Tuesday, August 28, 2012

pearly whites

Kwynn, McKynna, Corynn and I all had dental cleanings and checkups today! Woo freaking hoo. Out of the four of us, we left with six cavities. I know that sounds bad, but it's actually even worse than that! Three out of the four of us came away with perfectly healthy pearly whites. Ummm ya.... Can you guess who has some fillings in her future!?

here's a hint!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The carnival came to town!

We had a circus/carnival inspired birthday party for Evie this past weekend! She will be turning ONE on Wednesday!

The party was alot of fun...a little stressful, but fun! Stressful because we planned an outdoor soiree. And since our part of country is in a severe drought with little to no measurable rain in months, we thought we were golden. HA! Well, I watched the weather like a hawk the week leading up to the party... I mean I was on intellicast, weather underground and our local news website about every hour with updates sent to my phone twice a day. It did no good- because all I kept seeing was the chances of rain increasing with each day! And it was bitter sweet...because I really didn't want it to rain out the party but I really wanted the rain for our yard, our garden and for the River...my oh my that thing is low!

Oh well! It rained...so we watched the radar up until an hour before the party hoping it would clear up! An hour before party time we made the decision to set everything up in the basement and if it cleared up we would plug in the bounce house. Oh ya- did I mention we rented a bounce house...and it rained! :(

Thank goodness the girls had some friends over and my mom was here to help with the chaos! Also very thankful some people cancelled because having 60-70 people in my house would have been a bit nuts!

In the end- it did clear up! The kids were able to bounce to their heart's delight and the games went off just fine in the basement!

Here are photos of the party!

Top left: aprons I made the twins and their friends to wear as they ran the carni games, a balloon banner, mustache straws- super cute!, tickets and prize bags for each child, a photo booth with props, a cotton candy board we made to hold mini bags of sugary goodness at the concessions table

Top left: Evie's shear joy of tearing into gifts, can knock down game, Evie in the bounce house, balloon/dart game and Evie getting her cake!

Happy Birthday little one! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time flies

One year ago, I looked like this:

And shortly after we were blessed with this chubby little bundle of joy!

Evlynn 'Evie' Cecilia Kelly

I can not believe that she will be one next week...in seven short days! Wow! She keeps us on our toes- she's just learning to walk, getting into cabinets, pulling things off of anything with in reaching distance and has developed a lovely screeching battle cry when she doesn't get her way! Fun times!

We love her so much- and although I always knew we were one short in our family...I never could have expected such an amazing special spirit! She's a perfect match to our family, a lovely addition! Thinking back now- I can't imagine how our family would be without her! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What did you do last weekend?

We headed out to Camp Davey to have dinner and stay over with John's parents. They are planning on heading back to Texas and we wanted to spend some extra time with them! So Friday was spent grilling up burgers, enjoying a yummy salad full garden veggies, playing Mexican train, visiting and laughing. Evie enjoyed her first bit of birthday celebration with a giant decorated cookie and candle.  Corynn went on a truck ride with Gpa to count the bales of hay.





I guess that's one way to count them! Silly girl!

Hope your weekend was just as great!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First day 2012

Today was the first day of school for three of the girls! Corynn has started 4th grade and the twins are now in HIGH SCHOOL....what!? Crazy- I know!

Corynn has known her teacher for awhile- she's the mom of a boy Corynn has been in class with since Kindergarten. She seems really nice and her name is Tarynn...she's got the 'ynn' thing going too! :)

Corynn has picked out school outfits for the next 8 days and has them laid out and numbered. So cute! She's excited to meet new kids and reconnect with old friends. After school I learned she has 3 new students in her class...2 girls that are pretty nice and a boy that is a pain! Her words not mine! :)

The twins had a pretty good day too- I think. At least from what they told me...you know how teenagers can be. The biggest gripe was about the lack of a salad bar. My kids have lived on salad bar for lunch for the last three years. Now they are back to cold lunch...so they can bring their own salad I presume. Today was freshman only...so they are a little apprehensive about tomorrow when all 9th-12th grade students will be roaming the halls together. Time will tell, but I'm sure they will adjust perfectly well.

And our annual 'First Day of School' photo:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Family photo session

We had family photos taken of the Kelly side of the family last weekend. A birthday gift for my mother in law. Our last family photos were taken four years ago! Definitely time for an update!

We haven't gotten the photos back yet from the photographer...but here are some I snapped while she was busy shooting!

Kwynn and Corynn sticking their toes in the sand waiting their turn. 

Grandparents and grandchildren getting ready for a walking shot.

The older cousins jumping off the wall...an 'action shot' as Sam would call it!

The girls showing Sam that GIRLS RULE!

Evie chilling with gma asking "What!? More pictures!?"

Amy and Luke sitting pretty for the photog!

Crossing our fingers that the talented April captured some really great shots! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


On May 25th, we lost an amazing woman. And when I say amazing, I mean a truly special spirit. One I was blessed to know and call grandma for 14 years. Tillie Stevens, was and will always be John's grandma and the girls great grandma. She was 96 years old when she passed. Her death wasn't a surprise- I mean she was 96. But it did catch us off guard. She was so feisty and spirited until nearly the end. I am so glad and feel peace knowing she wasn't in pain for long.

