Monday, June 22, 2015

House update

Here are a few pix of the house. Things are progressing quite nicely. It's feeling more and more like a house everyday.

Here are some of my finish selections; carpet, granite, tile and paint colors. 

My mom bought a fixer upper in GI town. The previous owners abandoned their cats. Two little kitties, one boy and one girl. We are hoping to rehome them to our new home as farm cats. They live outside right now and have been fending for themselves for over a year. They are great little hunters and friendly. My mom is feeding them until the house is finished. Here's the little guy we call Rory (Roar-y). 

I'm so excited about moving to the country. John and I have so many plans and we can't wait to embrace the country lifestyle. And the views are amazing! Soon this will be the scenery we wake up to every morning! How cool is that!?

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