Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New wheels

Evie got her first set of wheels this weekend...a Jeep! So we took it for a spin at the zoo. It was such amazing weather that we just had to take advantage of it!

The twins took turns pushing their little sister around and Pucca loved getting her picture taken! Our animal lover Kwynnie desperately wanted to share her popcorn with the primate - dang glass partition anyway!

Loved the falling leaves and crisp autumn weather! Also loved that the twins weren't too old to feed the goats!

I have no idea who this child is- but the structure is our next project at Davey! We agreed that it would be the perfect 'fort' for the kids!

We also strolled over to Sunken Gardens, which are still BEAUTIFUL! There was a wedding going on so we didn't stay long- but WOW! We will definitely be taking some family photos there again!

I've taken Evie for a few walks around the neighborhood and she loves it! I pull down the canopy so she can look up at the sky and trees...she just stares in awe! Wish I could know what she was thinking! :)


wendysue said...

Fun! Just a clue for you. . .those Gibbon monkey's also love to look in your diaper bag or big purse. . .just hold it up and open it by the window and they usually will come over and take a look!

Audra said...

Thanks wendy- good tip! :)