Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Catching up part 1

Things have started to slow down after a life changing few months. Hoping to really get back into my blogging/journaling. It's a little bit of 'me' time that I enjoy and helps center me. 

Much has happened in the Kelly household. First off, our little munchkin (who is actually not so little...she's almost as tall as me!) turned 11! Ms. Corynn Tillie is a tween and will be entering middle school in the fall! So hard to believe! 

For her birthday, we went bowling with family. Just a small little outing to celebrate and be together. Corynn is quite the bowler! Must take after her grandpa Kelly! :)

Ed and cousin Anna were able to join us as well! It was a fun time! 

Bad was a bowling alley- BUT grandpa bowled 2 strikes in a row and was one pin short of a TURKEY! He bowled when he was younger and worked as a pin setter.  

Good form, Corynn! 

 Evie wasn't feeling well and basically slept the whole time. Poor thing! 


The next week we had a family dinner with all of the Kellys to celebrate Nancy. It was a nice get together and wonderful to have Jeff surrounded by his family at this time. I think the cousins liked it too!

We gifted all of the cousins (Nancy's grandchildren) a piece of a puzzle pendant. So that they could remember Grandma Kelly and know that they are all in this together. I love how they turned out! 

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