Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Move over Van Gogh

We have an artist in the Kelly family. Kwynn loves to draw and sketch, although she is shy when it comes to showing her work. She hates for me to show it off. But I am proud of her and wanted to share a few.

Sherlock Holmes BBC version (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Thomas Andrews (designer of the Titanic)

Clara Oswin Oswald from Dr Who

A depiction of the Triangle Fire

Ghosts of Chernobyl

And she's only 15! Can't wait to see what else she creates! And if you can believe it...she's a better writer than artist. She has published some of her stories online and has followers. I am so proud of her! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our family had another lovely Christmas...spent with those we love! 

Here's a quick recap:

MONDAY December 23rd our little family celebrated Christmas with dinner out and opening gifts

 Corynn received a much desired pair of cowgirl boots! She's wanted her own pair since she outgrew Gma Kelly's. 

Corynn made her sisters burlap pillows representing their fandoms. Kwynn's says "Number 10" for the 10th doctor on Doctor Who and McKynna's is a stag silhouette for Hannibal. 

TUESDAY December 24th was spent at our home with the Kelly clan. Luke and Amy came in from Omaha for the day and John's parents came over. We spent the afternoon together. I didn't get many photos...bummer! 

Boys being boys and Kynna just shaking her head. Kind of funny! 

Our 6 year old nephew showing me how he twerks. hmmmm. Silly kid. 

WEDNESDAY December 25 was spent in GI town with my mom and grandparents. 

Evie snagged the house phone and pretended to call people all night. At least I think she was pretending...we may be hearing from the grandparents when they get their bill. :)

And our 4 generation photo...

It was truly a lovely Christmas! 
Many blessings to all this new year! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas break

I love Christmas time. Not necessarily because of the gifts and Santa and the trees and stockings etc etc etc. But because there is a change in atmosphere. People are usually a little kinder. The kids a little better. The weather bitterly cold leaving us to snuggle at home and stay cozy by the fire. My favorite part of the holiday is spending time with family! We have no tradition when it comes to holidays except that our plans always include family time. And I'm ok with that. That's a pretty great anchor to ground our holidays and help us focus on the true meaning. 

Christmas break officially starts tomorrow at 9:30am for the twins (they only have one class final tomorrow) and 2:53pm for Corynn. I'm not going to lie...I'm really excited! I like having the kids home...the bickering I could do with out- but for the most part it's great! 

I'm still working on the other blog. Hoping to work all this out over Christmas break. Transfer all my projects and fun stuff over to the other one and get this one back to what it once was. A journal. My journal. My take on mothering, being a wife and raising our chaotic bunch. Posts haven't been coming as easy as they once did and I think that's because I lost focus of what I wanted this to be. This is my autobiography of sorts. Something that my children can look back on and share with their families. A place to preserve family memories, stories and events. I choose to share it with family and friends. But it is really for me and my family. So hopefully I can get all this sorted out over the next week or so and start fresh January 1st! 

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cutting back on Zombie time

It's no secret that our family (mostly just John, Corynn and I) love zombies...especially the tv show Walking Dead. It dvr tapes from 8-9 and most Sunday nights you will find us in our bed watching the latest episode. Corynn comes in with a snack, Evie plays around the room and we get cozy under the blankets and watch the zombies eat people. I say cozy...but I really mean we get under the covers so we can pull them over our eyes when needed. 

What I hadn't realized... is that Evie is taking in more than I thought.

Just the other day I noticed her crawling on all fours and growling. I thought she was pretending to be an animal...she loves her animal book and likes to practice the animal sounds. Then she snuck up on me while I was doing dishes and acted like she was eating my leg. Hmmmmm. 

me: "Are you being a bear, Evie?" 

Evie: "no. "

me: "Are you pretending to be a dinosaur?" 

Evie: "no." 

me: "hmm. What are you, silly girl!?"

Evie: "A zmbeeeee." 

me: "A what?"

Evie: "a zmbeeeee"

me: "huh."

I had no idea what she was trying to say, but later it dawned on me that she was trying to say ZOMBIE. I asked her if she was a zombie and she shook her head in happy approval. Freaking lovely.

