Sunday, February 05, 2012


We have over 600 photos of average of 4 photos taken every day since she was born. And this is the only one with both Evie and Emma in it. And the only reason we have this because just to the left of the photo- just out of shot, Kwynn is holding Emma in place.

Emma wants nothing to do with Evie. She didn't smell her when she came home from the hospital. Doesn't lay with her on the floor. Doesn't lick her face while she's in the walker. Emma even makes a special effort to avoid Evie. I conducted a little experiment a few days ago...Emma was laying on the floor- so Evie and I sat down next to her. Emma immediately got up and found a new spot. So we followed her. And again she moved. We did this about five times until finally Emma went in her kennel.

The strange thing is Emma is super protective of her. Emma's protective of all our girls...Evie too. She will lay on the floor next to Evie's bassinet. She will lay in the kitchen when Evie is in her carseat on the table. And if someone comes near her...someone who is not 'Emma approved' she will growl and put on her mean face.


Evie doesn't really have any interest in Emma either. But I have a feeling things might change when she starts crawling...I think Emma will be a bit more interesting. But until then...they are just co-existing.

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