Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthday party!!!

Our little monkey (well, not so little...she'll be turning 9!!!!) is having a Camping themed birthday party! She is SOOOOO excited! I'm having alot of fun searching the web and blogosphere for fun party ideas and favors.

Place: Camp Davey (our family cabin)
Guests: 5-6 little friends
Food: Grilling hotdogs over the firepit and of course SMORES!

Its a sleep over- we'll be putting up a tent and letting the girls sleep in it. Most likely indoors...since its hard to predict what our weather will be like.

Activities: Exploring, working on the fort, playing and late night hike with flashlights!

Party favors: Still figuring this one out. SO many fun ideas out there, but thinking I'm leaning towards pillow cases with the girls' names on them...or a smores kit. Or a flashlight or...

Like I said...still a work in progress, but so far so good!

I'll post pix after the party, but here's a peek at the invitations I made. Pretty cute, huh!?

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