Monday, June 16, 2014

random happenings

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since my last post. This summer was supposed to laid back and fuss free. Not sure it's turning out that way!

Last week was super busy with Corynn taking classes at Stuhr Museum and the twins and I helping my mom and YWCA with their annual fundraiser. I coordinated the kitchen help and servers and made canapes for 225 people. It was a fun and challenging way to use two of my interests; entertaining and logistics. Figuring out the menus, how much to buy and optimize the cost/benefit ratio...crazy but fun! And the food received great reviews!!! So that's always good!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Last week my clematis really took off and look so beautiful. I love coming home to them. And they are holding up remarkably well in this hellish Nebraska wind we've been having.

Wednesday- the twins, Evie and I came back to Lincoln to celebrate my father in law's birthday. He is super special to us and we wanted to be sure to wish him a very happy birthday in person. We had dinner at our house and a delicious chocolate cake from Whole Foods. Yummm

While we were in GI town helping my mom, Anna and Elsa from Frozen visited the children at the YWCA daycare. Evie was super shy while in their presence, but she kept talking about how her Gma Ski knew Anna and Elsa and it was so cool!

All the girls and I headed back to Lincoln Friday evening after the benefit. Saturday was busy hanging out with our nephew who was in town visiting. We went to the zoo, mini golf and then out to dinner in the Haymarket.

I asked Corynn what was one thing she wanted to do while spending the week in GI town. And she told me she really wanted to have a snack at the Silver Dollar at Stuhr. It was something that she did every summer with Gma Kelly and something she really looked forward to. So we ventured out to the Silver Dollar for some sarsaparilla in a glass bottle and strawberry ice-cream. It wasn't quite the same without Nancy, but it gave Evie a chance to go and for us to reminisce about a really great lady! 

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