Friday, December 18, 2015


I was addressing Christmas card envelopes this afternoon and was hoping to find a little inspiration from evergreens that I drew on the invitations from Corynn's camping party. I was hoping to find a pic on this blog since my desktop top computer is still in pieces from the move. It was THEN that I realized it has been FOR-freaking-EVER since I've posted on here. My oh my!

Well, a lot has happened since June. We sold our house on Almira, moved into the new house at Davey, the girls are finishing up first semester, and the twins contemplating colleges. Evie is in preschool and Corynn is going to pass John and I up in height any day now. The twins were in a single car roll over accident the first week of school and it took a month for us to convince them to drive again. We adopted 4 baby kittens from our neighbors across the street and Emma's age is really starting to show. Country living is amazing- I never get tired of the views. Summer will be heaven out here! I can't wait to get chickens, plant a garden and start plotting the orchard.

Christmas is right around the corner and then before you know it- it will be 2016! Hard to believe!

Here are some pics for posterity sake:)

The girls and each of their respective kittens: Max, Achilles, Hello Kitty and Glaucus



Corynn and Evie

Evie and Hello Kitty

my twinners

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