Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy weekend

Friday night was Pucca's school carnival. I was volunteered/asked to make cupcakes for the cake walk. Little did I know that it would end up being 8 dozen! And to top it off- we didn't even do the cake walk!

The girls and I went back to GI town to make a 'gma run.' My man stayed home sick with a cold...hmmmm...wonder where he got that from???

We had several nice visits with all the grandmas! Here are a few pix

Cool sketch of the girls and their great-great grandma

Because its BEAUTIFUL out!

Corynn and I have been walking to school and home each day for the past few weeks. She really looks forward to doing it and has a blast- walking in the morning, picking up leaves and then chatting about her gloriously exciting day all the way home.

Today we were asked on two separate occasions- "If we would like a ride?"

Now... it is that hard to believe that someone would find pleasure in walking? It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL today! Sunny skies, huge white fluffy clouds, a cool autumn breeze - PERFECTION!

My rationalization for walking a mile to school with pucca... its exercise, it helps expend some of that never-ending 5 year-old energy she seems to have, it uses up some lag time we have between the bus schedule (twins) and her school schedule, its good mom and daughter time to chat about things, and simply put -we like it!!

Pucca just says- its because we're going green! I don't know where she got that and am quite certain she doesn't even know what it means.

Our fingers are crossed - hoping that the snow stays off for a few more months!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference UPDATE

Things went great- the girls are great- their teachers love them and think they are just the best little things ever. They are very productive, social, willing to participate, answer questions readily, get along well with the other students etc.

Both are doing great in reading (above grade level) and both are in the accelerated math class- doing great in there.

One of the teachers said that if tomorrow was the start of 6th grade- that they wouldn't have a problem and would be right on track. YEAH girls!

Things to work on:

Kwynn gives up to easily when frustrated and stressed. But she's working on it and she's not as 'emotional' as the previous years.

McKynna started the year shy and quiet - but is coming out of her shell more and more as the year progresses and she becomes more familiar with her new teacher and surroundings. Which is typical kynna behavior.

In all there were no surprises. Our girls are wonderful students, they work hard and get along great at school. Both teachers loved the fact the girls switched places and told us they wish the girls would try it again. Kwynn's teacher said they should try the whole day....too funny! The girls have nice teachers who were very positive and helpful.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our little BEAUTY

Pucca informed me last week that she was due for a new 'do'.

I believe her exact words were: "I sooooo need to go to the salon!"

So we went.

She was shampooed.

She was conditioned.

She was combed.

She was trimmed.

She was styled.

She loved every minute of it. Like a queen sitting on her royal throne. What a sweetie! One girly girl isn't so bad!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It worked!!

The girls went through the whole day confusing people left and right. They totally had their math teacher convinced one was the other...until Kwynn let out her signature phrase of 'dang it'.

Kynna is quiet and shy...Kwynn is not! And since her math teacher is also her reading teacher- he's a little more in tune with her uh, er 'vocalism' (???)...

They had fun and the teachers were good sports. I'm sure they'll have something to say about it tomorrow at conferences. The girls really want to try this at if there are any primary ladies reading this- HEADS UP!

I think they really like being twins because they have a constant companion, friend, and confidante but it wares on them that people don't recognize them as individuals. They are often seen as just one half of something. Always being compared and judged against each other. So this was their way of venting...

IT has to be hard- but they never complain and never mind correcting people on which one they are. They are super sweet and I love them for the individuals they are...and trust me! Their personalities, likes and dislikes, talents and interests couldn't be more different

A 'twin' thing

The girls are playing the twin trick on their teachers and friends today. You know- the one where you dress in the same clothes and see if anyone can tell you apart. They are going even one step further and switching places in math class.

Just so you know- I fully support this. I think if its all in fun and if it only happens once- then what's the harm. Plus it has to be annoying correcting everyone all the time on which sister you are...they still have to correct family members once and awhile too! So I'm all for it- plus its kind of funny! John, on the other hand- would prefer them not to do it. Especially when I told him that tomorrow night- we have parent-teacher conferences with the girls' teachers. Should make for an interesting meeting!

Here's to wishing the girls luck! Hope it works!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Interesting blog

I stumbled across this blog via a cnn article. It gives you a glimpse into a life many of us have never known...the life of politics. Its interesting- check it out!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For the grandparents...

Here are two clips of the girls playing the piano...its been almost 6 months...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

thoughts on nienie

I didn't know her and hadn't heard of her until I saw the post on Deb's blog. Since then I have read through her three years of posts and have totally fallen in love with her and her family. The love and support that they all have for each other BLOWS me away.

I respect her for many reasons- her positive outlook, funny sense of humor, great family ideas, living in the moment, her enthusiasm, and the fact that she is absolutely beautiful (after having 4 kids and staying home with them!).

But one thing that sticks out the most about her- is her way of photo journaling. I love her perspective when taking photos, the collages and editing. fun. sweet. touching.

our prayers are with her and her family.

Yet another school SKATE NIGHT!

Here are a few pix from last night's school sponsored Skate Night. And a quick run down of how it went...

I didn't skate. The girls had fun with their friends. Kwynn's learning to skate fairly well- although she took a few hard falls and wanted to sit on an ice pack when we got home. Poor thing! Pucca loved the table hockey, slushies and cotton candy....skating- not so much!

oh- and I am still super sick with this lovely cold...I think this is day 6...shouldn't it be letting up sometime soon! ughhhh...tissues anyone!?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

aaaaa- chooooooo!

