Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter 2015

Evie has been talking about Easter since before Christmas. One would think it was better than Christmas in her mind. She has been chattering about what her eggs should be filled with, what candy to get, how to color the eggs, wanting to make a bunny cake with Gma Ski, where to hide the eggs etc etc etc.

Thank goodness Easter finally arrived! We headed to GI town to celebrate with my mom and grandparents. My mom hosted it at her home- which was fun and nostalgic, bringing up memories of all my past Easters from growing up there.


We colored eggs, made bunny cakes, hunted Easter eggs and feasted on wonderfully yummy food. We also celebrated Corynn's birthday (7 years ago her birthday fell on Easter too, she didn't mind sharing her special day). She turned 12, but according to her- she still wasn't too old to participate in the egg hunt. Silly kid. :)


It was a fun day and lived up to everything Evie had expected it to be. In fact it was so great, she asked if she could have an Easter themed birthday party this year! I'll have to think on that one, dear!

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