Gma T loved her family like no other. She admired and loved her only child (John's mom, Nancy) so much! She was so proud of her- of the child she was, the lady she grew to be, the mom she became and the grandma she is. I remember driving Gma T home from Easter dinner and the whole way home she spoke of what a lovely person Nancy was, how many talents she had, her caring soul and various other attributes. It was so sweet! She really couldn't have been more proud! This has made me realize how important it is to tell the people who matter- just how much they matter. All the time- never take for granted that they know or assume. Leave them no doubt that they are loved, cherished and appreciated!

She gushed about her grandsons, Luke and John, to everyone that would listen. And soon she was gushing and bragging about her great grandchildren. She kept a diary in latter part of her life. The daily posts weren't lengthy- just a sentence or two. But I'm so glad we have those for the girls to read and know her better. Gma T was adored by many for her years of teaching and service to the community.

I personally loved her because of her humor and spunk. When John and I found out we were expecting the twins- he came home one day telling me how worried he was because his mom was telling his grandma about our situation. I had only met the woman a few times and was concerned that John was so concerned. I was a complete mess the next time we saw her. Worried about what she would say, disappointment like everyone else? I sat down next to her on the couch, half expecting a lecture of some sort. She patted me on the leg and said "I had never expected to live long enough to see great grandchildren- thanks for taking care of that!" and smiled her ornery smile.  I knew from that moment on- she would forever be in my heart! I would spend hours talking to her at Christmas- in the morning before the kids would wake. Her divinity was to die for! She was so proud of her heritage, what her parents endured immigrating to this country. She was a smart a*#- and I loved it! Kindred spirits...her and I! I will forever miss her.

Grandma T's ashes were laid to rest this weekend. Just a small family gathering. Exactly what she wanted...and you always did what Gma wanted! :)

This service gave us all a sense of closure. Something for the great grandkids to process. 

I wish Evie could have known her better, but the way they looked at each other in the short 9 months they had together- I feel as if they knew each other from before.

The grandkids each wrote Gma T a letter and placed photos in her box. Each had a chance to tell her goodbye. 

We love you Gma T! Corynn is like you in so many ways!  A perfect namesake! We will miss you always! 'Grandma runs' to GI won't be the same, but we still visit you every chance we get! The holidays will be hard and we will all miss you...things won't seem right without you there. Please know how much we loved you and admired you! I hope that the girls saw all of your wonderful traits, strength and humor. I hope they become women you are proud of! 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kelly Family REUNION

And a reunion it was! We haven't all been together in 9 years! And although we've lost a few since that last get together - we have added two spouses and 5 children to the Kelly clan! From the original 4 siblings and their families, we were only missing two people! Which is pretty darn good! Folks traveled from Indiana and Texas...so it was pretty special!

I was a little concerned last year when Aunt Kate (which is short for Sheila) approached the family suggesting a family reunion at Mahoney State Park. My concern came because most of the Kelly clan aren't really campers. We are all very domesticated and love our air conditioning. Despite that- I dove in head first and supported Aunt Sheila Kate full force!

Welcome bags for each cabin! (contents included a first aid kit, bug spray, gumballs, kleenex, chocolate, popcorn, sanitizing wipes and a roll of toilet paper aka the good stuff)

The event was superb! It was so fun having all the 'grand cousins' (grandkids of the original four siblings) all together! There was swimming, hiking, hide and seek, paddle boats, tower climbing, kite flying, bug catching, marshmallow roasting and tons of laughs! The ages span from 14 to 11 months and they all got along remarkably well!

I especially loved the story telling over dinner! One sibling would begin sharing a childhood memory and a different sibling would chime in "No no no that's not how it was... it happened like this..." and then another sibling would give their version. It was funny! And even funnier when spouses of the siblings would jump in with their versions (from hearing the stories so often and for so long!).

A fun little parting gift...a bag of Trail mix with a tag saying 'Happy Trails!'

It was a good time and I sincerely hope it isn't another 9 years before the clan gets together again!

Friday, August 03, 2012

updated pix

Every summer I like to do a mini photo session with our girls. I hate school pictures and only order (the smallest set) for posterity sake. Here's a peak at today's photos for 2012

And just when I thought this would be our only good group shot...

I luckily managed to snap this one! 

Not perfect...but I'll take it!

We have a professional photographer taking family photos next week...wish us luck with that! 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Zombie love

I really want to get something like this for our van! We like the show The Walking Dead and I think this is hilarious! My mom, uncle, his girlfriend, the girls, family friends and I will be doing the Zombie Walk later in the month- which is going to be AWESOME!

Here are some zombie family decals I've found... (just googled Zombie family decals)

So if you see a silver minivan around town with a Zombie family on the back window...its most likely ME!


Have I ever mentioned how much Evie likes LOVES watermelon!? Well, she does!