Wednesday, June 04, 2014

So what have you been up to!?

The last few weeks of school zoomed by and the first weeks of summer are passing quickly. Here's a photo recap of the past few weeks.

I finished the family gallery wall in our front sitting room. It has old photos, a marriage certificate from the 1800s, a painting of my great grandparents, genealogy chart and more. I LOVE it! I love having bits of our family history around us! 

Corynn ran 2 miles in her school marathon!!

Last day of school!!! We officially have two juniors and a middle schooler!!! Holy moly!

Visited Gma T when we went back to GI town. We left flowers for her and Nancy. We miss them both so much! 

Celebrated this lovely lady's birthday! She's my grandma!!!

Gma Ski (my mom) surprised Corynn by announcing they were going to Disney World this summer...this is a pic of the group planning and researching

Evie is excited to swim! Even if it is just a little kiddie pool

We did some tree's never-ending I swear! 

Took Evie to the water park...she LOVED it! 

the twiners are turning 16 in 6 they got a car! Now they can practice, practice, practice, practice! 

Now you are all caught up! Hopefully I can keep that way! ;)

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canihavethisdance said...

I love your family history wall!!! Wow, your girls have grown up and they are so pretty!