Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Party

YAY! We LOVE watching the Olympics at our house! And to celebrate the opening of the 2012 games- we hosted an Team USA tailgate party! 

We set up 'events' around the yard!

  • Discus (frisbee)
  • Shot put (bocce ball and a hula hoop)
  • Hurdles (set up with pool noodles and bamboo stakes)
  • Target practice (nerf guns and a target made of pool noodles)
  • Soccer weave (pool noodles and bamboo stakes)
  • Volleyball (played with a beach ball do it was little kid friendly!)

We had party favors! 

  • Gold sparklers- with a "Go for the GOLD" label
  • red, white and blue gumballs
  • pom poms (made from ribbon curls from the $ store and a dowel from the hardware store)
  • Team USA window decals- so each of the families could support team USA on their cars!
  • Red and blue water bottles- $ store

Yummy Food

  • pulled pork tacos
  • chips
  • red, white and blue dipped strawberries
  • kabobs made from raspberries, angel food cake and blue berries


  • Lots of bottled water
  • sprite with koolaid star ice (blue and red)


  • LOTS of red, white and blue!
  • American flags posted everywhere!
  • Red, white and blue stars handing from the trees
  • Patriotic hats
  • AND OF COURSE gold medals for everyone!!!!

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