Thursday, May 27, 2010

a new little man

My main man, Thunder, became a big brother today! It was super exciting! Thunder's mom and I have been friends since we were seven. Her name is Kristina. My mom dropped us off at her house to spend the day because she had to work. It was early in the morning and Kristina was still sleeping. But when she woke up - she was so excited about the fact that her underwear matched her nightgown- she even whipped up her gown to show me. We became bestfriends- how could you not!?

She's the closest thing I have to a sister and is my oldest and dearest friend. We been through it all together; love, hate, death, birth...seriously, we've been through alot!

Anyway- she had baby #5 this morning. I am thrilled for her and the family! The newest addition came quickly and is super cute!

Congrats Kris and Jay- you done good!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a new season

So tonight is the first night of practice for softball season. I will be the first the to tell you- I know my kids won't be winning/earning any athletic scholarships...they more or less play for the social aspect of the game, to have fun and to participate in aerobic activity over summer vacation. That's the nice way of saying...well you know. But in their defense- we can't all be professional athletes and I've never heard of Einstein winning a race!

They weren't going to play this year...which was fine with me- I didn't care either way. But at the last minute- they had a change of heart.

They are on a different team this year. With a coach we don't know and kids we don't know. The coach called last week to say hi, welcome us to the team and when and where practices were going to be. He also asked if the kids had played before or if this was their first season. After a moment of silence (I actually thought about lying) I admitted they'd played before...making a special effort not to mention this was their fourth season...didn't want to get his hopes up.

John and I were conversing about the upcoming practice. Wondering if the girls would have 'special' jobs this season like bench warmer or official water girl.

Then we decided to just go with the flow- what will be will be. All that matters is that the girls have fun and learn one of the hundreds of lessons team sports can teach an individual.

It will all be good.

Then I overheard Kwynn wondering aloud- Which hand do I throw with?

heaven help us!

post edit: This post is in jest. I love my children very much and would never belittle them or make fun. This is just my odd sense of humor expressing itself. When my blog is published for future posterity...the girls will laugh and know exactly what I'm talking about. Its just how we roll...we're tight like that!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

health kick

So I heard somewhere that you don't have to abstain from sweets all together to be healthy and lose weight...just don't buy/eat processed sweet treats- make them yourself.

I think this is because store bought name brand sweets are loaded with bad calories, sugar and sodium- which is obviously not good for anyone...especially children. Its better to make homemade treats because you can manage the ingredients and alter recipes to incorporate healthier foods. AND because if you really want a cupcake...making them yourself, taking the time to mix, bake and cool them... gives you ample time to figure out if you really want that naughty little cupcake.

So with all that info floating around my noggin...I've found myself making muffins and banana bread for afterschool snacks- instead, a Little Debbie (I know - sometimes my motherhood skills are seriously lacking!)

I made some seriously healthy banana bread- incorporating applesauce instead of butter, honey and a sugar substitute in place of granulated sugar, used whole wheat, flax and oats for the starches and crunchy granola in place of the nuts (well actually I did that for only two loaves...because I'm partial to banana NUT bread and I didn't want to give up everything. I'm just that way!)

Doesn't really sound good- but it was YUMMY! The kids loved it! Took it to school in their lunches- even shared it with some friends...and they agreed that it was GOOD!

I did the same to my applesauce muffins (adding a little more applesauce and eliminating the butter altogether- they stayed surprisingly moist!)

Kids loved them! YAY!

So at that point I thought I was on a roll! This is awesome! I wondered through my kitchen seeing what else I could make healthy... and then it hit me...chocolate chip cookies...Do I dare!?

I used whole wheat, oats, appleasauce, sugar substitute, flax, and some weird organic soy chocolate chips I found in the health food store- and baked away!

BAD! BAD! BAD! they were not good!

Guess there are some things you just can't 'healthify'! I recommend sticking to the recipe on the Tollhouse package...just remember to set aside some time for a walk to burn off those 'oh so worth it calories'!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Trip

I recently went on a field trip with Pucca's class. We headed out to the Nature center at Pioneer Park- very cool! I've never been out there and was very impressed. Its a lovely park.

And it ended up being a very lovely day! Perfect weather! I love hanging out with first graders...there is something about their energy and view of life. They are still innocent to the woes of the world and haven't learned to filter thoughts before they fly out of their mouthes!

Case in point....

The classes were divided up into 6 groups- each group lead by a Nature Center guide. Before we set out on our trek, our guide talked to us about rules and concerns.

One of which was ticks. We were told "There are alot of ticks out here- so be sure to keep your hats on and have your parents check you when you get home."

To which a cute little bugger in our group replied "She's serious folks! My dad had a tick on his nuggets once and it was NOT good. Not good at all." shaking his head very matter of fact.

All of us parents tried our hardest not to bust a gut laughing...he was so sincere and serious. Probably the highlight of the day (besides getting to hang out with my princess).

Now...if only I can keep a straight face the next time I see that kid's dad!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A little story

There once was a duck. A mama duck to be exact. She decided to build her nest in a courtyard. A courtyard that was set to be completely overhauled, gutted and re-landscaped. She laid nine eggs and lovingly incubated them for weeks despite the fact an overly curious australian shepherd kept harassing her and children kept peeking in to check her progress.

