Friday, May 01, 2015

Best Bud

My dear friend, Kristina, and her family visited last week. That was a house full! Kristina has 6 kids!!  Kris was in town because her granddaughter was being born. Kristina's eldest son, Mike, was killed in a car accident last November. His pregnant girlfriend was with him. She sustained serious injuries that required surgeries and physical therapy. Despite all that, the baby survived. And sweet little Amiya Paige was born Tuesday April 21st. Kristina was able to be there in the room and cut the cord. It was such a bittersweet moment for everyone.

It was fun week full chaos and kids...what can you expect when you house 13 people together!?

The girls snuggled on baby Scarlett! 

I took the older boys to our family acreage so they could explore and run around. They spent hours catching frogs and had a blast getting muddy. 

We didn't think to take any pictures until they were literally packing up to leave. Kids were cranky, some were in the shower and I was still getting ready- so not really great photos of our two families, but that's ok! There's always next time

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