It's a good thing she only pretend bites...we may need to have a talk if it escalates. But for now- I am alerting any and all visitors to our home. Evie may try to nibble on you. But if she does...that means she likes you!

You've been warned. :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I love snowflakes! The big fluffy airy ones. We were lucky enough to enjoy watching those fall all weekend long! It was amazing!

Last year I casually snapped this photo of some snowflakes as I was waiting for the kids to get out school.

The intricate delicate crystals are amazingly beautiful! I'm now hooked on trying to photograph the perfect snowflake. 

AND then there's these beauties...that I can enjoy every day! 

The twins and I cut out snowflakes Friday evening (per the advent calendar day 6)...it was alot of fun! 

Thanks pinterest for the instructions- otherwise ours would have looked like they were made by kindergartners. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I'm making this blog private. I will start a public one for projects, crafts and party idea, decorations etc so that I can still share fun ideas. Which is located here. I haven't set it up yet, but the blog address is up. I'll start transferring previous posts and setting up the page soon.

Anyway...if you would like to continue reading about our family and our chaotic musings- all you have to do is send me an email or comment to this post. And I will add you. I'm pretty open (hence the blogging!) So the next time you come to this blog you will be asked to sign in with your email. Invite only kind of thing! oooooooh! Makes ya feel special, huh!?

Thanks a bunch!!


Our family is adjusting to some devastatingly sad news. John's mom is struggling with breast cancer for a third time. I'm not going to give you a play by play of what's going on -I'm pretty sure HIPA wouldn't approve! Is HIPA even around anymore!? Either way- cancer is cancer and cancer sucks! There is no eloquent way to phrase that...it just does!

In an effort to show her support and to give to the cause, they donated almost 2 feet of hair to the Beautiful Lengths program sponsored by Pantene. It was their idea, their decision and their small personal act of love for Nancy. Corynn didn't have enough to donate by wanted to show her support by cutting her hair super short in a pixie cut. This was a big thing for her- she has been trying to grow her hair out for months.

                           I love these girls and their sweet hearts! They are such great kids!

Monday, December 02, 2013


We have started our Advent Calendar for the season and I thought I would share it with you!

I made the calendar and talked about that here. But actually coming up with daily things and gifts was the hard part! Also the timing...like making sure that we make gingerbread houses on a weekend, because week nights are always crazy busy.

I also found little gifts to incorporate...I explained to the girls (Evie's too little to understand Santa and the older ones already know we believe in the spirit of Santa rather than the chubby man in a red suit) that their stockings may be a little light this year, because we are doing the calendar too! They didn't care at all and are totally thrilled with the idea!

I also attached little clues to the bags...like the snowflake ornament, cookie cutter and holiday light. Some gifts were obviously too big for the little burlap bags...so they are wrapped and labeled with their corresponding number. The tag in the bag will alert them if there is a gift too. For example, "Stay toasty and warm with a cup of hot cocoa! p.s. open gift #3"

So here are our activities!!

  1. chocolate truffle
  2. Hug your sisters
  3. Hot chocolate (travel coffee mugs for each)
  4. Write or call a grandparent
  5. Grinch poo (green tic tacs with little poem...follow the link)
  6. Cut out snowflakes (snowflake ornament)
  7. monogrammed playing cards
  8. Make gingerbread houses
  9. Gather clothes to donate from closets
  10. Share your favorite Christmas memory (thumb drives for each)
  11. Do 5 good deeds today
  12. Compliment someone (pack of gum)
  13. Listen to everyone's favorite Christmas song (iTunes card)
  14. Drive around and look at Christmas lights (holiday lightbulb)
  15. Decorate sugar cookies for neighbors (cookie cutter)
  16. Read a Christmas book
  17. Make someone smile (chapstick)
  18. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for (pencil)
  19. crocheted scarves (made by me!)
  20. Watch a Christmas movie together
  21. Mistle toes (nail polish)
  22. Make a snowman, snow angel or have a snow ball fight 
  23. Notecards personalized for each girl
  24. Christmas pajamas
  25. Merry Christmas...check your stockings!