Thursday, July 07, 2011

Family Fourth of July FUN!

Well, actually it was the SECOND of July fun...we had John's parents and his brother's family over for dinner and fireworks!

And of course a water fight!

Here's a pic of our nephew with his ear protection. He wore them the whole night...I think it was more for the comforting factor rather than function. For most of the night they rested around his chubby cute!

John and Uncle Luke helped the children light the fireworks.

And of course there's always the running away!

We had a great display going...

until a sill artillery shell decided to misfire in our direction and explode sparks all over us. I mean singed clothes and everything! It was crazy scary- but we're all good! Needless to say...that was the end of the fireworks that night! :)

On the third and fourth our neighborhood sounded like a war zone- no kidding! A couple of time our house shook and the sky was lit up so much that it didn't seem like night. There were spectacular displays in every direction as well as what neighbors were lighting off. It was quite the experience!

I love the fourth of July...the whole weekend! The feel of it, being with family, bbq and relaxation! Just love it! And this year added to my love of it!

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