Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There once was a girl...

There once was a little girl who loved (I mean LOVED) her binky! She and her bink were inseperable. Eventually she reached the age for the beloved bink to be retired. So her parents asked her to throw it away. Defiantly she grabbed her binky, shoved in her mouth and walked the other way. But everyday her parents persisted...and insisted that she throw it away.

Then one day that two year old little girl was waiting for her sisters to change after swimming lessons. She nonchalantly walked over to the dressing room trashcan and tossed the bink in. Her mother looked on quizzically...not sure of what had just happened. That night the little girl's parents worried what hellish hours awaited them, but the little girl went right to sleep and never asked for her bink again.

During the next six and half years, that same little girl once again took a defiant stand. Her parents continually asked, but never pressured, her to get her ears pierced. Every time they would go to the mall- her parents would casually ask if she wanted to stop and get them pierced and each time came the same definitive answer, "NO!"

UNTIL last Thursday. The little girl, her sisters and mom were at the mall. Her mom mentioned how she wanted to by a store and pick up some earrings for her sisters. When out of the blue the little girl said "I'm going to get my ears pierced today." And just like that we walked to the store and the deed was done!

***Side note...the photo for 1/7/2012 is one of 4 month old Evie...starting to sit up on her own!

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