Monday, September 19, 2011

my feets

My poor poor footsies went from this during my pregnancy

to this after my c-section

and are now back to this!

It was so bad that my crocs barely fit and would leave little diamond bubbles of raised skin from where my chub was squeezing out of the tops of them once I took them off. THEY WERE SO GROSS!

I think I seriously freaked out some family members last week at Evie's blessing when I squeezed my elephant chubs into dress shoes. I was actually told to take my shoes off while at several people! Owell- my pretty skinny feet are back! I'm going to enjoy every day of sandal and pedicure weather- up until I have to tuck these beauties away for winter! :)

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Kindergarten Team said...

I can totally relate! Maybe we will have to take our princesses all to get pedicures soon to show off our nice toes/feet before it's that time of year again!