Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fishing Derby part 3

My little brother and I are a little competitive with each other. One of our competitive streaks turned into an ongoing Fishing Derby between the two of us. Trevor won the first round. I smoked him on the second. So we decided we needed a tie-breaker!

We headed to Lake Milford in Kansas- just a few miles from the town Trevor lives in. We rented a boat, stocked up on worms, geared up the tackle and loaded the poles. Hopes were high that day! How many were we going to catch? 6? 8? 20? Who knew!?...but the lake was stocked and plum full of biters.

So we set out. Maranda (trev's girlfriend) gets the first couple of nibbles. Then Kynna catches one! Then Pucca catches one! All within the first half hour! WOOOOHOOOOO! It was going to be an AWESOME day!

Then an hour passes. And another hour. And another. All of sudden Pucca reels in her second little fish. Then nothing. After four hours of not catching anything....Trev and I call it a draw! And decided to quit calling it a 'derby' and instead we'll call it 'Just-for-fun-fishing!'

Eventhough the fish were few and far between...and for some of us...non-existant! We had a super fun time!

Ems gave up

The twins gave up

even Pucca called it quits

We really had alot of fun and can't wait to make it down there next summer! Hopefully the fish will be a little more accommodating!

Plus, there's always our Pumpkin growing competition we have going! Check in on October 15th to see who won!

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