Monday, October 01, 2012

Morrill Hall

Evie loved exploring Morrill Hall a few weeks ago! Corynn was attending a birthday party there- so John, Evie and I decided to hang around and check things out until the party was done.

This was the best room! There are cut outs on the floor with fossils in them covered by super thick glass/plexiglass stuff. Evie wouldn't go near them and kept avoiding them. She thought she was going to fall in. I kneeled down on one and tried to coax her onto it...she freaked, shook her head and bolted. 

I think she really enjoyed herself, but is still working on her "inside-a-museum-be-quiet" voice. Her giggles and squeals echoed in the Mammoth room! She loved it! So did I!  :)

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