Thursday, August 26, 2010

The LOVE of a mother

The twins needed some pond water for science class. Most kids were going to a pond near their house or Holmes Lake to gather a sample...the twins wanted Davey pond water.

I had to run out there today so I said "Sure- I'll grab you some DAVEY pond water!" because that's what a good mom would say!

So armed with my gallon milk jug, I trekked out to the 1st pond aka frog pond (depending on who you ask). The pond is very bowl-like with steeply slanted banks and with all the rain- its quite full! You have to hop a barbed wire fence (actually climb a rickety old 'A' frame ladder dealy bopper thing that goes over the fence) to get there. I stood there and took in the whole situation and decided there were just too many variables and outcomes...outcomes resulting with me rolling down the banks and ending up in the pond... SO off to the cow pond aka turtle pond (again depending on who you ask).

This pond has a zero depth entry and looked much more manageable!

As I start towards the edge of the water - frogs the size of squirrels start jumping every which way! One jumped into my leg- and had my feet not been sunk in mud- I would have ran away, screaming like a little girl!

My plan for the zero-depth pond was not well thought! Because how do you fill a gallon milk jug in zero-depth water? Well, by now I'm muddy up to my ankles- so I figure what the heck...and I walk out into the pond. I'm now up to my shins in gross, disgusting, funky smelling pond water - and why? Because I love my kids.

As I'm hunched over filling my jug...I notice I'm sinking. Huh!? I try moving my luck! Well, crap! What now!?

I stand there holding my now full jug and wonder what to do. I'm thinking and I'm sinking.

Soon enough I realize- I'm already a muddy mess and it can't get much worse! I put the cap back on the jug and throw it onto the bank. I grab my left kneepit and pull up with all my might. I might have tried a wee bit too hard, because I lost my shoe. I looked like a not-so-pink flamingo stuck in a muddy yucky pond. lovely.

At this point I'm telling myself- its for the girls and I love them. Its for the girls and I love them. I throw my shoe on the bank, because I know if I try to put it back on- I'm going to end up on my butt.

Slop. Slop. Slop. I manage to get back to the shore. I empty out my shoe and put it back on my foot. Grab my jug of gunk and head back to the car.

Sure hope they appreciate this jug of DAVEY pond water!

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Hollie said...

You're such a good Mom! So, did you ever find your shoe?