Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bitter sweet

We lost an amazing and beautiful woman this weekend. She was smart, kind, stubborn, fiery and someone I loved very much. And no...I'm not talking about Whitney Houston. :) But instead my great grandma Corinne Hoskins.

In her lifetime- she witnessed World War 1, the sinking of the Titanic, the stock market crash and Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, World War 2, Kennedy's assassination, the Korean War, Vietnam, man landing on the moon, and more. She lived and raised three children through the dust bowl and dealt with segregation first hand. She married at 18 and spent the next 69 years with Harold until his death in 1999.

My favorite memories are of visiting them in Kansas, playing marbles and pitch, snacking on her wonderful baked goods, waking up to the smell of pancakes, eggs and sausage and listening to stories of her life. Although I didn't truly appreciate the old stories until I was mom myself. Hearing about how she raised my grandma and great aunt and uncle, what life was like and what hardships she was dealt- how much she has witnessed and how times have changed. In her later years she let me in on our family's dirty little secrets and our skeletons...I LOVED it! I loved her...I still do!

I will miss her but have peace knowing she isn't trapped in an aged body. That now she is with her friends and family, whole and happy. She lived an amazing life and left an amazing legacy!

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