My lovely walk in the rain last week has brought on the worst cold I've had in .... forever!

This is day 3- so hopefully its all down hill from here! Colds only last 4-6 days...right1?


Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite things- Kitchen Edition

Here are a few of my favorite things from the kitchen area of the house...

Cereal Jars- (I obviously need to refill these)...but they sit out on the counter for easy access and add a little color to the countertops. Plus, I love the square jar shape and tin lids! Fun and practical!

Menu Board- this is an iron chalkboard cafe sign- "A" frame. It nicely fits in the corner of the counter and I don't hear - What's for dinner? 50 times a day! Plus, I just think its super cute! From one of my favorite shops ... Sonata on north 48th! Check it out!

Spice Containers- We found these little gems at a world market in Seattle. They have magnets on the bottom- clear tops and holes on the side for shaking! You can stick them anywhere! Frig, hood of the stove, top of the stove... They are very practical and were super inexpensive!

Antique Cake Stand- I love having this out on the counter...I keep it full of yummy treats for the kids. Brownies, muffins, croissants from this awesome bakery called Sam's Club, donuts (on occasion), rice krispie bars etc

Wilton Armetale Soup tureen- I haven't actually got to use this yet (we just received it for our anniversary...a gift from john's parents) but its exactly what I wanted! Armetale is the coolest material and they make all sorts of serving wear. It retains heat and cold, you can use it on the grill and then serve from it, put your hors d'oeuvres on it- store in frig and it will keep them cold when you pull them out to serve. They have all different types of patterns and its just really neat stuff!

I really wanted a soup tureen because its tradition in both John's family and mine to serve soup on Christmas family doesn't have many traditions and I really want to keep what little we do have- alive! So this would make it perfect...and we'd be able to serve from the table, pop it in the oven if it got cold...and its soooo pretty!

I'm not sure what the Christmas plans are this year...but I am so bringing the soup!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All gone!

I decided to take a walk this afternoon and get some endorphins pumping. So I put on my walking shoes, gathered up my ipod and set out. Half way through my started to rain...not just rain...DOWNPOUR! I couldn't have been further from my I put my hood up and just kept walking. It ended up being kind of fun...I mean once your soaked- your soaked!

Anyway- it was great and I feel better! I think I'll feel better going into the weekend!

The blahs...

It might just be the weather...but this week has been full of the 'blahs'. The kids and I have been clashing more than usual and I'm feel just plain grumpy!

BUT- that's all going to change starting now! Not exactly sure how- but here's to making a conscious effort to banish the blahs!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Girls For NU Football

Last week's game was a girl's day out...the twins and I went with Gpa Kelly and our cousin, Piper went with her dad, KC.

As you can tell- there wasn't much to cheer about at the game. At one point, Kynna asked "Why are we moving backwards- our end zone is that way?" UGHHHH- such an ugly I won't bore you with my game overview...just know it was seriously sloppy and disappointing.

Good thing its a family affair...its always nice to see family and catch up with everyone!

Here's KC (gpa's little brother) and his daughter, Piper. She's getting married next summer - so there was some wedding talk going was fun sitting by her.

The girls...

Gpa and two of his little ladies...I'm so glad the girls have such wonderful men in their to look up to and respect! I hope they realize how lucky they are!

Hopefully this week's game will be better...knock on wood, cross your fingers, through salt over your shoulder and find a lucky penny...can never be TOO prepared! :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

'Just John' and I have been married ten years today- we celebrated by going on an Alaskan Cruise in was fan-tabulous!!! We're doing a little something-something with the kiddos tonight...something involving dinner, photo albums, family stories and DQ cake...good times!

Happy 10th - Love you babe!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Favorite things

I have alot of alone time at home these days with the kiddos off at school most of the day. I've been cleaning out closets and moving some things around. While doing so you begin to think- do I really need this? Am I going to want or use this in a year, 5, 10? We want to move next year- so I'm thinning out belongings and trying to figure out what stuff will move with us...

Anyway- while doing these things around the house...I've discovered some of my most favorite things...

my bridal bouquet...John's mom dried and framed it for me. It now hangs in our guest room. Perfect!

Family bulletin board. I quilted some fabric squares together and stapled it across a huge bulletin board and ta da! Instant message center - hangs above our kitchen table...perfect for displaying works of art and important reminders.

Metal door- this door is between our kitchen and table- it leads to the garage. Its metal- which makes it perfect for magnets and photographs! I love how it draws guests over to it- asking questions about the photos and trying to spell new words...icebreaker and brain teaser all in one!

Buffet- found in an abandoned chicken coop...I did my best to save this antique beauty! I tried to strip it completely- but there were too many damaged spots and only a few could be sanded out. So that left - painting it! It was green and off white- now black and beige... who knows what color it will be once we move- but I do know I'll keep it forever!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Feels like FALL...

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE fall?! Yesterday and this morning have really gotten me wishin' fall would just hurry up and come! Yesterday evening we had the windows open- and it was perfect! We kept them open was nice to sleep with something besides a sheet! I think I sleep better when its a little chilly...

anyway- then this morning...I just had to go on a walk! It was BEAUTIFUL! Had me thinking a little about our trip to Alaska and all the walking we did there!

the girls complained this morning because they had to wear can you complain about weather like this?!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

not to mention its perfect football weather!!!!