Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter 2011

I'm really don't like spending holidays at home- not that I don't love my family...because I DO! But there is just something about having family together for holidays and lately we haven't been able to do that. Spent Thanksgiving at home...I had to make the meal and clean it up-blah! Spent Christmas Eve at home...we woke up and were like "huh!? so its what!?" and now an Easter spent at home...we didn't even dress up...I didn't even buy the girls Easter outfits.

We still had fun and made the holiday our own. We slept in late and had yummy fruit topped waffles for brunch. Ran over to redbox, rented a few movies and family movie day. A quick Easter egg hunt for pucca (for which we used camouflaged eggs- and hid them super took awhile to find all of them...even the Easter bunny forgot where they were hidden!) and a confetti Easter egg fight between the girls.

The day before Easter we did run back to GI town and had lunch with my grandparents and little brother. That was nice! We were going to have this big fishing derby - because my brother seems to think he's a better fisher than I am...HA! Well, it ended up being a really crappy day for fishing- too cold and nothing was biting. He caught 2 and I caught even a nibble. He kindly offered me a rematch this summer. SO ITS ON!

Here are a few pix of our family fun!

and here's one of our apple trees pretty!

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