Monday, March 14, 2011


Remember this little incident involving pond water, jugs, mud and a missing shoe!?

Well...they must not have, because the twins came home last week with two jugs requesting more pond water for science class.

This was the same week that it was 15 degrees outside with wind up to 30 mph. I immediately said "no." (in as cool and collected manner as possible- with out totally wringing their necks!)

Then as I thought about it more... I decided to make them go with me to collect the water this time and maybe this lesson would teach them to think twice before volunteering their mother to do things.

So before school one morning, just before 7 am, we went over to Holmes Lake. It was a lovely 12 degrees outside, spitting rain and wind blowing so hard it nearly knocked you down. LOVELY I thought- it was so perfect!

Now take those conditions time 5 and that's what it was like going down to the lake front and feeling that frigidness blow off the water. Pure ice to the bone. I was going to make them crawl down the rocks, but my 'OCD-motherliness' (totally not a word but owell!) kicked in. And I started worrying about all the mud they would track in and how dirty they would get. And then I started factoring in that Kwynnie is klutzy (with a capital KLUTZ) and she would probably end up falling in the lake and then I would have to fish her out and then I would be even more cold and not happy and we'd have to go home which would make us late for school get the picture.

So I drove to the boat dock (much easier!). But it was still freezing and a horrid experience. I don't think they will be volunteering for more pond water anytime soon!

Kwynnie is laughing hysterically because I told her to be careful and not fall in! Then as she was bending down to fill her jug she about fell face first in the lake. Kynna and I just watched and shook our heads- no way we were going in too!

Yep- this is how dark it was and just as cold as it looks! Brrrrrr!

Here's Kynna making sure her jug is COMPLETELY full so she for sure has enough and doesn't have to come back for more. I definitely think a lesson was learned!

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Kindergarten Team said...

You are such a dedicated mom!! I probably would have rolled over and told them, "NO" and not thought twice about it. :) Sure hope they get what they needed out of the water!