Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poor Ems

Emma is our Australian Shepherd. We've had her since December 28th 2005. She's part of the family. John and the girls love her dearly. But lately she's been really showing her age. She whimpers when she stands, doesn't eat as much and has become really needy like wanting to ride with me every time I leave the house. She was due for her annual vet visit, so I was sure to ask about her changes in behavior and movement. The vet found a cancerous lump on her leg. We scheduled her for a lumpectomy and had it sent away for a pathology report. Poor girl.

Tuesday was rough for her. The vet took much more of the lump and muscle than we initially thought he would.

We should know how bad it is in 5-7 days when the report comes back. Meanwhile Emma is being spoiled and pampered by the whole family. :)

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