Monday, March 31, 2014

Together time

The Kelly clan spent the weekend together at Camp Davey. It was time for the cousins to be together, and for Jeff to be surrounded by a family that loves him dearly. I know it had to be hard for him. Nancy's touch can be seen in every corner of every room at Davey.  It was tough for me- so I can't imagine.

Friday night after unloading and unpacking, I took the kids outside to wonder and build a fort. When we came back in for dinner, I half expected Nancy to be in the kitchen with her apron on, telling the children to wash up. But she wasn't. She wasn't there to chat after dinner. Or to read a book to Evie or to play games with the older kids. She wasn't there to wash off Evie prints from the windows or glass tops. She wasn't there to send the dogs outside when they got playful. She wasn't there to share a glass of wine with or reminisce about old family stories.

I missed her. We all miss her so much.  Kwynn confided that Davey just wasn't the same.  I agreed.

Last night as I thought about our weekend at Davey and how strange it felt. I realized that we are still grieving her loss. And that even though right now Davey doesn't feel right, it will. And we will find comfort in all the little things of Nancy that make up Davey. Her books, furniture pieces we found together at garage sales, rugs she picked out, little fabric bunnies selected for the girls' room, her aprons in kitchen drawer...

She is everywhere at Davey. Our children have 12 years of memories with her out there. From watching the cows come in from the pasture at night, to cuddling on the bed reading Donkey Donkey,  playing board games after dinner and learning Mexican Train. Birthday parties, family holidays and get togethers. She loved her family there, cooked meals for us there, was our mom and grandma there.

She will always be with us at Davey. 

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