killed and injured. I'm sad for their families. I'm sad for my children and all children for that matter. Innocence is being lost everyday and that is sad.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

my mama

My mother turned 55 years old today! Love that lady! Here's to 55 more...

Thursday, April 11, 2013


We lost a family member today. Our dear sweet Max. I remember when John told me his parents got a dog- I was shocked! And the story of how they acquired her was even more shocking! My mother in law bid on the puppy at a charity auction!!! My father in law left the table and when he came back his wife had won them a dog! They named her Maxine- Max for short.

She was the sweetest thing ever! She came into the family almost a year old...at about that stage where they are dog sized but still act like a big puppy. The twins were just 2 and she was the best with them! Max loved to drag people around when she was on her leash but if the twins were leading her around- she was as gentle as could be. She never rough housed them or nipped at them. She would let them crawl on her and never snarled once.

She loved to be next to people. When ever I was sitting on the floor, she would wonder over and plop her butt in my lap. Wanting to be pet and loved.

She was spoiled rotten by John's parents. They got Max soon after John left the house- she soon became their surrogate daughter. She would go on errands and was very specific about her bones and when she wanted them. She had the craziest little growl/howl that she would do when she wanted you to pay attention to her. She loved to play ball in the field. She also loved baby bunnies...not in the good way though. But she was a bred hunting dog and that's what they did. Funny thing about this hunting dog...she hated loud noises. Thunder, fire works and her in her later years just the sense of an impending storm would send her hiding in the closet. Poor thing. While at Davey, she would come in our room and sleep in the bed with John and I.

A funny story about Max. My sister in law, Amy and I were out at Davey with the kids. We were getting ready to take all the kids to the lake. Jeff and Nancy just told us to make sure Max was in the house and she would be fine until they got back from their errands. After about 20 minutes of getting the kids sunscreened up, the car loaded and kids buckled in...we notice Max laying in the drive way. Crap...Max! So Amy gets out and tries to coax her in the house. No go. I get out and try bribing her with a treat. No go. I offer her a bone- she raises her head at the offer then lays back down. Its hot, the kids are waiting and we've already spent 10 minutes trying to get Max in the house. We spend another 10 minutes begging and pleading with this dog to please just get in the house. Finally, Amy and I walk over to her and pick her up. It took both of us. Silly silly dog.

She was a really sweet dog. We will miss her!