Lucky for her, the landscaping project got pushed back on the schedule due to weather, project scheduling and plant inventory. But finally the day came and she was still nestled in with her eggs. The owner of the courtyard was concerned for the mama duck and her soon-to-be babies. How would the duck react to all the demo and chaos? Would she be spooked? Should we try to move the nest? Are those eggs even fertilized?

Finally, the morning came and the landscaping crew arrived. The mama duck was still perched atop her nest. First, it needed to be determined if the eggs were fertilized. Much to the owners surprise...they most definitely were!

Can you see the little babies underneath the mommy!? If you look real close...underneath her wing!?


How about now!

The eggs had hatched overnight. The mama duck sat with her babies most the day...and then marched them out of the courtyard, through the gate...right across the landscaping project with a bunch manly landscapers looking on.

The end.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Remember this post...not so much about the excuse part but the taking on LPS and their middle school and hoping to convince them to stop using Nestle bottled water!?

Well, guess what! Our little humanitarians convinced their middle school to stop using the Nestle product! YAY! They came home from school Wednesday and were so excited to share the news!

They been working with their English teacher and put together a power point presentation and persuasive letter- both of which were sent out to our congressional representatives as well as the LPS superintendent. We'll see what happens from here, but it was the small victory that meant the most!

We're proud of you girls!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dear Mr. Rain,

Please go away! I love how you nourish the grass (our yard looks fantastic!), trees, flowers (an over abundance of bloomage going on around here...yay!) and my budding garden, but seriously- enough is enough!

You make me tired, drain all my energy and leave me with no choice but to curl up with a book and do nothing else. SO NOT good for the chores and errands I'm supposed to be completing everyday- not good at all! My sink is full of dishes, there is laundry up to my armpits and when was the last time I cleaned my bathroom?

And since I'm on the subject of annoyance...thunderstorms so strong and sudden that they rock the windows, shake the house and provide a lightning strobe show at not cool! Everyone was up here at the Kelly casa- thanks to that lovely performance this morning...and attitudes (compliments of the early wake up call) are starting to become evident! ughhhhh

I hope to see your friend Mr. Sunshine tomorrow...I am in need of some Vitamin D or is it E? who cares...I need some warm sunny rays to perk me up!

Thanks so much

Saturday, May 08, 2010


That was the sound of us making the rounds to see all the grandmas today! We visited all 5 (and two grandpas) in 6 hours (not including traveling time, of course- because that would just be CRAZY!).

We made the mad dash back to GI town to give our love, respect and devotion to these lovely women!

Great gma Tillie (John's gma)- awesome, funny, stubborn, loves to tell naughty jokes and is very giving!

Gma Kelly (my mother-in-law) - lovely, intelligent, kind, generous and a wonderful role model!

Great-great gma Hoskins (my great gma) - the matriarch of my side of the family, patient, devoted, beautiful and in many ways my hero!

Great-gma Scarborough (my gma) - fab-u-lous, ageless, loving, positive and a wonderful friend!

Gma Ski (my mom) - one tough cookie, determined, giving, fun and absolutely the best mom!

Here are some pix from our trip...some how my mother in law managed to NOT make it any of the photos...hmmmmmm... we'll have to remedy that next time!

Here's our most recent five generation pic!

The girls with great great gma Hoskins!

Gpa Gordie squeezing into a photo...silly gpa!
The girls taking a walk with gpa Kelly...checking on the baby geese, I think

gma Tillie and the girls laughing it up!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


The Feeling Company

This cute tshirt business is having a heck of sale! All childrens/youth shirts are only $5 through May 10th. If you live in SLC - you can pick them up locally and not pay shipping...which is always a bonus!

The baby stuff isn't on sale...but I simply adore it- perfect for a baby gift! And what toddler doesn't need a 'I feel grumpy shirt'!?

I picked up some 'I feel free' shirts for the kids and nephews for July 4th...which seems to be approaching at warp speed- crazy!

And a 'I feel RED' shirt (just $10) for me to wear during Husker season....can't wait!

Click here to enjoy the savings...or pass the link along to anyone you think might be interested!

This is my honest opinion- not a paid for endorsement!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

One down- hundreds to go!

I have this folder...a three ringed binder...that I use to hold all pretty inspirational photos from magazines and catalogs. You know the ones- where you tear out the page and say 'Someday I'm going to do this!'.

I just recently finished one project from the aforementioned folder...and I LOVE it!

Our family room has warm tones of red, gold, tan, warm wood and anchored by my favorite scrumptious leather sofa! Not necessarily the colors I would have chosen...but as we were buying furniture and curtains- it kind of just fell into this palette. I like it...its warm and cozy- the way a family room should be!

Anyway- I was left stumped with what to do to this blank canvas of a wall. After moving in- I just threw up some pictures...just to hang something.

In the months since then- looking at it every day...I decided its not what I wanted. That same day a catalog came from Restoration Hardware. Very cool catalog- lots of design eye candy, if you will!

The pages containing this wall arrangement - were instantly torn out and put into my inspiration folder. I vowed right then and there...some day!

Well that day came! YAY!

Instead of paying an outrageous fortune for charcoal sketches of people I don't know...I went to my computer. My first thought was to find photos and try and sketch them myself. But that turned out to be way too much work and charcoal is definitely not my medium! messy messy messy

So I then took some of our family photos and uploaded them to photobucket. They have a super cool filter called sketch...which basically turns your photos into sketches. Very cool!

Here's an example:

Sooooo here's my interpretation of my inspiration photo.

Me like-y!