Monday, March 17, 2014

Arizona Sun

John and I took Corynn to Arizona last week over spring break. My oldest and dearest friend moved down there last fall and I miss her lots! Corynn is friends with one of her sons so we thought they would enjoy the time together as well. John tagged along to check out AZ (neither of us had been there) and a little vacay is always nice!

Arizona is not the state for me. I'd miss my trees, green grass, yards, non-lethal bugs etc. But I can appreciate its finer qualities like the early spring, amazing March temperatures, lovely sunsets and history.

Here are some photos of our trip:

this is a 150 year old cottonwood...amazing! So much bigger than the 'old' cottonwoods on our acreage.

We stopped at a bird and nature preserve to walk a bit.

 Checked out Tombstone and watched a shoot out! 

Stopped at a 450 year old mission built by Spanish Conquistadors in 1500s. It went through some major restorations in 1997 and is still a working mission and school today. Very cool!!

I'm sure to some people it may seem weird that we only took part of our family on this trip, but actually it was really nice! Some one on one time with your children is awesome and allowed us to do some things we might not have been able to with all the kids. We have quite the span between our finding activities that work for everyone isn't easy. This was nice. My mom and I took the twins to D.C last summer and having that time together is really great! You really have to treasure the time you have them- it passes so quickly!

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