Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Its been a few weeks...

First off- my computer crashed! :( ka-poot! All 20,000+ photos gone. All documents gone. All saved files gone. The stinkin thing wouldn't even turn on...that's how ka-poot it was!

Luckily the geniuses at the Apple store were able to put in a new hard drive... a bigger hard drive which means more space!!! And by luckily I mean we didn't have buy a new mac! pfew!

I had  two back ups...so I didn't lose much. BUT it could have been really really bad! Good thing I post so many pictures on this blog and fb...because I was able to fill in some lost photos with those uploads! SCORE! The weird thing is about a month ago I felt a strong inclination to backup my desktop files and photos to disk the old school way. Sooooo glad I did! I could have lost a lifetime of Evie's photos! I would have been very sad.

Secondly- we've been sick. REALLY sick! At first John thought it was something he ate, but a few days later Kynna was sick, then Evie, Pucca, me and then Kwynn. Its almost been 2 weeks and this mom is tired...sick and tired!  hahah- get it...SICK and tired! a little sleep deprived- can ya tell!?

Poor Evie got the worst of it. We ended up having to take her to the er for dehydration. Her case has been going on for 4 days where as the rest of us were pretty much ok after 36 hours.

Waiting for the dr in the er

6 wonderful ladies (4 nurses and 2 techs) trying to get the iv in

 Sick big sister...the nurses kindly tended to too. 

Snuggles with mama

pretty much slept the whole day yesterday ;(

But NOW....I have my computer back, my files, photos, documents etc. And everyone is on the mend. Some of us aren't 100% but better than 24 hours ago! Lysol spray, bleach kitchen spray and wipes are my right hand companion...everything is getting cleaned! And if you happen to be sick (possibly unknowingly from us) know that we love you when we say "STAY AWAY!!!!"  :)

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