Thursday, September 06, 2012


So remember when I mentioned this...well the time came for her fillings. She did great and none of them were as bad as originally thought. They were under her old fillings where the cavity wasn't completely cleaned out. Anyway....

Corynn's left side of her face was numb because she had work done on both the top and the bottom. She was cleared by the dentist to eat lunch just watch out not to eat on the left side. As she was eating lunch she noticed blood on her napkin. She checked in the mirror and it seems she bit and chewed her lip and since it was numb...she didn't really feel it.

That was yesterday. This morning she came running to me and said "Mom, we have a serious problem!" Her lip had swelled up and the inside was ... well... just see for yourself.

Not too bad...bottom lip swollen

but this is what the inside looked like...

mouth scabs are the grossest things ever! And she lost a tooth! Woohoo!

These are photos from after school, but this morning was terrible! She looked like Bubba Gump with herpes! I almost had her stay home from school- poor thing! 

Hopefully the swelling will be completely gone tomorrow... the sore will take a few days. 

LESSON OF THE DAY: When the dentist says be careful; kids tend to chew on their numb lips...they aren't kidding! 

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