Monday, October 03, 2011

Over the river and through the woods... grandmother's house we go!

We ran back to GI town and Hastings to see the grandmas. Our children are extremely lucky to have two grandmas, two great-grandmas and one great great grandma! That's 5 lovely ladies...perfect examples of love, kindness, strength, humor and goodness for our girls to look up to and to be genetically connected too. Like I said- super LUCKY!

Here are some photos from our latest gma run:

p.s. Now I'm not saying that the men in our lives aren't special and wonderful too- because they are! I simply adore my father-in-law and think he's the best grandfather in world to his grandkids! And my grandma's husband has many special qualities too...hard work ethic, a no nonsense type of mentality and an awesome great-grandpa to the girls! We love our grandpas!!!!!

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