Friday, March 06, 2015

Moving on

We will be officially putting our house on the market within the next few weeks. It's hard to believe. I swore up and down when we bought this house that THIS would be our last move. I hate moving. I hate selling houses. But the adventure that awaits is far more exciting and outweighs the stresses of today.

It's also very cathartic. Cleaning the house from top to bottom. Purging things that are just taking up space. It feels very refreshing letting go. I'm going in to this move with a very specific and strict code when it comes to packing. Do I love it? Does it have meaning? Would someone else get more use out of it? Is there a specific place for it? 

I have been asking these questions as I go through closets and rooms. I don't want to move something just for the sake of moving it. Just because it has a place in this house doesn't necessarily mean it will in the next. It feels really good to be selective with what's making the move.

I will miss this house. I love the yard. So many memories! My flowers. My garden. The neighbor kids. In our time here, we spent lots of time fixing up the exterior with loads of projects from relandscaping the courtyard to clear cutting 46 sick pines. Add to that new windows, paint and new doors and a gorgeous pergola. I hope whomever buys this house appreciates it's out door space and carries that vision inside while updating. This house holds so much potential and deserves an owner who can realize that. It's a great family home- one my family has graciously enjoyed the past 5 years.

Now onto the next adventure! 

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Kori said...

It is a beautiful house AND landscape! Wonderful job! So excited for you and the new adventures you will have at your new home!