Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catching up part 2

Easter weekend was spent at Davey with the Kelly clan. Here's a peek into all that transpired...

wind...lots of Nebraska wind! 

more wind

Oh look! more.wind. 

our favorite Easter treat...bird nests! 

Funny story: Jeff, John, Corynn, Evie, Emma and I went on a truck ride to find where the wood chucks are living in the pasture. Jeff, John, Emma and I were in the cab of the truck. Corynn and Evie were in the back. Jeff was sure we could go venture over the dam. "Luke said we could drive through it." he exclaimed. Referring to huge 80 year old cottonwood that had fallen over the dam. Luke sawed it in half last fall- and Jeff was certain we could drive through the middle. A short cut.  
Checking to make sure we don't slide off the dam into the ravine. 

After getting to the tree and trying to squeeze the truck was a no go. We didn't fit. We decided Luke must of have meant it was passable, but in the bobcat not the truck. :(
It was a treacherous fifteen minute adventure of trying to back up and not fall off into oblivion. 

Did I mention Emma was in there with us!? And I'm claustrophobic. Fun times. 

Good thing Jeff was driving. 

Silly string fight Easter morning. Some were still in their pjs. 

It was a fun weekend! 

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