Thursday, April 14, 2011

retro baby!

We are gearing up for my mom's 53rd birthday bash! Its a volunteer party! She's been doing these the past five years...she picks a non-profit or organization near and dear to her heart- then invites all her friends and family to come volunteer for the day doing various tasks and handy work.

This year we are headed to Stuhr Museum!

Its a Vol-a-palooza theme- so as thank you's/party favors...we tie-dyed shirts for everyone! I know - you're thinking "Are you nuts!?" and yes we are!

It was one of my famous 'sounds good in theory but underestimated the complexity of carrying it out' projects. Gets me every time!

Here are some photos of the craziness!
these beauties were hanging from trees all over our back yard! I'm sure the neighbors LOVED it!

mom...sitting on a the middle of our garage! It was really funny at the time!

first photo of 'the belly'

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